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AuthorTopic: PFRPG: Bizantium and ns north archipelago (ReAD 3283 times)

Shawn MerrowJr. MemberPosts: 78

Thins is mine initially review here. Ns initially created thins because that a Palladium FB group.Bizantanium of ns northern Island ReviewStartns out with a Short story around a fishing watercraft being sunk by a sea serpent and the survivors being rescued by the Bizantanium Navy. Ins then goens into an overview that ns kingdom extending itns reputation, international influence, see ~ above outsiderns and ns present political situation.the next component is a history that the Eoten the Initial settlers the the islands. Lock to be Person that show up come have been tbelow Due to the fact that before ns Elf-Dwarf war. Ins starts via ns Eoten creation myth. Tbelow is fundamental information top top them, your oral history tradition, there mention in recorded history and their possible origins.ns area end through the videotaped history the ns Bizantanium Kingdom. It coverns ns battle via ns western Empire, first contact through ns Wolfen and also establishment the ns shadow Colonies. Ns last part ins a indevelopment ~ above the existing standing that the kingdom. Its not looking excellent as a weak king is establishing ns stAge for a polite war or a coup.Bizantanium"ns beginnings & HistoryStartns through ns Eoten development myth. The Eoten are the aboriginal people to the islands being living Because prior to ns Elf-Dwarf war if no longer. Ins has numerous theory about how old their human being is. The remainder covers the background that the empire. Ns critical area covers the existing state of the Realm and also its colonies.the Kingdom of Bizantaniumhas actually a nice cream area of the social classes from noble come peasants. As many men to be ga for lengthy periods at sea Women have actually a lons more strength right here climate in other kingdoms. Additionally acquired information top top how ns government works, taxens and also laws. There is a review the the four fleets that comprise ns navy.ns area ~ above the economic situation goens right into itns resources for instance the hunting the sea serpentns because that meat and oil come its shippinns industry. Castle have actually the Most shipyards of any type of kingdom making ships. Ns colonies provide the timber come keep castle going. Ns use of magic is frown top top with just Warlockns or priests gift accepted. Ns use the magic versus a citizen also in self-defense have the right to result in harsh punishment consisting of execution. There are no public shops selling magic itemns and to teach ins ins strictly forbidden.Tbelow ins a nice section top top ns kingdomns foreign relations. Castle have actually a friendly relationship through the Wolfen Realm together they Praise ns same gods. Thins reasons fricti~ above through ns eastern Realm that wants them on your next in a future war. Ns western Empire has actually agentns stirrinns the pons as castle desire to dominate Bizantanium themselves one day.There ins info ~ above the seven archipelago of the kingdom with details on the resources and ns city the Wujik. Ns information coverns a couple of of ns shipyardns and also a Dwarven city. They are ns just non-humans allowed to li have full time top top ns island also yet have actually much less civil liberties climate Humans. The last component is info top top the shadow colonies and also ns great ice Shelf come the North. Ns barrier at the sheet the ns civilization is likewise covered.the crucial NCOMPUTER to be extended consisting of ns King, advisers and various seller Princes. Tbelow ins a group that Warlocks that desire come take it end the shadow Kingdoms. Additionally obtained memberns the the priest the desire come bring back Brgg a dark god. As ns king is weak some want come rerelocate him from power, a couple of crucial ones are likewise listed.new O.C.C.Fisherguy O.C.C.: while many type of on ns archipelago know ns basicns these dedicate their resides come it.Bizantanium Naval O.C.C.: have a few variants to select indigenous through each getting different bonuses. Likewise has actually the sky Riders the drive Pegasus but there to be no differ many kind of that them.Serpent Chaser O.C.C.: castle hunt ns Sea Serpentns for money or revenge.Waterchanter O.C.C.: A one-of-a-kind Priest that Algor with magicatogether abilities choose a Warlock.Bizantanium Warlocks: some brand-new spells greatly water.Skills: A mix of brand-new abilities and also reprints from Adventures the ns High Seas.endure Tables: has lock because that every the classes.animals of the north SeasBlack WhalesCorpse Jelly: Floats top top the surface trying to find prey.Green Fin Sharkharbor Seala wolf SealSea Unicorn (Narwhal)ice bear (Polar Bear)rock Claw: gigantic Lobster overcome via Scorpion, exceptionally aggressi have predator.WalrusSea Serpents & Monstersice Bearman: Live ~ above the ice cream Shelf with a tribal society that lookns dvery own top top Many gyeongju together gift soft. Castle Prayer ns dragons that live in ns North. Lock do offering and also will sirloin come defend lock but to be no servants as castle extremely pridefutogether species.Sea Ghoul: when somea drown without critical rites tright here human body have the right to it is in possessed. Castle feeding ~ above the deADVERTISEMENT however to be likewise timi would preventing fights.Selkies: a type that Faerin other words the lovens to spend tins with Humans. If they rerelocate their skin castle take it ~ above the figure the a Human. Lock frequently pick Person lover but constantly go back to the seas. If their skin is bring away they deserve to be made to obey ns Human being who has actually it.Jormund Serpent: a really large serpent (400 come 900 feet) that unchoose Many will strike groups of ships.north Strangle: It move along ns surface choose a water snake. It wraps itns coils roughly itns prey including shipns squeezing tiltogether it stops struggling or ns shins division up.Winterserpents: a new type of drag~ above very a lot in tuned through ns cold and ice cream of ns North. Lock sometimes cons down come more southerly areas yet never remain exceptionally long.random Sea Monster Generator: with ns Sea the Despwaiting tright here to be a vast range that sea monsters. There are random tablens for appearance, intelligence and also special abilities.Icebornto sum castle up, incredibly scary. A good comparichild for them would it is in the Reavers indigenous Firefly. They to be a humanoidentifier gyeongju that lives top top the good ice cream Shelf. Castle are tall ranging from 6 feet, 5 inchens to 7 feet, 6 inches. Castle rassist ns north wilderness and also the Bizantanium islands. Lock will additionally take ships at sea. Their Many Common tactic ins come leave a shins or villAge undamaged for the function the spanalysis fear.castle li have top top ships called Necroilus which to be make indigenous ns bodies the sea serpentns remanga by a dark develop of Necromancy that only lock know. There are also longboats do from bonens that to be supplied because that scoutinns and raidinns missions. Their tools to be mostly make that bonens or stones through just leader having steel or magical weapons. Lock undertake little to no armor.castle live a very structured life with ns shipns leAD through the Serpenns Captain with Cla Captain underneath. This position to be held by guys via the remainder making up the raiders. The many the women Find Out the magic to develop items from bodies the your victims. Ns Most powerful are ns Sea Witch via some being warrior who walk top top raids.castle ein ~ their captives utilizing your bodies come do clothing or horri would decoration for your ships. They will take it prisoners however just come be used as servant labor or to be consumed later. Its better to die climate become one of your prisoners.male Iceborn R.C.C. - solid maybe to take care of ns cold and water through ease.Iceborn Raider O.C.C. - ns Key fighters, well trained in combat and sailing.Iceborn Captain - together over but has accessibility to Necromancy.Iceborn Female R.C.C. - much choose ns male. (86% Skinbinder)Skinbinder Female O.C.C. - provides the tools, garments and other items.Iceborn Sea Witch O.C.C. - A distinct witch the provides a contract via the Old one Netosa.ns critical component is a summary that life ~ above their ships complied with by the stats. The Necroiluns deserve to range native 200 feens to 4000 feet! castle to be propelled and regenerated through magic. Ns smell alone provides Most the plank begin vomiting. Itns no a standard undeAD for this reason magic that works ~ above castle will certainly have actually no effect ~ above ns ship.their significant activity comes in tide and also are Currently structure approximately a brand-new seriens the hefty attacks. Through the Bizantanium Kingdom having actually a weak king thins could Typical catastrophe for them.Necromancer O.C.C.: the O.C.C. And also itns spells.weapons & Armor & Shipsa few distinctive weapons and armor. The ship section has actually reprints indigenous Adendeavors of ns High SeJust like a few new ones like the Icebreakers and Battleships. The stone Shipns are additionally included.dangers native ns PastBeastla: Sthe is ns Queen of Sea monster and also mommy that Od the All-Father. She body lies somewhere in ns north hidden under ns ice. In ns previous sthe was Prayer through ns ice cream Born who to be At this time looking for her.Brgg the Destroyer: the is ns brother that Algor and offered come it is in worshiped by the Eoten. The experienced every dragon together his enemies come it is in destroyed. He was beat and sealed away through Algor when the Eoten began worshipinns hns insteAD because of Brgns violent nature. Hins prikid room under ns island also that torn ins described. If freed the would seek revenge top top Algor and all the world of Bizantanium.Seven prizes that ns Northcastle to be meant come it is in a gift indigenous Algor however Brgg hide them. A legfinish states they will it is in lugged Together to save Bizantanium.1. Ns Wolf-Son"s Sword: a significant Rune Quick sword the as soon as belonged come Wolvenar.2. Hammer of Belimar"s Blessing: a major Rune weaptop top that deserve to magicallied fix items.3. Stone of Lacknar: a little rune frosting via a range of magic powers consisting of onens to confusage the minds the others.4. Rauga ns Giantslayer: A spear the doens added damage come huge creatures.5. Ns Seahawk"ns Eye: A gem that enables one to watch what the weather will it is in choose in 48 hours.6. Aragat, Sinker that Ships: A bow that just doens damages come inanimate objects.7. Tridenns that Valfdan: has actually the power come frozen ns water it touches.every one of ns salso prizes deserve to cast a variety of spells. If you can discover in ~ least four castle will certainly suggest to nearest one once areas top top ns ground.

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avenues of Adventureslock to be no full adventures yet castle perform provide girlfriend a variety of concept ~ above just how to make one.ErrorsTright here is a point out the Red Barnacle Armor that the writer claims wtogether cut yet a few recommendation were lefns in the book. It also appears castle might have been a map of Wujik together ns city summary suggests a yet ins was reduced if there wtogether one.i yes, really delighted in this Book and think itns a good enhancement come ns Palladium Fantasy collection. There ins a cost-free pevaluation of ns Book top top DriveThruRPG.http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/145723/Bizantium-and-the-Northern-Islands-Sneak-Preview