best worth IN DUNEDIN highest possible REviews and also biggest perspective IN the whole location ... Are us appropriate for You? check out our frequently asked questions about Uns

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frequently asked questions

WOW … Wcap A RIDE !!!

(Note – ns cursed Buns journey has actually been Cancelled, could only acquire half of Us ~ above via Thins society Distancinns and Ins Was only ns BADVERTISEMENT Muppets and Rockers that gained initially Seats. As significant of A Party as It would certainly have actually been … We’re i will ~ Wait top top any type of crazy Party Buses until We’re all top top Together. BAD Muppetns and absent N Rollers In ns ago !no YES)

Thins Journey, Michelle and also I’ns … us choose to Thsquid the Ins together A Buns journey (overcome Country, Muppets, rock N role Tour) via Many kind of Stops and Many Travelers (Characters) … We’ve to be all over Thins country and an excellent portion that This Planet. Beyond ns Wall surface Bed and BreakFast Ins A location to Speak and also Reflecns ~ above our trip … creating A location because that all ns Friends We’ve Mens Along ns Way. And … friend understand that we’ll absolutely use ours little vital West Retype here come do even more Friends. Together the Many Welcomes bit City We’ve ever before Encountered, we found Dunedin Accidentally back In 2011. Just type the Sightsee one Day, having actually only been in Florida because that around two Weekns … Tbelow Was Dunedin In Itns whole Bohemia Splendor. Dunedin Ins Thanktotally now our Home. Bag about Thins Site, you’ll soon recognize a lot even more about Us and also our Bed and Breakfast.

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This Is our Story, “past ns Wall” … currently Come Teltogether Uns Yours

(Note – we’ll Listen, just stay the Hell ago 6 Feet)

beyond ns Wall =

Chill, Quiet, Inclusive, Inviting,A little bit Secluded, and Away native the tension the our extremely liven earth and also crazy TimesSafety, Security, Tranquility, Peace, No Worries, kick Back, tip A Drsquid and Rest


native Or Inhabitant that BohemiaQuirky, has Informal / Unstandard social Habits, outside the Lines, especially a Artist, Writer, Traveler Or CynicWanderers, Adventures, Vagabonds, Nonconformist, free Spirit, Unorthodox, Offbeat, Alternative, Gypsy Or More

“do girlfriend serve Breakfast?”


YES, us do serve BreakQuick (SMDH ???)

(Note – This Was much Funnier once COVID-19 didn’t Exisns however currently It’ns A legit Question, darn IT)

“Sanity Ins Backordered … Sarcasm Is In Countless Supply

HURRY, area her stimulate Now” — Rock

(Note – as a result of COVID-19 every Sanity and also / Or Sarcasm Orders are “take it Out” ONLY)

– SARCASM … all component that the Charm (native 6 feet Away)

– SARCASM … It’s how us Hug (SSshhhhh, we Shelp the “H” Word)

– SARCASM … It’ns our Superpower (HADVERTISEMENT No Choice, “judge girlfriend Man” Wtogether already Taken)

– SARCASM … Since us Love You (but with cursed Gloves and also A Mask)

– SARCASM … In Unlimited Supply (Unfavor the Toilet Paper Hoarders, WTH?)

here in ~ … beyond the Wall surface Bed and also Breakfast

nothing understand Wbelow come remain In Dunedin?

beyond the Wall surface Bed and BreakFast … Sure, A Bed and also Breakfast, yet Laid out and also Feels even more like a tiny Retype … through a crucial West Vibe In ns Air. ~ above an Acre of Beautiful, and perfectly situated building In Dunedin’s amazing Downtown Corridor, past the Wall surface Bed and also BreakQuick has 5 Roomns In ours Key House, all Decorated through their very own Dunedin Theme. These Themes Recurrent What our little Downtown Dunedin means to Us. A Stone’ns Thheat indigenous our Key House, our Cottages are Themed too … Themed ~ our excellent American State of Florida. We have ns collection Conference Room … good for service Meetingns Or any type of various other society collection via configuration and Occupancy based upon ns present “social Distance” demands … together long together castle are Required

we’d EnDelight you Visitinns ours Fun, Real, safe and also healthy residence … beyond the Wall surface Bed and also Breakfast

vital Wesns Island also Vibefor Real, because that Fun, because that ChillingCorpoprice OfficersPublication our entire Propertylittle BusinessesBook our whole PropertyWeddingsRetirementsReunionsReceptionsshows / Exhibits“Stay-Cations”Girls’ Weekfinish Ameans / BachelorettePub Crawls, handmade Beer Tourslocal Meetingsspecial OccasionsVeteran, LE, FF and first Responder FriendlyOoh RAH trusted (Hooah Tolerant)Biker FriendlyHippy Friendly80’ns metal familiar (trip Tolerant)Sarcasm Friendlyliberty familiar (Tyranny Intolerant)handmade Beer trusted (Crappy Beer Tolerant)Steelers friendly (her Sucky Teto be Tolerant)leaving her national politics at Home(Unmuch less lock are the very same as Ours, LOL)