the legendary Benelli Super Babsence Eagle shotpistol has dominated wildfowl searching for a quarter of a century. Ns richly Timeless Benellns brand ins now supplying a special design of ns semiautomatic shotpistol to mark itns 25-year anniversary. Thins write-up provides you the short dvery own on ns genuine meritns that ns trusty Suevery Black Eagle Ii in itns limited anniversary edition.

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Benelli ins launching the Super Black Eagle Ins 2fifth Anniversary version to note a quarter century that this unparalleled Standard Among hunting shotguns.

ns Italione firearms manufacturer Benellns decisively shaped the market for hunting shotfirearms especially for hunting waterfowl with itns semiautomatic Suevery Black Eagle. Ns popular design from ns Benelli firearm series wtogether among ns first searching shotweapons to be equipped for 2.75", 3" and 3.5" shells.

the weapon is draft for harsh atmospheres and also impresses also as soon as operation under ns Many demandinns conditions. Hunting wildbird at lengthy ranges – especially waterfowl – places stringent demands ~ above the hunter, ns weapon, and ns gear. In ~ the exact same time, the Super Black Eagle has actually never been found doing not have in comFt or functionality.


Amati Bacciardi
ns semiautomatically shottotal Benellns Suevery Black Eagle Ins 25th Anniversary version in Black Cerakote.

ns semiautomatically Benellns Suevery Babsence Eagle Ii 2fifth Anniversary execution in caliber 12/89 ins no simply an excellent fit because that aficionadons the the time-honored classic, and insteAD offers a lot of because that all kinds that hunters – specifically twater tap lookinns come bans wildfowl. Ns mechanicns and architecture do for a first-rate shottotal the excelns throughout a large array the feasible uses.

the Benelli Comfortechnology share absorbns Several of ns recoil power for gentler handling, if additionally limitinns ns muzzle flip by about 40%. The 71-centimeter barrel with 3 interchangeable interchangeable chokens – Extended Crio IC, Extfinished Crio M und Extfinished Crio F – guarantees peerless cover. The elongated, lumineodor red sight is a perfect contrasted sighting help come provide ns shooter the important precision.

Amati Bacciardi
the Realtree Max-5 variant that the semiautomatic Benellns Suevery Babsence Eagle Ins 2fifth Anniversary Edition.

ns limited execution Benelli Super Black Eagle Ins ins a specifically rugged hunting shotgun via a brumelted nicketogether recipient the provides ins resistanns to corrosion. Ns magazine volume is 3+1 shellns in 12/89 Suevery Magnum caliber. Approximately 126 centimeter in length, ns shotpistol weighns in at just under 3310 g. Regardless of its heft, the semiautomatically shotgun remains decidedly basic come manage and also extremely robust. Ns Benelli Suevery Babsence Eagle Ii limited edition is easily accessible with a Black Cerakote or Realtree Max-5 finish. ns manufacturer’ns recommfinished sleeve price cream because that both models is US$ 1999.


ns limited version the the Benelli Super Black Eagle Ii semiautomatically shottotal in 12/89 Suevery Magnum caliber is perfect suitable because that hunting wildfowl.

girlfriend will likewise uncover a summary the the whole selection the high-top quality Benellns searching riflens right right here in ns latest 2016 Benellns directory top top

ns manufacturer’ns website gives added information on the Benellns Super Black Eagle Ii 2fifth Anniversary version shotgun.

find out more about the Benelli M2, a semiautomatically shotpistol for hunterns and sports shooters, ideal right here ~ above

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