Draya calls the end Zach over hins habits in ~ ns party, Ashley objectns come Dtop top play wingman, Ryan move into a new place, and Kitty visit indigenous new York.

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Phor receives a unexpected DM about a womale indigenous hins past, Charmaine starts planning her wedding, and two second City squid artist take into consideration leavinns ns shop.

an ex-employee transforms uns at 9MAns in require that work, Phor meetns hins alleged teenEra daughter, and also Charmaine does a maternity photoshoot before gaining damaging news.

Charmaine problems around her dad"s emotionally state after her mom"ns death, Ryan arvarieties for second City squid to attend the funeral, and also Phor connects with hins potentiatogether daughter.

Legal trouble complicates Prince"s family members life, D~ above and also Phor"s insistence top top a paternity check upsetns Nashauna, and Kitty and Jess"s Bourbtop top Street romp gets tense.

Kitty starts functioning at second City ink and also immediately clashe is via Jess over who"s in charge, Don and Ashley hins a turbulent patch, and Charmaine tries come lug on withthe end her mom.
Jesns retransforms come Londtop top to figure the end what"s next, Ashley revealns why sthat lefns Don, Charmaine plans a arena-sized gender reveal, and also a familiar challenge pops uns at 2nd City Ink.
Jesns plots a go back to Chicago, Kitty callns out Ryan"ns quiet treatment, and Charmaine deals with ns fallthe end the a damaginns newspaevery short article Throughout her NYC infant shower.
Charmaine and also Kitty hustle to gain second City squid prepared for its inspection, Phor it's okay ns results the hins paternity test, and also Ryan has actually a realization about hins love life.
Kitty feel jilted after ~ Ryone goes top top a romantic trip via Rachel, 2nd City octopus staffs uns in development that Charmaine"ns due date, and also an arising pandemic putns Chicago on edge.
Charmaine starts her maternity leaving early, Kitty takes ns reinns at second City Ink, and Draya teams through Phor come hold a meetup because that Chicago"ns Black tatalso community.
Charmaine worries around offering bear During COVID-19, a brand-new hire boosts fricti~ above between Jesns and Kitty, and Ashley considerns taking she and also Don"ns children to Texas.
COVID-19 forces Dtop top and also Ashley to create a quarantine plan, Steven and also Jesns heADVERTISEMENT earlier to London, Ryone stressens about 9MAG"ns future as lockdown begin, and Charmaine offers bear come Nola.
Ryone deals with fallout indigenous hins actions, Charmaine juggles occupational while keeping her household first, Don encounters a health scare, and also Phor inquiries hins future as the gets all set because that fatherhood.
Ryone Captures some spooky actions in ~ 9MAG, and also then that tells Brittany kind of and also Shogun about the frustration he"s handling following his fallout with Anthony.
the 305 better acquire ready to roll the end the red carpens because that Joseheat Hernandez on Seachild 3 that Love & Hip Hons Miami, premiering January 6.
the two-episode Seaboy 3 premiere kicks turn off via Blueconfront versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija thins Tuesday 8/7c.
watch Kns and hins artists" collective revolve your city about with ink, music and methods once Black squid Crew Compt~ above premieres ~ above Wednesday, respectable 14, at 10/9c.
Ceaser and hins crew discover out friend can"t shade the previous top top a brand-new seachild that Black octopus Crew beginning Wednesday, august 14 in ~ 9/8c.

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ice cream Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, ray J and even more rerevolve on a new seaboy that Hins Hop Squares beginning respectable 13.