“What Repaint color did friend use?” the is ns Key Inquiry i am inquiry practically daily. On thins pEra you will uncover every one of mine favourite Paint colorns that i usage in mine house along with photons of just how the shade lookns in each room.

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every one of the Repaint colorns in our residence to be through Benjamin Moore. Every one of ns wall surfaces to be painted making use of the Benjamin Moore Regal select heat in the eggShell finish. Ns ceilingns are in a matte finish. Ours cabinets and also trns are all a semi-glosns finish.

i chose a neutral color board to produce irradiate and also airy spacens throughout my home. The Repaint colors ns chose name: coordinates well and also circulation native room to room.

Paint Colorns in mine Home

i favor keeping one constant and neutratogether shade throughthe end all of ns Key living areas therefore it ins straightforward to include popns of seasonal shade through equipment all year long. Therefore, ns Key living spaces are every painted Benjamin Moore Horiztop top (OC-53). The ceiling and also trns in these spaces and Many the mine house is painted Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65).

Guesns Room

view Guesns Room tour and also sources here.

Guesns Bedroom 2

comes Soon…

Media Room

wall surfaces and Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Horizon (OC-53); Trim, Built-Inns and also Wall Treatments: Benjamin Moore Cheating Hearts (1617)

inspect the end even more Patio principles here.

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ns expect you found thins pAge that Repaint Colors I’ve used in my home helpful. If friend have actually any type of questions, please let ns know.