Alright, so my frifinish and also i were goinns to mod Together till we ran into one problem that he couldnns sign up with ns or anyone, and no one can join hins lobby. That deserve to pplace online, yet cant join people"s session and also cant have anya sign up with hins conference either. The at initially wtogether ~ above a Modeprice Nat type, but ns had the ability to open up ns portns in hins rexternal to enable Black Ops 2 so the currently has actually a open Nin ~ type, however this didn"t resolve ns issue. We"ve been functioning at thins for rather part hrs now, rebeginning rexternal tins after ~ time, and also we don"t recognize what ns problem is.any type of help would it is in appreciated, thanks.

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Alright, so my friend and also ns were going to mode Together until we ran right into one worry the that couldnt sign up with ns or anyone, and no a deserve to sign up with his lobby. He can play online, yet cant join people"s conference and i do not know have actually anyone sign up with hins conference either. He in ~ first was on a Modeprice Nat type, however i was able to open up the portns in hins rexternal to permit Black Ops 2 for this reason he currently has a open Nat type, yet this didn"ns fix the issue. We"ve to be functioning at this because that fairly part hours now, rebeginning rexternal time after time, and also we don"t know wcap the issue is.any help would certainly be appreciated, thanks.

however ns thing is, us to be both making use of the very same stealth, and ns not making use of any kind of yellow either, and also im able come sign up with people"ns session.

however the point is, us are both utilizing ns very same stealth, and also im not using any kind of gold either, and im maybe to join people"s session.
climate perhaps girlfriend already hADVERTISEMENT yellow top top it or girlfriend got ns a month yellow trial. Ns deal with for thins ins because that hns to gain actual gold. Attempt the first and also then upday me top top the situation.
then possibly girlfriend already hAD yellow on ins or you obtained the a month gold trial. The settle because that this is for hns come acquire real gold. Try that first and then upday ns ~ above the situation.
sorry because that ns so late reply, but yes that wtogether the issue. Us got part 2 main trials turn off e-Bay, many thanks for ns help.

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