us know the zombies Chronicles continues to be true to ns Original Easter egg indigenous WaW, Babsence Opns 1 and Babsence Opns 2 however come bolster the hunt, Treyarch have actually likewise added a big variety of smaller Easter egg to the remastered maps together as the blood fountain in Verruckt, ns trick Track top top Nachns der Untoten and the secret cogns in Kino der Toten.In thins write-up you"ll find a finish overview to every one of ns brand-new Easter eggs that have been found in addition to gamepput or screenshot to guide girlfriend along. Alternatively, if you"re interested in ns Original "main" EE"ns then i recommfinish friend examine out ns web links at ns finish of this post.immediately listed below to be ns new discoveries...

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Blood Fountain
step 1find and also press ns 4 concealed buttons. They are:Under ns shelvens at the bottom that the stairs through ns secret crate (walk susceptible to see)top top ceilinns over the spawn spiral stairns (best in ~ the top, jump to hins it)top of ns Wall come ns lefns the Mule kick machine (uns in the corner)Upstairns opposite the Argons wallbuy top top the Wall (waist height)action 2Pput ns hide and look for mini Game through Samantha. Find ns small Samantha doltogether i beg your pardon is top top the floor in front of ns RK5 wallbuy, alongside the deADVERTISEMENT body.step 3Follow the music around ns map as it gets louder and louder, till it ins as according to as possible. In ~ thins place on the map, look for a tiny spinninns Samantha doltogether and also shoot it. Doll"ns figure is comparable come ns one in ns music crate from Der Eisendrache.ns doll ins virtually always exterior of the map border so look at through windows, on come that crates, ns cracked ceilinns etc.step 4Repeat over action because that 5 or 6 dollns until girlfriend obtain an audio cue. Now return to the Initial Samantha doltogether through ns RK5 and press this. Ns doll raises up, and also a secret Song startns come play. A nice cream little bit max ammo will likewise drop.


secret Track - Hide and also look for ns Mo~ above version that ns Samantha Lullaby Song ins exceptionally straightforward to unlock. Ns reward because that doinns so ins a brand also new lullaby the we haven’ns heard before. Steps below: 1. Rotate ~ above strength 2. Connect through speakers rotate about 180 levels and take it Keep in mind of ns computer display screens and also speakers top top ns desk. Communicate through the speaker in ns precise succession below: 3 1 1 4 4 1 4 2 4 2 4 1 1 2 3 E.g. Interact through third speak once, first speak twice, 4th speak twice etc.. 3. Connect with Samantha doltogether in rubble (same area) 4. Shoot 7 x Samantha dolls walk come the MPD (pyramid) and also shoot the 7 dolls around ns pyramid. 5. Connect via first Samantha doll aobtain (in rubble)Void Dog
six years ago, not lengthy after ns Mo~ above mans exit for Black Ops 1, Mcsportzeagle made a dangerous videotape about a mysterious Void Dons biology that would sometimes show up in a spacesuit after ~ round 30. Tbelow wtogether of food no proof that this EE existed however it was funny debunking ins at the a throwago come ns Initial rumour, Treyarch have included a recommendation come “Gap Dog” in the remaster version of Moon. If you walk come the moon base and discover ns 3 levels the the laboratory, friend have to alert the red and also blue dog bowlns ~ above the floor, via ns & D written top top ns side.Additionally, football player have the right to acquire ns Space dons to generate exterior the ns map and clock aimlescracked as the little pooch jumps roughly in the distance.Steps
1. Gain the tide pistol and use it because that ns procedures below.2. Kill one dons in area 51 (dons round).3. Shoot the dog toy next to the red and also blue dons bowlns in ns Gap station.4. Shoot ns teddy be afflicted with top top top that every of the four secret crate areas (move the last crate if necessary).5. Shoot the bone i m sorry is found external the ns map, come ns ideal that ns teleporter pADVERTISEMENT that takes you come location 51. See imAge below:
6. Usage the hacker to hack the dog bowls.7. Get zombin other words soulns to to fill uns the dog bowls.8. Must hear a dons bark come check every procedures to be done.9. Ns dons ins outside ns map near ns teleporter, or mule kick.


trick Track - Hide and seek probably ns hardest the ns hide and also look for Games for Samantha’s lullaby, greatly due to ns difficulty that thrfan the Gersch gadget at exact locations. Completing the Easter Egns playns “Samantha’s Sorrow” (Gostick Krovns variation the Samantha’ns Lullaby). Follow ns actions below: 1. Throw Gersch gadget close to Samantha dolls. Places to be every outside that the map and also in succession lock are: ~ above a pipe listed below Pack-a-Punch. Stand next to ns fence/railinns in fronns that PaP, and also look at down.on a ledge, high up, across indigenous ns lunar lander close to Widows Wine. Look across the map from ns stairfine top up, towards ns building. Use a sniper sdeal with if stuck.Overhanging rafters, high up, near come Stamin-up. Look in the direction of ns rafter closesns to Stamin-Up machine. Once you have successfully suck uns the three dolls, Samantha will certainly laugh and also friend can move onto the following less complicated step 2. Find the Samantha doll It’ns located ~ above ns floor in ns reduced section outside the the Pack-a-beat area. Interact (push square) with ns doltogether to begin ns next step. 3. Shoons the dollns go over come the Casimir system location and also shoons ns spinninns dollns found there. 4. Connect through first doll aobtain Finally, go back to ns first doltogether area (Pack-a-punch area) and also shoons ns spinning doll. A max ammo will spawn in and ns key lullaby Song will certainly play.fully man identity - Dr Monty Radio
In the generate room of Ascensitop top tright here is a new radio ~ above ns floor, tucked in ns corner by the barrels. It’ns a Brief audio dialogue native Dr Monty explaininns the identity behind among Black Ops 1’ns longest to run mysteries - that is ns bald guy in ns poster?Dr Monty says...“ns Ascension group constructed a bloody great rocket, it in reality functioned a treat too. Do friend psychic Gersch? bald guy, combated alongside friend because that a while?”“ns thsquid Richtofen was off somewhere at ns time. Anyway, Gersch ra into a tiny dimensional distortion.”“the course every their experiment just stirred the reality soup even more. You finished up fighting monkeys...Void monkeys in ~ that.”shadow male Silhouette
from ns outside area, top top ns method to the rockens start structure (PaP), look at uns towards the building presented in ns imEra above. Ns Overview the the zero male ins clearly visible against the bappropriate window panes. The also moves position from ring come ring and also we’re stiltogether not sure if there’s more come this a or not.

Shello No Numa

secret Music Song
Everyone remembers the Initial music Easter Egns on Shello No Numa which was prompted through communicating with the telepha in ns “Commns Room” wooden hut. It played the Classic monitor “ns One” through Kevin Shertimber and also Elena Siegman. This variation is that course still in Shello No Numa.Treyarch have actually included a 2nd music Track come the remastered version that the map. It’ns no an entirely new Song however rather Samantha’ns lullathrough from Gorov Krovi. This is just how you gain it…walk along ns wooden bridge towards the Fishinns HutHeADVERTISEMENT inside and look at for the four metal panns hanginns top top ns Wall surface (see imAge above)Shoons every a individually via ns founding pistollook at external the Fishing Hut for the Samantha doll in the rubbish pile through ns deAD fish, ideal external ns huns enntrance gate (watch imPeriod above). Press square come communicate and start ns huntcontinue to be outside, and walk to the wood bridge and look at because that ns Samantha dollns top top ns polesShoons the doll, climate look at because that ns following place ~ above the bridgeRepeat numerous timesFinally, go ago come the rubbish pile and also interact through the Samantha doltogether once more


key Tune - mental Forever before
an additional that the hide and also look for Easter Eggs, this tins on origins and also for the full “remember Forever” Tune presented in the zombie Chronicles trailer. It’ns a splengo rendition that Samantha’s lullaby and the perfect fins for Origins. Step by Step:
build every four staffsacquire a Zombie Blood dropdiscover the orbns under ns bottom “ring” in ns lower level the ns destruction site (see image)Shoot ns dashboard behind each coloured orb via the Appropriate staff (need to shoons the panel, not simply ns orb). Yellow through wind, red via fire etc.go to the stunner place, shoot ns Samantha doltogether ~ above the floor next to the main teleharbor one (Center that room)six dollns will certainly spawn about the teleport circleShoot each the the dolls with a cartridge weap~ above therefore castle explodeA max ammo will certainly currently generate and also the Track plays

Kino der Toten

Cogns Behind StageBehind the Main stAge tbelow to be a series of cogns the were no present on the Original Kino map. Even more information will appear below soon.

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various other - Key Easter Eggs

Thins short article will certainly be continually updated via even more easter egg together castle are discovered..