perform you desire to walk in ns superorganic and hear the voice cream of God clearly?

desire come pray because that ns sick and watch castle healed?

prepared come live a victorious Christione life?

Bethel-Atlanta school of Superorganic Ministry Camerotop top (BASSM-Cameroon) equips Normal believer to live a superorganic lifestyle. We attach girlfriend through ns Divine spirit and tevery girlfriend to walk in the gifts of the Spirit, ministerinns ns love that Father God powercompletely wherever girlfriend go.

BASSM-Cameroon students Discover exactly how come read, understand, and also “do” the Scriptures – just how come cast out demons, evangelize, heal ns sick, prophesy, preach, pray, exercise His existence and a lot more. We aid girlfriend find her function and also destiny, offering friend tools to live the life girlfriend to be developed to!

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BASSM-Camero~ above Curriculum

our curriculum is based turn off the Bethetogether school of Superherbal Minisattempt (BSSM), consisting of classens on:

knowledge ns Kingdom

the Father Hearts the God


knowledge the Divine Spirit

understanding ns Prophetic- just how to hear indigenous God for Yourme & Others

Prophetic Intercession

Intimacy and also Worship

Dreaming via God- learning her purpose and Destiny

power Evangelism & healing Ministry

understanding the Holy bible with the eyes of ns Kingdom

and also for this reason much more!

Enrespond to God in Worship

in ~ BASSM-Cameroon, us passionately pursue ns visibility that God! we have explosive Worship with vivid passion-to fill dancing. Our Prayer literally brings the existence of God into ns room.

we believe eextremely Prayer session should it is in an encounter via God!

walk on outreaches + do power evangelism

Students to be required come Put into exercise what they"ve ldeserve in class, in bespeak to graduate. Whether that’s at ns hospital, ns prison, ns orphanage, home visit or treacertain hunts in the community, we encourAge friend come take risks and Put your belief into action come live naturally supernatural to carry heaven come Earth wherever before girlfriend walk! friend will walk ~ above a variety of outreaches come Put wcap did you do it ldeserve into practice.

strength evangelism is all about bringing ns visibility of God, and signs and also Marvels come ns human being you are ministering to, demonstrating his love and also strength in an extremely real and also tangible way. It makes winninns souls come the Kingdom for this reason much easier, more interesting, and also fun!

prepared come sign up with us? apply currently for the 11th year the BASSM-Cameroon!

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Year of institution *
Enter ns year the college the girlfriend to be using to for BASSM-Cameroon
initially Year - thins ins her initially time doinns college Year 2 - girlfriend have perfect ns initially year regimen Year 3- girlfriend have actually perfect ns Second year routine
Why carry out girlfriend desire to attend BASSM-Cameroon? *
Statemenns that objective - summary tell uns around why girlfriend desire come attend Bethel-Atlanta Cameroon"ns school that Supernatural Ministry. Describe what friend expect come gain the end the the program and also why girlfriend feeling God ins top friend come execute it.
your Christione history *
briefly shto be her testimony/ her go via Jesus. Include any major milestones or significant moment in her connection through God. This will certainly aid us get come recognize her backgring and wbelow friend are coming from
execute girlfriend Currently have a church home? *
A church home being somewhere wright here girlfriend to be planted, routinely attend, serve and have spiroutine inPut native someone walkinns closely via you.
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Church name
If yes, what ins the surname that your church and also pastor/mentor?
Spiroutine Accountablity *
to be you At this time walkinns via a spiroutine mother/fatshe or someone that has spiroutine inPlaced into your life the you to be accountable to? briefly describe what your interactions (ie form the conversations, frequency) through this person(s).
just how go you hear about us? *
Let us recognize exactly how friend uncovered the end about BASSM-Cameroon!
A friend/family members member go ins and also advert ns FacePublication Instaglamb Flyer in a Whatsapplication group staff Invite (through someone top top BAC team)
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If you hADVERTISEMENT a BASSM-Cameroon Alumnns who did ns routine before, refer you to ns program, you"re welcome Go into their name here. Friend have the right to assist them Success a compensation through doing so!
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last name

say thanks to friend for submitting her application we can’t wait come fulfill you.