clients the Bi-Mart"ns 56 pharmaciens across Oregon, Idaho and also Washington will certainly it is in moved come Walgreens — eitshe in standala Walgreenns locations, or in Walgreens-branded pharmaciens within Bi-Marts stores.

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EUGENE, Ore. — Bi-Marts announced Thurswork that ns agency will certainly leave the pharmacy business, offering every 56 that itns pharmaciens in Oregon, Idaho, and Washingttop top state to Walgreens. Ns sale contains all of Bi-Mart"ns prescription records and inventory.

Bi-Mart shop aren"t goinns anywhere, however the company"s pharmacies will certainly eitshe shuns dvery own and carry prescriptions come surrounding Walgreenns areas or reMain operation under the Walgreens brand also in "select locations wbelow Walgreenns doens not have nearby stores," generally in rural Oregon.


Bi-Marts sassist the pharmacies in the Portland metro area and also in a number of other markets have actually already to be closed, with prescription moved to Walgreens.

“Thins decision, when difficult, ins strategicallied necessary together us relocate come strengclimate our heavy financial position and expand also ours plans for future expansion in the Northwest,” said wealthy Truett, president and also CEO of Bi-Mart. “Bi-Mart’s core company is healthy and also strong, but over the year components such together boosting expenses and also continuous reimbursemenns push has actually led in component to our decision. Us watch forward to partnering with Walgreenns to change our pharmacy employee and also members as seamless as possible.”

transfer that Most prescriptitop top papers is collection to start in October and be perfect through January, "subject to customaria cshedding conditions." pharmacologists and also pharmacy staff at Bi-Marts areas will have actually a chance to apply for open up position in ~ Walgreens.

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“Walgreens is pleasure to present even more patients to our reliable pharmacy services, that we Right now provide in end 9,000 places in communities throughout the country including more 보다 70 throughout Oregon,” said rob Ewing, regional vice cream chairman of Walgreens. “us watch forward come welcoming Bi-Marts patient come Walgreenns pharmacy services, and also offering employmenns avenues to Bi-Marts pharmacy associates in accessible positions throughthe end our shop wright here castle can continue come satisfy ns needs the their patients.”

patients wwater tap prescriptions to be being moved will it is in educated through mail, the companies said, and also both Bi-Marts and also Walgreenns pledged to work Together ~ above a smooth shift because that patients.