job 51 in the Bigns ceo 11 residence dawned bappropriate and clear. However trouble wtogether currently unavoidable Amongst ns contestants.

job 51 in ns Bigg Boss 11 house dawned bideal and also clean together contestantns woke approximately ns Song the the "rest Uns Song". But trouble wtogether brewing, and also didn"ns take it a lot time to behind its head.

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initially up: Hina called Priyank wcap Puneesh said about Sapna and she vocation. Sapna, overhearing part the this conversation, lost her cool and made a decision come teach Puneesh a lesson. Bandgi, meanwhile, recommend Puneesh no come say contentious points to Hina together the latter has a propensity to instigate other members of the house. Puneesh, At first miffed via Bandgi, later acknowledge the truth the wcap sthe said.

Priyank During illustration 51 the Bigns ceo 11. ImPeriod through Twitter/

a brand-new luxury Budget task is introduced. Ns contestantns — separated right into two teams — to be asked to participate in a fake courtroom drama where Arshi and also Hiten"s "divorce" is up for hearing. Arshi"s "family" ins stood for by Vikas (who"ns likewise she lawyer), Shilpa and Puneesh, while Hiten"ns "kin" include Luv, Akash, Priyank and also Hina (together his advocate). Sapna and also Bandgns pput ns judges. Both teams have to strategise regarding just how ideal castle deserve to "win" the case.

once ns task began, ns accusations flowed thick and also Fast versus both Hiten and Arshi. However, Arshello boring ns major brunns the it, together she wtogether repetitively referred to as a flirns and also accoffered the gift provocative come get attention. Hina"s defense is dubbed old-fashioned and also Bandgns and also Sapna declare the Arshi"ns lawyer Viktogether has actually impressed them through his debates in this initially round.

while Team Hiten came uns with a new strategy, tright here was infighting aplenty in Arshi"ns camp. Shilpa and Arshello gained into a cook argument, when Vikas tried to assuAge problem somewhat.

once ns contestants regrouped for ring two, Hina accprovided Arshi and also her team that making use of foul language. Matters got to a heAD when everyone jumped right into the fray and accsupplied every various other that bADVERTISEMENT behaviour. Shedding her head, Arshi laburned the end at Hina, Priyank and also Luv. Sthe additionally passed a commenns around Priyank"ns sexuality, in ~ i m sorry that lost his cool and asked Viktogether why the wtogether sustaining Arshi. Priyank pointns out that Arshi hAD made similar comments around hns and also Sabyasachello earlier as well.

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however Arshi is unmoved, later on challenging Hina because that gossipinns around the various other contestantns via her team mates late right into ns nights. Even more to unfold top top day 52, illustration 52 the Bigg ceo 11.