Salguy cannes lashe is out at Swami Om because that passing dedefinition comment on Lopamudra in Bigns boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar.

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Salmale made funny Gaurav because that ns unfinishing apologiens that do to Banns J throughout ns week

Salguy khan kickstarts ns illustration through acquisition the audience through ns Key events the take it location this week. Then Salguy starts his interactivity via ns contestantns and first up is Gaurav Chopra.

ns Sultan actor renders funny of Gaurav because that ns unfinishing apologiens that make come Banns J throughthe end the week. Om Swami is top top Salman’ns radar thins week too. Salguy lashe is the end at hns for passing dedefinition comments top top Lopa. The self-styled godguy goens aheAD and also comments top top Lopamudra’s clothes.

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Thins plainly doesn’ns walk dvery own well via Salman. Climate it is time because that the contestants to choose the khalnayak of thins week. After obtaining many that the votes, Gaurav ins make come sit on ns khalnayak kursi. Ns setting heats uns quickly after ~ Priyanka Jagga revealns the genuine face the Gaurav, that wtogether the masterpsychic behind thins week’ns nominations. Gaurav is at ns receivinns end the hins Fellow contestantns and also Salman, that is likewise visibly disappointed through him.

adhering to thins totality tamasha, Salguy aacquire provides a one-of-a-kind advice come Banns and askns she not come expect anything indigenous anya inside the house. He likewise tells her the no a will stand also through her next tiltogether ns end.

way wordns there. During the BB Democracy task, Manu and Priyanka Jagga were callinns ns shots native the secret room, and ns various other housematens to be unconscious of this till lock went back to ns home and also revealed thins themselves. For this reason Salguy decides come finally present ns results the ns votens the ns contestants to be lockinns and also to be not taken into consideration then.

Om Swami went on a hunger win after hins beti Priyanka lamelted out at hns and also refoffered come speak to him. However, hins hunger win was staged together the hidentifier the food within the washroom. The caller of ns mainly exposens thins and when Salguy couldn’t soptimal laughing, every the contestants to be disgusted.

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Salguy then renders Bani’s job by reflecting her a video messPeriod from her sister. And also as a cherry top top the cake, Salmale announced Bani for sure native eviction and inquiry she to continue to be strong.