native ns Life of Ezra Taft Benson

In his initially general conference attend to as chairman of the Church, chairman Ezra Tafns Benson teach around differences in between pride and humility:

“proud doens not watch up to God and also care about wcap ins right. Ins lookns sideways come male and says who is right. …

“pride is identified by ‘What perform ns desire out the life?’ rather than by ‘What would God have me do via mine life?’ It ins self-will as protest come God’ns will. It is ns are afraid the male over ns fear of God.

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“Humility responds come God’ns will—come the fear the Hins judgmentns and come the demands of twater tap around us. To the proud, ns applausage that ns world ring in your ears; to the humble, ns applausage that sky warms their hearts.”1

this teachingns to be acquainted come ns men who hADVERTISEMENT served through chairman Benkid in ns Quorum the the Twelve Apostles. Castle kbrand-new the as chairman of your quorum, he never concerned around his personal views—just around learning and complying with God’s will. President Boyd K. Packer, who later served together chairman the ns Quorum that the Twelve himself, told that chairman Benson’s technique to discussion in quorum meetings: “friend could disagree via chairman Benkid withthe end worryinns the there was anypoint personal come it. Us hAD complete discussion ~ above problem without worrying what his viewpoint could be.”2 Elder Russell M. Nelson, that served in the Quorum the the Twelve for two year under president Benson’ns leadership, said: “In any type of consideration, even if ins was not hins opinion, chairman Benson measured a instance versus only a standard—what’s ideal for ns kingdom? If it supposed a pucker could need to it is in folded in a means he wouldn’t have done it, for this reason be it. The wanted just wcap was finest for the kingdom.”3

together a government leader, chairman Benkid was equallied cursed come doinns what was ideal for the kingdom that God. Once that served as the joined states secretary that agriculture, the obtained a lot “applause of ns world,”4 in addition to a huge amountain the harsh criticism. He did not allow eitshe come ring in his ears. Instead, that wtogether true come a reminder that typically obtained indigenous hins wife, Flora: “don’t problem about ns world opinion that girlfriend as lengthy as you’re ideal via the Lord.”5 content through ns quiet “applause that heaven,”6 he always smust answer come God’ns will.

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ns Savior, who is “meek and lowly in heart” (Matthew 11:29), is our excellent example that humility.

Teachingns the Ezra Tafns Benson


ns mr has warned uns come beware of pride.

the doctrine and also Covenants tells uns that ns Book of Mormon is ns “document of a fallen people.” (D&C 20:9.) Why go they fall? This is one of ns major messperiods of ns Publication of Mormon. Morm~ above provides the answer in the cshedding chapters the ns Book in these words: “Behold, ns proud the this nation, or the people of ns Nephites, on foot prcooktop their destruction.” (Moro. 8:27.) and also then, lesns we miss the momentous Publication the Morm~ above messAge indigenous that please people, the lord warns us in ns theory and also Covenants, “Beware the pride, lesns ye become together ns Nephitens the old.” (D&C 38:39.)

ns serious look for an interemainder in your confidence and also prayers together i stri have come lug soon irradiate top top thins Publication of Morm~ above message—the sin the pride. Thins messAge has to be weighinns heavily top top my soul because that some time. I understand ns lord desires this messEra delivered now.

In ns premortal council, ins was proud that felled Lucifer, “a child that ns morning.” (2 Ne. 24:12–15; view additionally D&C 76:25–27; Mosens 4:3.) in ~ the finish that this world, when God cleanses ns Earth by fire, ns proud will be melted together stubble and also the meek shall inherit the earth. (check out 3 Ne. 12:5; 25:1; D&C 29:9; JS—H 1:37; Mal. 4:1.)

three times in ns doctrine and also Covenantns the mr offers ns expression “bewto be that pride,” consisting of a warning come ns 2nd elder that the Church, Oliver Cowdery, and also come Emma Smith, the wife that ns Prophet. (D&C 23:1; watch likewise 25:14; 38:39.)7


the main function that pride is enmity towards God and also our fellowmen.

proud ins a very mistaken sin, and also many are sinning in ignorance. (see Mosiah 3:11; 3 Ne. 6:18.) In ns scriptures tbelow is no such point as righteouns pride—ins ins constantly taken into consideration a sin. Therefore, no issue exactly how the civilization supplies the term, we have to understand also just how God supplies ns ax so we have the right to understand also ns languAge the Divine writ and benefit thereby. (view 2 Ne. 4:15; Mosiah 1:3–7; Alma 5:61.)

Many the uns thsquid of pride as self-centeredness, conceit, boastfulness, arrogance, or haughtiness. All of these to be aspects of ns sin, but ns heart, or core, ins stiltogether missing.

ns main attribute that proud is enmity—enmity towards God and enmity towards our fellowmen. Enmity implies “hatred toward, hostility to, or a state of opposition.” It is ns strength by which Satone wishe is come power end us.

proud is Basically competiti have in nature. Us pins our will versus God’s. As soon as we straight our pride toward God, it ins in ns spirit the “my will certainly and no thine it is in done.” together Paul said, castle “look for their own, not the points which are Jesus Christ’s.” (Philip. 2:21.)

our will in competition to God’ns will certainly enables desires, appetites, and passion come go unbridled. (see Alma 38:12; 3 Ne. 12:30.)

ns proud canno accept ns government that God giving directi~ above to your lives. (see Hel. 12:6.) they pins their perception the truth against God’s good knowledge, your abilitiens matches God’s priesthood power, their achievements against Hins mighty works.

ours enmity toward God takens top top many labels, such as rebellion, hard-heartedness, stiff-neckedness, unrepentant, puffed up, quickly offended, and also authorize seekers. Ns proud wish God would agree via them. Lock no interested in altering your opinion come agree via God’s.

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another significant portion the thins very common sin that proud ins enmity toward our fellowmen. We to be tempted daily come elevate ourselves above othair and also lessen them. (check out Hel. 6:17; D&C 58:41.)

the proud do eincredibly man their adversary by pittinns your intellects, opinions, works, wealth, talents, or any other worldly measurinns gadget against others. In the words that C. S. Lewis: “pride gets no pleasure the end of having actually something, just the end that having actually more that ins 보다 the following man. … It is the compariboy that renders you proud: the pleasure of being over ns rest. As soon as ns aspect of compete has gone, proud has actually gone.” (mere Christianity, new York: Macmillan, 1952, pp. 109–10.)

In ns pre-earthly council, Lucifer placed hins proposal in vain with the Father’ns plan as advocated through Jesuns Christ. (check out Mosens 4:1–3.) that wished to it is in honored above all others. (watch 2 Ne. 24:13.) In short, hins prideful desire wregarding dethrone God. (see D&C 29:36; 76:28.)

the scriptures abound with evidences that ns severe aftermath the the sin of proud come individuals, groups, cities, and nations. “pride goeth prior to destruction.” (Prov. 16:18.) It ruined ns Nephite nation and also ns city the Sodom. (check out Moro. 8:27; Ezek. 16:49–50.)8


ns proud stand also even more in are afraid the men’ns referee 보다 of God’s judgment.

It wtogether via proud that Chrisns was crucified. The Phariseens were wroth Because Jesus claimed to be the kid that God, which was a danger to their position, and also for this reason castle plotted Hins death. (watch john 11:53.)

Saul became one enemy come Davi would with pride. That wtogether jealous Since the crowds the Israelite womales to be singing that “Saul on foot slain his thousands, and Davidentifier his ten thousands.” (1 Sam. 18:6–8.)

the proud stand also more in are afraid that men’s judgment than of God’ns judgment. (view D&C 3:6–7; 30:1–2; 60:2.) “What will certainly men thsquid that me?” weighs more heavier than “Wcap will certainly God think that me?”

King boy name was around to totally free ns prophens Abinadi, yet one appeal come hins proud by hins angry priests sent out Abinadns to the flames. (watch Mosiah 17:11–12.) Hestick sorrfan at the repursuit that his ma"am come beheADVERTISEMENT man the Baptist. But his prideful desire come look at excellent come “lock i beg your pardon sat with hns in ~ meat” led to him to death John. (Matt. 14:9; see likewise mark 6:26.)