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Bendy and ns octopus Machine Wiki

chapter 5 – the last Reel

thing 3 – increase and loss Walkthrough

as soon as chapter three starts, friend wake up in ns “Safehouse”. Thins ins wright here Boris lives. To Exit, friend need to uncover ns Lever to open ns door and exit ns Safehouse. Apperently, itns not that easy. Friend should uncover 3 various Bactop top Souns cans because that him come give friend the lever.

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ns locations to be as follows:

top top ns Shelf


on the Barrel

In Boris’ns Chest


as soon as friend have actually every one of the souns cans, to water castle right into the canister and also wait. When itns finished, pick ins uns and give it to boris. He’ltogether give girlfriend a tiny toolcrate through the lever before inside the it. Departure ns Safehouse and proceed forward. Eventually, friend will reach a dark corridor. Gain the flashirradiate top top ns tmay be and also continue. As soon as you gain come the end, your…in ~ the finish ns guess..? even more descriptive: A deADVERTISEMENT end. Asking borins for help and also the will take it the flashlight and also Enter ns vents, Ultimately opening ns gate in front the you. You’ll discover yourself at ns “Heavenly Toys” Center. Acquire come the toy machine regulate area and friend uncover yourme with, yet aget – Somepoint blocking the door. Press the lever in fronns of the enntrance gate to the toy machine regulate room, begin ns toy machine and also rerelocate all Plush human body components from ns fans. When you have done that, press the lever enough time come open up ns entrance come ns door. Before doinns that, you have actually one opportunity to Get in a little area, through a bowl with ink forming into a form of things and an Audio Log. The audio log in consists of JackSepticeyes voice. What a suprise! when friend Go into the room the was blocked, you uncover yourme in one Alice cream Angelatin room. Then the lights shuns off. Alice cream startns come sing. Wains a small bit, then…


walk down ns stairns into ns area via a sign, with 2 paths. One method ins the route the ns Demon. Ns other ins the route the ns Angel. Friend can discover every course in a different section! simply Scrole Down. Thins component will certainly continue from ns end that those paths.

go down the lengthy and also no very suspicouns hallmeans and also Boom! another jumpscare. Uncover out that it was by being brave sufficient to to walk in the direction of it. And also it was…Boris..? take ns pipe Gent native borins and also proceed forward in ns inky dark room. Proceed forward and find a space through 2 levers compelled to open up a door. If girlfriend like jumpscares, then dash come her lever before to find a jumpscare from.. Wait, that is that? just wait a sec, lemme examine ns wiki.. Pievery ins his name. Yes, really scary, anyways, whack that weirdo dvery own one traction the lever before quick! when friend have actually da that, operation through ns dark hallmeans and also go down the elevator, come satisfy alice’s voice. Looks prefer girlfriend have a day through one Angel!

walk come her door in Level 9 and wait till her door opens. Run via (through Boris to run faster.) the hallway and meet about a exchange rate Boris clones and also Pipers, Strikers and Fishers. Don’t worry, there not any type of jumpscares. Satisfy Alice through the end of ns room and obtain ready come hear to one essay. As soon as she finishe is explaining, run back to she door and perform wcap she says.

the Angelatin “come do” list

Spto be Parts

find every one of Alice’ns Gears.

emotion the Pressure

fix every Valve Panels

fury Management

destroy every Bendy Cutouts

ultimate Stomache

Hunt dvery own every swollen Searchers

Front Lines

kill the Butcshe Gang

Darker Places

endure ns octopus Abyss

each job will grant one Achievemenns ~ above Completion.

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as soon as girlfriend have actually perfect every one of ns tasks, to walk back to ns elevator and “walk home”. Friend deserve to just view wcap happen native there.