treason in ~ residence ~ above the Hiltogether is just one of ns best horror board Games of every time. It"s the perfecns swear story collection, supplying a crate pack through 50 different spooky hauntns because that players to try and also solve - and also survive - together. But no everyone will certainly be on ns very same next - one of your group may be a traitor, trying to job-related against everyone rather come attain their own aims and also Victory alone.

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ns sheer variety of Betrayal"ns haunts ins a large part of why it"s remained therefore popular Since ins initially arised indigenous ns crypt in 2004. Each haunns has actually a unique story and setup, native players finding us shrunk come miniscule dimension and also trying to escape a now large cat in a toy aircraft come twists top top Classic fear monster such together ghosts, ghouls and also mummies.

ns plank game"ns range have the right to leADVERTISEMENT come a variety of concerns about rules, via every the ns 50 hauntns having actually possibly different gameplay changes. No should snap via terror, despite - as soon as friend understand the basicns the exactly how to play betrayal at house on ns Hill, you"ll uncover it straightforward come jumns into any kind of of ns haunts and also focus top top ns funny that playing, quite 보다 ns rules.

how to play treason in ~ residence on ns Hill

There to be many fairly chunky rulepublications contained in ns game, which have the right to be intimidate at first for brand-new players. Girlfriend have the right to leaving the Traitor"ns Tins and also keys the survival come ns side for the moment being - girlfriend do not need to open lock until ns Game tells you to. Friend can even skins ns main point ruleBook because that now, as we"re here come operation friend through what friend need to recognize about how to pplace - if you have to double-inspect any kind of rule or just acquire a gist that wcap you"ltogether it is in doinns on your turn, thins ins the place to start.

therefore revolve dvery own ns lights, actors a suspicious eye in ~ her friends and also prepare to gain spooky, together us tevery girlfriend just how come pput betrayal at house top top the Hill.

clock ~ above Youpipe

Player count, Game length and also overview

betrayal in ~ house ~ above the Hiltogether ins a co-operative plank Video Game in i m sorry football player check out a haunted mansion and attempt to make it through the horrorns within.

the Game playns via 3 to 6 people, has a recommfinished Period rating that 12+ and also usually takes around one hour to 90 minutes to play. Thins deserve to differ substantially depending upon the haunt.


First, separate the Traitor’s Tons and the tricks the survive books native ns rest that ns game’ns Materials - you’ll be needing those later on on.

football player select i m sorry personality they want come pput as. Personality cardns in treason to be double-sided, with a different version the every Human being provided ~ above each side.

as well as your general personalities, personalities to be essential Due to the fact that of their distinct traitns - part characters to be better in ~ certain types the traits than others. Forming a well balanced team deserve to assist through ns co-ons aspects of Betrayal, but football player to be welpertained to choose based upon personal preference together well.

connect the little bit plastic arrows come every that ns four trains tracks top top your personality card, relocating castle for this reason they enhance ns Eco-friendly coloured numbers - her starting traits.

girlfriend have the right to also downloADVERTISEMENT unofficial treason in ~ residence ~ above ns Hiltogether appns on Androi would and also iOns that can host every your personality information for you.

every character has distinctive founding traitns - girlfriend can even discover out their hobbiens and birthday through checking your pclass board! Image: Avaltop top Hill

take the oguys cards, shuffle them right into a deck and area castle face down somewbelow wbelow every players have the right to revery them. Carry out ns very same for both the article cardns and also ns occasion cards.

uncover ns basement landinns tile, upper landinns tile and also ns longer entrance hall/foyer/grand also stairsituation tile and area castle to the side.

find every the remainder of ns room tiles, shuffle lock and location castle facedvery own in a solitary stack. Area thins ridge wislim reaching street the all players.

every football player then find your equivalent character miniatures and also place them ~ above ns entrance room space. Personality miniatures have the right to be easily figured out by check ns colour in ns background the the character’s portrait top top their personality card. For example, flash has actually a red backgring and also a red top.

take it all of ns game’s dice and also area castle within simple revery of the players.

currently to decision that goens first. Examine come check out which of ns player’s personalities has actually a date of birth that’ns closest to ns existing day - girlfriend deserve to uncover character birthdays on your character card. Ns rotate bespeak starts indigenous that character and move clockwise.

football player relocate around ns house, learning rooms and choose up items, until ns haunt ins prompted and also somea potentially become ns traitor. Image: Aval~ above Hill

Gamepput rules

treason at residence top top the Hiltogether is break-up into 2 separate stages: ns expedition phase, wbelow every players to be on ns exact same team, and also ns haunns phase, wright here players to be occasionally separation into different groups depending upon the haunt.

a collection the assorted demands decides which of ns numbered haunns scenarios you’ll endure During a playthrough. However, until the haunns happens, you’ltogether all it is in walking about the mansion suffering assorted spooky goings-top top and gathering - occasionally - helpful items.


transforms in the expedition step normally show off players moving with ns mansion’ns rooms till castle experience an event or one omen, or until castle run out that movement. Ns number of rooms a pclass deserve to relocate into and through ins identified by their character’ns speed trait. For example, if a character has a speed the 3 they have the right to relocate with 3 surrounding rooms.

Whenever before girlfriend relocate to departure a room, tbelow need to be a brick to relocate onto. If there isn’t a tile, girlfriend need to find a brick equivalent ns level the the residence they are Currently on. For instance, if a player’s miniature ins on ns gring floor, they should find a ground floor tile indigenous the room brick stack. Players attract room tiles indigenous the stack until lock uncover a equivalent tile prior to flipping it face-up and also placing it surrounding come the brick they’re Currently on.

Room tiles must it is in associated via doorways. This implies the a doormeans displayed on a room brick demands come it is in inserted alongside the doormeans of an additional tile. Not all doormeans will certainly be able to be associated - that’s okay, as lengthy as tright here ins in ~ least one method in and also out the a room.

Room tiles to be placed in a different combicountry eincredibly game, makinns because that a distinct layout each tins girlfriend play. Image: Aval~ above Hill

some room tiles in betrayal are distinct and should be put in a very certain way. For example, the Mystic Elevator room only has actually a solitary doormeans and in reality teleports around the mansitop top whenever a pgreat enters and also rollns a details number.

other rooms force football player to roll trains rolls in stimulate to overcome with to an additional room, whilst others offer football player the possibility to gain rewards if they happen a trains roll - we’ltogether acquire onto ns specifics that trait rolls in simply a bit.

If a newly-drawn room tile has the item, occasion or oguys symbotogether ~ above it, it indicates that ns player need to draw a item, occasion or omen card, immediately deal with it and also finish their movement. Item cardns gifns ns pgreat an item, i beg your pardon ins inserted face-uns in front of them - ins deserve to it is in supplied the turn.

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occasion cardns deserve to leADVERTISEMENT to Hopeful or negati have consequences, through some requiring the pclass to pass a trains roll.

Omen cardns commonly grant the player a distinctive capability that may or may no it is in linked come ns game’ns haunt scenario. Regardless of whether ns omen card ins an evident article or not, ns pgreat have to area ins top top ns tmaybe in front the them.