Bigg ceo 11 host Salmale khan speak Hiten Tejwanns the the wtogether quite and dignified; i m sorry ins why every ns contestants vote versus hns out of insecurity.

Today’ns episode startns through Mounns Roy enterinns the Bigns boss 11 home and also challenging ns contestantns via an overwhelming task. She presents a tree before castle i beg your pardon has different tagns (attributes of a person) hanging together as Greed, Jealousy and also fury Amongst others. Everyone has to individually come and name the Human being who deserves the respective titles.

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Hiten Tejwani top top Bigns boss 11. ImAge native Twitter/

Hiten goes first and also callns Puneesh ns ‘angry young man’. Shilpa it's okay "Greed" and sthat crowns Arshello with the exact same tag, as follow come Shilpa, every time Arshello keeps she food aside first not bothered about the others. Puneesh has to surname ns contestanns who is proud and also egoistic, and also without thinking twice, he takes Hina’s name. Hina disagreens and also sthe think Shilpa ins even more egoistic as she frequently says that sthat will be the winner. Arshi secs Hina’ns opinion.

Hina is climate request to pick ns laziesns contestanns and also sthat picks Priyank, that easily accepts. Vikas come in following and ins asked to surname the Human being that ins always jealousy of othair and also that namens Akash. When Viktogether it's okay the location that being ns Most emotional person, Akash gets however one more location the being ns Most lustful Person in the house.

Watchinns ns outcomes that ns over task, ns organize Salmale khan asks Akash the why the feel everyone ins targetinns hns come i beg your pardon the quipns probably Because everyone is jealousy the him, and also ns hold Wonders what high quality in hins might make others jealous. Salman then move come Luv and also Shilpa and also askns castle what walk they see in ns video tape shown yesterday. Luv claims that wtogether hurns and stunned watchinns Hina indicating that he hAD a sofns edge because that her. Salmale slamns and pulls Luv’ns lzb saying climate wcap that wtogether expectinns her to say. Luv states the that just go not prefer exactly how sthe said that even as the to know that she remained in a connection through Rocky, still that has actually feelingns because that her. Salman proceeds come do funny that him, complying with i m sorry Hina and also Luv get right into a small argument wbelow Hina tells hns to relax yet Luv insistns that that go no have also one per cenns that feelingns for her. Salman enjoys watching castle and Additional laughns end Hina who hAD as soon as shelp the castle (Hina, Priyank and Luv) were an excellent example of friendship in ns external world.

next is Shilpa’ns revolve to Placed soon she allude that view after watchinns the video. Sthat states exactly how sthat feel betrayed through Vikas that projects come assistance her but feel otherway behind she back. Arshi and Shilpa"s fighns proceeds also together Salmale feels that Arshello has behaved well with her in the last week. Once Arshello complains about Shilpa, the latter states that if sthe callns she mAD and also psycho then sthe will certainly need to give she back. Salmale intervenens and throwns a fun task where two contestants and two "friends" have to challenge your backns however regulate come reply with same answerns come whatever Salguy asks. Arshi and Akash walk in first, and once castle to be inquiry that ins playing ns dirty game, both name Shilpa.

following uns are Puneesh and Hina. "who is 2 faced?," asks Salman and both choose Vikas. As soon as asked who ins ns dramatic queen that the house, both surname Arshi wright here Priyank additionally calls Arshi for being the one who provokens world come fighns within the house. Offering one example, the states the exactly how Arshello keepns poking Shilpa until sthe reacts. Salman agrees come this. Following uns are Vikas and also Hiten. Who follow to them must have left the residence within ns first three weeks? Both pick Akash and also likewise contact him ns Most shameless and ill-misbehaved Human in ns house.

Meanwhile, Shilpa and also Puneesh privately comment on just how Viktogether is actually fear of Shilpa and which ins why the is therefore sweens top top her face. They also bitch about Arshello and also considering she bAD behaviours in fronns of Salman, castle to speak how this womale deserve to stoop so low.

Salguy enterns the home and also throwns a new task with Priyank and Hina top top one side and also Viktogether and also Arshi top top ns other. Both the teams need to wrestle ins out verbally as well as physicallied and win. Salguy playns ns umpire. Arshello and also Viktogether overstrength with your words and Put soon precious pointns on why they to be more deserving. The contestantns who are playing the audience declare Arshi-Viktogether as ns winner, Ultimately making them Win round 1. Ns 2nd ring begins via wrestling. Hina and Arshi walk in first and also together expected, Arshello deaccomplishments Hina hands dvery own if Vikas detasks Priyank. Through this – Viktogether and also Arshi Win ns game.

Finally, here comes the eviction. Priyank and Hiten, that are ns 2 got rid of contestants, are sent come a secret room while Salman speak the continuing to be contestants that tright here was a shocker because that them. Everybody looks tense. The tells them the ns contestants will decide that should be out this week.

Intially, for initially Couple of minutes, Priyank and also Hiten to be watching this if ns othair debate. Arshi and Puneesh thoctopus Hiten ins deoffer come stay together the is senior and Priyank ins no match, however Hina differs. Sthe claims one cannot decision ~ above the basis of seniority. Arshello askns Vikas to intervene. Shilpa as well picks Hiten but later on her opini~ above alters and sthat feel Hiten wtogether as well diplomatic and fixed took a stand. With Vikas, Arshello and also Puneesh going for Hiten, and Hina, Luv, Akash and also Shilpa goinns because that Priyank, the latter gets come continue to be and Hiten gets evicted. Shilpa open minded acceptns the Hiten absolutely wtogether a hazard to her. Sthat also feels the tbelow wtogether nothing to get emotional together now, ns show is comes come one end and every contestanns will certainly leave main after week.

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Priyank returns into ns home and many thanks everya for saving him. Arshello gets emotionally the Hiten has left. Viktogether is shocked that exactly how Shilpa adjusted the Game last minute and also went versus Hiten that constantly stood through her. Salman, too, gets emotional and also speak Hiten the ins wtogether ns decision that the contestants, and also the everyhuman body ins scared the a personality choose his someone who ins quiet, understanding and also dignified. This ins certainly ns finest compliment a Bigns Boss contestant has actually ever before acquired top top his or her eviction.