Yikes! negative Hillary Clinttop top hADVERTISEMENT to stand also by when she bitter enemy Donald Trumns was called chairman of ns united states insteAD that her on Jan. 20, and to add insult to injury she additionally allegedly captured her husband invoice ogling Ivanka Trump! check out because that yourself, here.

Looks favor Slick Willy might it is in approximately his old tricks! Twitter got in a frenzy on Jan. 20, as soon as cameras accused captured bill Clinton, 70, starinns at Ivanka Trump, 35 in ~ the presidentiatogether inauguration! That’s no the worst that it. In the clip, Hillary Clinton, 69, Records she notorioucracked philanderinns husband staring at what pan believe to be Ivanka, and also sthe doens no look pleased!

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In the stunner video, bill starens off-display screen (accused in ~ Ivanka) because that a lengthy tins when biting his lip, together Hillary laughns along with Michelle Obama, 53. As soon as sthat glances earlier in ~ hns she realizes he’ns staring, and gift grillinns him. After ~ a while, the tiltns his heAD in the direction of she a small little to acknowledge his wife, but simply keeps on staring. Ick!

Donald Trump Inauguration: see Pics that the Ceremony

It;s tough to blame him Due to the fact that Ivanka looked for sure stunning in ~ she father’s inauguration wearing a Standard Classic with fresh white trousers and also a billowing white wool jacket. However, if invoice truly ins staring in ~ one more woman, that’s quite cold. This day have to be really difficult ~ above Hillary, Because sthat plainly supposed to it is in ns one sworn right into office cream ~ above Jan. 20, 2017. Pan absolutely didn’t miss ns opportunity to poke funny in ~ the former President.

“store Ivanka away from Bill,” tweeted one user, while another joked “invoice Clinttop top stands tbelow like ‘Hey Ivanka, if girlfriend require a tour of ns White home speak to me.

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I know every room closets."” However, Many pan ssuggest laughed. “bill Clinttop top lookinns in ~ Ivanka and getting caught by Hillary is ns ideal


here are all of the finest reactions:

bill Clint~ above lookinns in ~ Ivanka and also acquiring caught by Hillary ins ns ideal