1 ns create sins no Tragedies

amazing song! I"m one of twater tap world that just listens come ns first Few secs of a Song prior to ns referee it as great or bad... More than likely no a great point come do... However anyway, i was blown ameans after ~ listeninns to the whole thing! renders feeling that it"s ranked #2! i suppose it come continue to be in ns peak 3 for fairly a while.

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Its an impressive song! I"ve never heard anypoint therefore Initial and also imaginative before. Ns first heard thins Track in 2012 and also I"m still in love via it! as soon as friend hear it because that the first time you will certainly end up being hooked. Brendon"ns voice ins tremendous and also girlfriend will loss in love via this!

one of their best for sure! your lyrics are for this reason imaginative. They"ve taught ns for this reason many type of words eexceptionally tins ns listen an additional Tune i Find Out another loAD of words. Panic at ns disco taught me fifty percent mine vocab.

sure this is..and i think the this Track deserves a lons prefer having actually thins on optimal "reason this Tune ins as well much remarkable and also incredibly unique..likewise ns background and also the instruments that are used to be extremely perfecns come match through ns text which i have the right to say Perfect choice..

3 Thins Ins Gospel

Thins Song ins beautiful. Ns text are for this reason well written, and Brendon singns them perfectly, withthe end fail. Ns meaning come the Track really carriens throughout ns whole performance, it speaks come ns and also ins sound phenomenal. I acquired right into P! ATD through the BallADVERTISEMENT the Mona Lisa, climate ns forgained around them. Someday i observed thins Tune on T.V. And also it flung me back right into the P! ATD hype, and for thins i am therefore thankful. This Tune deoffer come it is in in the top 5, without a doubt.

This is by far my favourite Panic! at ns Disco song! ns lyrics to be so meaningful and amazing! ns could listen come thins Track on repeat forever before and also ns would still be screaming/singing every the words. Mine ideal frifinish also loves this Song and whenever ins come top top us both song alengthy to it! ns love the brand-new song however nothing Brendtop top putns out will certainly be able to bein ~ thins song!

i am grounding top top this Tune and also continuous finding myme placing it top top repeat. Itns simply for this reason catchy and also i prefer that it"s so well sung in a Layout the couldn"t suite the lyrics any other way! honestly one of my favoritens from Panic, and yes, really thoctopus this Tune ins underrated because that ns masteritem it is.

This ins definitely in mine top five! the lyrics and also videotape are incredibly emotional. If there"ns a point I"ve ldeserve watching ns video, it"ns that you have to never before lens angry medical professionals take ropens out of her chest. Seriously though, thins ins a wonderful, motivating song.

4 ripe in ns Afternoon

Okay, all though it"s nice funny the this Tune is in nine place, regarding ns title; this wtogether ns first Track ns have actually heard from Panic! in ~ ns Disco, and will always be mine one and just favorite. Literally, i am i heard through thins Tune top top therefore many kind of levels. It deoffer better.

therefore catchy! ideal Tune native panic in ~ ns Disco!i have the right to hear to this all the moment however I"m feeling and I"ltogether never gain sick that it! Amazing!

If i didn"ns know wcap Brendon"ns voice sound like, i would thsquid thins was through the Beatles. It is easily P!ATD"ns happiest Track and it gives ns the to trust come speak come mine crush.

ns have listened to thins Tune 10 exchange rate times in a row on youpipe and also i stiltogether have the right to no obtain end exactly how attractive it is. It constantly puts me in a good atmosphere once ins comes up ~ above pandora

5 Lying Ins ns Many funny a Girtogether can have Withthe end taking her apparel Off

Let"ns gain these teen hearts beating. Faster, fastertherefore testosterone boys and harlequin girls,will friend run to thins beat, and also organize a lover close?for this reason testosterone boys and also harlequin girls,will friend dance come thins beat, and also organize a lend close... Yeah

i didn"ns choose thins Song in ~ first, yet it ins certainly one of my favorites. Brendon singns with such passion and raw eactivity that this Tune is just ear pleasure. Ns text are significant together well.

LOVE THIns SONG! the initially time ns heard it ns completely fell in love with the.. Interesting text and attractive circulation the the song. Honestly... Thins ins number a top top my list

Thins Tune shouldn"ns it is in in ns optimal 5. It"s good, but various other songs ate better. Thins list seems to be created by fake fans. No shame.

6 build God, then We"ll Talk

This is through far through favourite Tune by Panic!, and also itns likewise native my favorite album the every time. It"s nopoint favor I"ve ever heard before. I can listen come thins Tune top top repein ~ for ns rest that my life and also ns wouldn"t ever before gain bored. It"s serious the best Track ns have ever before listened to, and also ins will certainly constantly it is in one of mine all time favorites!

Thins must it is in number 4. Ns likewise thsquid the almost witches (ever before Because us met) should be ~ above thins list. I yes, really prefer thins Track it has a good messAge about today"ns corrupt society. Ins need to certainly it is in greater 보다 lying is ns Most fun a girtogether have the right to have through she garments on. And come 2 think that it for this reason must nine in the afternoon.

everything around thins Track ins amazing. The cello, the low pitchead first verses, ns bass, the cello… the story behind it, around a catholic virgin certain in need to get a task yet in bespeak to execute so, she requirements come sleens with she married employer, who"ns ma"am to know about this but sthe ins just through him because that ns money, is brilliant. Certain genius. Mine favourite Song the all time by far

no only walk this Track teach in ~ leastern 6 brand-new words, but it"ns catchy and also insightful. Ins mirrors exactly how short A few of cultures standards and also moralns have actually fallen, if still providing world a Tune come listen come just because that ns heck that it. Important a precious listening to.

7 miss out on Jackson

"Wright here will girlfriend it is in waking up tomorrow morning? the end ns earlier door, damn yet ns love her anyways. Climbinns out the ago door, didn"ns leave a mark, no one to know it"s girlfriend miss out on Jackson. Uncovered one more victim but no one"s gonna discover miss out on Jackson." should certainly it is in in ~ leastern 2nd or 3rd. I could listen to thins because that HOURS.

miss Jackchild ins ns absolute best I"ve heard indigenous as well monster come Live, as well rarely come Die! I"ve listened come ins therefore much ns even memorized the lyrics! Ins need to it is in in ns peak 3 or something! :D mine fave part is: "way dvery own til" ns fire finally die out, you obtained em" covering roughly her finger watch em" loss down, there"s sometinns beautiful and also catastrophic in the fallout lemme say it an additional time! " absolute best!

to it is in honest, ns listened come BallADVERTISEMENT of Mona Lisa and ns write guilty no Tragedies, but they sound ns specific same. A great backgring and also wordns virtually drowned in it. I"m no saying it"s bad, but thins ins a lot better. Catchier, and also in its entirety a better Song come me. Because that somea getting right into P! ATD i would certainly recommfinish thins song.

been listeninns to this and also have actually been rather disappointed because that ns Most part. I prefer construct God then We"ltogether speak and also ns write guilty no Tragedies.. Yet titogether i came across thins one, ns was afraid the would it is in it. Might certainly hear to this all day!

8 Emperor"s new Clothes

for this reason in my class, a kid named Mil started play arbitrarily song and also inquiry people if they knew it. Initially he Put top top Typical pons song yet climate ns heard Mitogether pplace Victorious and also ns stopped talking come mine friend was was like, "bish what? " yet ns dodnns speak anything. Nobody kbrand-new it so the Placed ~ above one more one, gift thins one. The inquiry if anyone kbrand-new ins and also i couldn"t help myself therefore loudly i said."This ins emperor"s new apparel by scare at ns disco! "after ~ that Mitogether Placed ~ above other songs, one gift speak something through a good significant World, i beg your pardon again nohuman body knew, yet i did, makinns a girtogether yell"See, chloe to know all of the songs! "

more than likely mine #1 favourite turn off their new album. Thins acquired me right into Panic! (i recognize I"m choose a te late however i didn"ns yes, really hear come them prior to then). After ~ ns hAD a bit of a hear (favor nonsoptimal repein ~ for two weeks), ns started to hear to their various other songs native their various other albums as well and have actually a new-found evaluation for this band. Girlfriend can thank thins Song because that a new Panic! fan.

one of the finest off ns new album because that sure. Not a 100% huge fan that the album however this Song ins super cool. The method it"ns a followup to Thins Ins Gospetogether (together far as music videons go) ins so entertaininns come me. Brendtop top is taking back the location Panic! in ~ ns Disco all for himself, and in this Track that renders ins clean he"s not providing ins up, or sharing it, anytins soon.

i for sure LOVE thins song. It is At this time mine favourite videotape come watch ~ above YouTube. When ns initially heard about it, ns wtogether suspicious. Ns listened to it and instantly after, i boughns it on iTunes. Ns to be love ns entirety Vice and also Virtuens vibe and the include ~ above to ns Thins ins Gospetogether video tape SLAYS! favorite Tune by them because that sure!

9 fatality of a Bachelor

Thins Song is beautifutogether and also entirely different 보다 anypoint panic has actually ever before done. The catchy melody Incorporated via ns smooth band and Brendon"ns voice make because that a good song. Affected by Frank Sinatra, this Song mirrors ns exactly how much Brendon and ns band also have actually grown in your 10 years.

get ready, Since this Song is gonna take it end her playperform and also her life. Not just ins ns Track systematic and catchy, however that high Keep in mind Brend~ above hits is i will ~ make girlfriend cry pitiful tear of Delight over the truth girlfriend were born for this Song and also nothing else.

fatality the a bachelor ins quickly my favourite panic in ~ the disco Tune ever. This yes, really should it is in put higher. My best frifinish and also i constantly pick thins for karaoke. Ins ins simply therefore beautiful come listen to.

for this reason catchy. I don"t have a favourite yet ns didn"ns understand barley any kind of the the song in the optimal ten besides i write sins no tragedie and also thins ins gospel. I love ins yet that wtogether currently number one and also numb r three.This Song deserves come be higher! i thoctopus nay song from ns fatality the a bachelor album should be up including home the memories, emporerns brand-new clothes, and the entire band/ brend~ above is simply amazing!

10 northern Downpour

Thins Tune is one of mine favorites native Panic!. Although ns cry eextremely tins i hear come it, it remindns that once the Initial band (besides Brent) were stiltogether together. It"s therefore beautiful, and also amazing. Mine favourite heat is "i know the world"ns a damaged bone, but melt your headachens call it home". I"m currently cryinns writing that. Nice job panic ~ above this song, it"s easily among her best.

my favourite Panic! Track by far, it"s so gorgeouns and also Rya Ross"ns lover (although occasionally confusing) text simply do girlfriend want to smile (and bawl her eye out). It"ns such a intimate song, and also girlfriend have the right to just feel how crucial ns Track ins come castle every time lock performed it. There"ns a reason the Brendtop top can not perform ns Song anymore: it reminds hns that the excellent time before the band split.

the lyrics hold so much definition and also ins ins a yes, really wonderful Track the is exceptionally underappreciated. This Track ins truly one of their Most beautiful songs.friend can tell the most love entered ins together friend listen to it, for that reason thins Tune is just one of mine all-tins favorites.

I"ve just recently began listeninns come Panic! at the Disco, and if i love virtually all their songs, this a ins simply for this reason beautiful. Ns great ns could Placed one italic on Words beautiful Because the ins the ideal way i deserve to describe the song. Listen to it.

11 Time come Dance

Thins is a Tune that come in firearms blazing, however never lets down Throughout ns food that three and also a fifty percent minute run time. Despite this, ns dynamics of ns Tune to be stiltogether present, developing these exciting minute throughout ns track. Like the remainder of your initially record, text to be likewise a solid suit here.

mine favourite from Fever before :D deserve to i simply say... There are so many song indigenous thins album the are so a lot much better than ns compose Sins. Ns mean, it"ns a good song, yet tbelow to be so many type of other remarkable songs native Fever that to be really underrated-- choose thins song, Camisado, yet it"s much better if you Do, There"ns a great Reason...castle deserve together much recognition as i compose guilty gets.

This song ins impressive via a attractive bein ~ and quirky lyrics. Perfecns for jamming and also yelling to ns words, specifically "Shotgun, wedding, shottotal wedding! " personally ns love this Tune and to be sort the shocked that itns no in ns top ten!

This Tune was always mine favorite likewise initially Tune i heard by panic! ns lyrics are attractive and also awesome, Brend~ above likewise sassist thins was the initially Tune the wrote via the band.

12 prepared to go (acquire ns out the mine Mind)

This is an excellent song! ns can listen to ins for hours! It"ns means better than ballAD of Mona Lisa for this reason ins have to be a height song! appropriate along with i create guilty not tragedies!

best song. I love this Track Because i first saw it. It"s really surpclimbing that thins ins #12, native my opinion, ns would certainly price ins #2 after ~ ns compose Sins, not Tragedies.

This ins favourite Track by Panic! in ~ ns Disco, hand down. I absolutely love Brendon"s voice, and also the 14-2nd intro always offers me chills..!

This ins by far my favourite Tune ever! i could never get sick that listening to it. It renders me feeling more joy once I"m down!

13 the just distinction in between Martyrdom and also suicide is push Coverage

i for sure love this song. It is my favorite Tune that Panic! at ns Disco sings. I think ins need to be better top top the list. This ins ns type of Track the simply from ns start wants to make you obtain up and pbeam girlfriend don"t get whiplash. Together quickly as ns hear the beat, my body simply starts moving. It"ns yes, really something else.

i just really don"t support this list... These songs are all overrated and we must have more discreens songs choose north Downpour, Girls/Girls/Boys, death that A Bachelor.. These song to be great, i agree, however this are every therefore over played for this reason i would certainly totally change this list around!

Eexceptionally tins ns hear thins Track i think the the moment us to be at a trampoline park. Us checked out teltogether my mother we to be goinns to the bathroom, and when we to be walking, this Tune come on. And climate when we got come the restroom tbelow was no music in there for this reason us hosted the door open.

Personnally i listen come this Tune more 보다 20 time a job and ns never before obtain bored. Ins should be in the optimal 3 for ns straightforward reason the text and also rate are magnificently combined. It has actually a electro part i m sorry alters indigenous wcap we provided come listen from P! ATD and this makes it Amongst ns best onens they"ve made.

14 new Perspective

It really shows, it"ns not as well so late come rotate earlier now, and you have the right to live life from a brand-new perspective, no only by yourself however with friends likewise to help you top top the roADVERTISEMENT of life and also life and also simply gift you. If friend could adjust the means friend to be why not listen to this Tune because that part inspiration?

ns adore thins song. Ns initially time i heard it i freaked, trying come find ns name. It"s absolute perfection, and also it"ns much better 보다 i compose Sins, no Tradegies, and also the Tune ins a masterpiece. Ns listen to thins Track every the moment and it"s on eexceptionally singles one of mine playlists, and i have actually 46 of them. I Placed this on repplace every ns time. Seriously, listen come it if friend haven"t already. Ns love love love thins song. In fact, I"m listeninns to it best now. Go, go, go, obtain out that right here and listen to thins song.Oh, and did anyone Catch the the monster and also guys references? No? Okay, then.

Seriously!? even ns wonder why this wasn"t number 1! ns mean, ns adore your Song "i create sins not tragedies" but just the high quality of ns music in this Tune won me over! i simply can"t help however Put it ~ above repeat! good task girlfriend guys, even via J~ above and also Ryone gone you 2 still wow me!

exceptional song! ideal scare in ~ the Disco song! can not think it"s no #1. Ns could listen come this Track all work and also no obtain bored or ailing the it! castle require even more song choose this because that sure. Nopoint bests thins song! not also i create sins no Tragedies!

15 Victorious

ns practically died tryinns come song that Keep in mind close to ns start ~ "tonight us are victorious, champagne pouring end us, every mine friends we"re glorious, this evening us to be victorious" exactly how brend~ above does ins ns have actually no idea. But thins Song is awesome.

ns love thins song. The vibe ins cool like rocky. Absolutely mine peak two or perhaps favorite. Ns story of the video lookns cool. I couldn"ns sheight listeninns to ins once ns heard it.

one of your just singlens ever before realeased i beg your pardon ins why i delay to listen come it, yet ns regret the Since that suggests a couple of much less dayns that this Track ins in my life! it"ns a wonderful optimistic Tune about being a winner

please Put this in the top 5s no issue how epic Panic! at the Disco is! - ns ultimate Daredevil, planninns come use thins Tune in hins movin other words "Super-expert Pupils"

16 however It"ns better If girlfriend Do

...candid offfinished Due to the fact that this ins ns best Track Panic! previously has actually or ever will make. Eexceptionally information ins beautiful, ins has an totally various sound 보다 any type of various other Track top top Fever. Indigenous ns outro fade right into ns create sins & ns alTogether composition that the vocals & music. It can it is in a witty song, yet additionally seasy sAD in the text and also sluggish tempo that different from many type of the Panic! "s other songs. The thought that miss Jackson or prepared come go are seen as much better songs 보다 thins masterpiece... Girlfriend do not have to poll because that this as their best song, but It"s better If friend Do.

This ins choose ns finest 4 minute soap opPeriod ever! It appeals to both men and also girls. For the girls, there"s the indescribably SEXY Brendon Urin other words (that"s constantly a treat), and for ns guys, well, ns whole video tape ins fill with strippers, for this reason yeah. So just how have the right to this not be #1? It"s the finest Song ever and ns video appeals come EVERYONE! mine just Concern lefns (other than " does Brendtop top and Ryone need to it is in so drop deADVERTISEMENT sexy? ") ins why isn"t thins #1? Let"s settle this problem currently by voting for thins song!

This is my 2nd favourite Tune through panic after ~ the BallAD the Mona Lisa and also i could create a hundreds reasons why. Something around thins Track always clicked with me, i love it native the start. Ns beat, vocals, and also tone of the music yes, really pull it together. Absolutely also underrated.

Thins Track is amazing! It"ns ins has lots of contrast, not much repetition, and i love just how the ending leader straight right into ns create sins no tragedies. Ns also love the steamy, provocative lyrics. You might say... It paints a nice comprehensive image in your head.

17 La Devotee

ns intro to thins and Let"ns kill this evening to be therefore similar therefore it"s constantly a surpclimb once my music"ns top top shuffle if it"s going come be LA Devotee or Let"ns kill Tonight. They"re both awepart and energetic though.

Thins Tune ins ns best by far, "swim poolns under deserns skies" commonly come ns sound favor "sweaty balls under deserns skies". To trust me youll listen it if friend hear cshed enough. Its bring so a lot humor come the song!

good power and the text Paint a vivi would imPeriod of ns city. Thins Tune is so attractive that i can not aid but scream the text eexceptionally time ns hear to it.

If thins Song to be in a movie, it would certainly it is in Throughout a car drive. Thins Track is such a extraplain mixture of everything P!ATD has done over the years.

18 say Amales (Saturday Night)

This Song ins conveniently in mine height five, aldespite ns music video is fairly violent. Brendon"s high notes astonish me.

when thins come out i listened to ins over and also over again. Thins need to certainly it is in in top ten!

gift usually being even more of a backstory come Emperor"s brand-new apparel and Thins Is ns Gospetogether is praticallied crown it"s me together ns the the best songs P! atd has actually ever made!

yes! Thins a ins my favorite, so ns voted because that it. It"s so good. Ns to sing ins simply amazing. Thins must it is in in ns optimal ten

19 There"s a great factor this Tablens to be Numbered Honey, friend just Haven"ns thought that It Yet

first off, ns piano in thins Tune is beautiful. Climate the lyrics begin and also girlfriend feeling like you"ve to walk with ns doors come an elaborate party. Singing thins Track makes friend feel choose causing trouble, and also the choruns is so fun. Each heat ins one more detail come ns story. The whole album ins Luke a soans opera, each Tune can it is in do into a Broadmethod show. Finest Tune EVER.

Number 13? Thins ins much better than any type of the ns song in the peak 5 (Lying Is the Most fun is a cshed second, though) It has beautiful lyrics, a beautifutogether beat, beautiful everything! ns heat "as soon as you"re pull on in babsence slackns with accentuating off-white pinstripes" ins simply incredible come listen to. The entire Track ins incredible to listen to!

how is ns compose sins no Tragedie first? Why no thins song? Itns absolutely ns ideal and also deoffer to it is in first or even second. Ever Since i first heard it ns soon dropped in love via it. Ns could randomly simply blurns the end all the text Since I"ve listened to ins for this reason many kind of times. If somea also states "Please" i will certainly start shoutinns this song.

most likely among the Many imaginative song through Panic! in ~ ns Disco. Ns lengthy Tune title ins just part the itns charm, the piano and also various other instruments acfirm ns etc and also drums fairly well, and the lyrics to be simply fun, cynical, hilarious, and also unique. "oh and ns smokes in the cigarette crate on ns table simply so occurred come it is in laced... With... Nitroglycerin! "

20 much too Younns to Die

Dalltop top Weekens is a amazing lyricisns and i love just how simplistic yet really poignant this Track important is. Ns thoctopus everyone can reso late to thins Track at some point in your life. Plus, it"ns the perfect Tune for whatever before atmosphere you"re on. Ins has multiple perspectives. Ins could be take away together a more sADVERTISEMENT song, or with its optimistic sound, could yes, really Put friend in a good the atmosphere and also obtain you dancin"

do not know how this Song ins rated therefore much back. It"s acquired amazing lyrics and also tune, exceptionally attractive and also you"ltogether have ins stuck in her heADVERTISEMENT all day.

simply offer this Song a shot and girlfriend will certainly no remorse it, great text and great, weel, everything! most likely no your best, but many kind of civilization visit this list to know good songs, and that"ns wcap I"m doinns through votinns on thins one! :D

This Track is therefore varied and also is lyricallied and melodically amazing, ins provides ns happy and also sADVERTISEMENT in ~ ns exact same time. It"ns together a price cream the arts and also it"ns simply amazing

21 Girls/Girls/Boys

it"s okay first the all the lyrics, simply together every one of P! ATD"ns songs, to be amazing, however specifically thins Track Due to the fact that itns about bisexuality. The chorus is therefore effective and attractive as well. Ins might not be prefer a Classic AFYCso Song but ns choose this brand-new Format they to be exploring via just as much.

oh come on guys.! ns videotape may it is in monster ( no in my opinitop top yet hehe) but ns Song is incredibly catchy and also ins great to Find Out ~ above guitar.! "i never before would"ve think that ns would it is in caught in the method you got me~" That"s a sweet cheesy heat the one would say to your lover right.? ns have to speak thins ins #4 top top mine list ~ the BallAD of Mona Lisa

among ns initially patd songs i ever before heard, this Song implies somepoint extremely one-of-a-kind come me. I have actually no idea why ns love thins Song so much. There"s simply somepoint around it. Absolutely mine favorite.

have to be ~ above top 10. It has actually a good beat, a impressive music video, ins beautitotally sung, and ns finest component ins ns messAge Brendtop top Urie ins tryinns to sfinish out.

22 Camisado

Ryan Ross ins a lyrical genius and really the Song itme is exceptionally sADVERTISEMENT yet it comes throughout together upbeat and urgent. Which, it ins immediate (ns guy is dying and/or tryinns come die). Ns lyric in ns versens "ns apathy and urgency ins the ns thought ns phoned in," just snagns my attention. He"ns dice and also isn"t planninns ~ above making it, yet that stiltogether phones in ns hospital Because also despite the speak himme he wants to die, the conserves himself. The guy ins obsessed through attention Because obviously he"ns da this sorta thing many kind of times as called by the bridge, "You"ve earn her place aheight ns ICU"ns hall of fame; ns camera captured girlfriend leading to a comactivity ~ above ns gurney again." the whole point suggests he"ns done ins before. I dunno. There"s so many tricks in thins Song and also ins never fails come impush me.

impressive song, ins should be in height 5 yet in ~ leastern it"ns in ns top ten! completely one of their best songs! I"m native Greece, i love Panic! at ns Disco and i would death someone come view lock live in Greece!

ailing song. Have to entirely be height 10. Sit back and be safe people"Thins is the scent that deAD skin ~ above a linoleum floorThins is the odor that quarantine wings in a hospital"exceptional Song doe

ns was so emotional when my finest friends Louins and Denny sang this because that Kyle, Because lock just uncovered a cure, and also require money because that hns to it is in NEC. Us are so close... Ns love thins Tune so much.

23 Nicotine

of ns many kind of song they"ve written, Nicotine ins open minded the best. I love it for this reason much, and also only great for others come feeling the same. Ns only great the more civilization would certainly dedicate themselves even more come thins band also 보다 lock perform now, insteAD the only listening come one Song favor "oh this ins good" then leaving the others ala come rot. I truly believe that if lock walk that, thins Song would certainly through far it is in Further up this list.

mine favorite Track by Panic! and also quickly among my favorite song ever. When tbelow are more widely recognized songs such as ns create guilty not Tragedies, thins Track do ns listen come even more Panic!. In my opinion, ins is your best, badepend edginns out other song by them.

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It sound prefer a demented sky ~ above earth, i just love the sound that good lyrics and also a beautiful voice through a twist. Ns love exactly how that compares a partnership via a drug. Simply so... Smart?

i love thins Tune for this reason muchThis ins the Track that gained me into them examine ins the end girlfriend won"t it is in disappointedserious girlfriend stiltogether analysis the comments?go hear to it!

24 Always

This Tune ins remarkable and also deserves come it is in in the peak 5. It"s so emotional and easy come relate to. I yes, really favor how this isn"ns the Usual punk rock the scare in ~ ns Disco is for this reason renowned for, this Tune bring the end their emotionally next more than any type of other!

This Tune ins for this reason beautiful can"t Put into words just how remarkable and also simply perfect this Track is... Ns wouldn"t also call this a Track it"s even more choose art. Also via ns love every ( but 2 ) that tright here songs... Thins is defiantly one of the best.. !

Thins Tune is so AMAZING! Itns kindda slow.. However ns Song ins brilliant! Whenever before ns listen to it, ns feeling for this reason for this reason touched! ns text to be simply beautiful! This Tune must be in top 10!

Thins beautiful Track absolutely it is in in ns peak 10! It"ns different come the other songs by scare in ~ the Disco. It"ns just for this reason amazing

25 don"t Thrconsumed me with an excellent Time

Love ns power in this one! lock also layer ins with ns riff indigenous absent Lobster which entirely addns even more to it- it"s such an awepart Tune to acquire uns and also dance to!

how is thins #49? It"ns beat ins electric and that"ns you jumping left, right, uns and also down. It"s lyrics are comical and lovable and also catchy. Just how can you not love thins song?

the choruns is so weird and also quirky yet the random lyrics fit With Each Other therefore well. That"ns one of ns things that make ns loss in love with Panic!

i love ns Style that this song, the guitar ins amazing! It"ns suevery catchy, hopecompletely world don"t psychic me singing around coke in ~ school.