character Description: ”A distinct variation the Ichigo controlling ns strength of hins complete Hollowfication produced come celebrate the 2nd anniversary that Brave Souls.”

Summoninns Quote: i desire the strength to safeguard everything that ins necessary come me.

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Note: Stats are now shown because that levetogether 200 max. Previous propapers are in the procedure that gift updated.

Special: the power to defend All - an aerial Getsugatensho that inflictns enormous damage come any enemy ins hits. .

spirit Trait: solid strike damages +25%

Affiliation: heart Reaper, hollow

Killer: Arranvehicle (+20%)

6-star Skills

Sprinter+ (+2) 5-star completely Hollowfied Ichigo x1, 4-star Ichiwalk x1*

Bruiser (+40%) 5-star completely Hollowfied Ichigo x1, 5-star Ichigo x1*

Devastation (+40%) 5-star fully Hollowfied Ichiwalk x2, 5-star Ichigo x1, 4-star Ichiwalk x2*

Frenzy (+1) 5-star totally Hollowfied Ichigo x2, 5-star Ichigo x2, 4-star Ichiwalk x2*

soul Trait Requirement (+5%) 5-star completely Hollowfied Ichiwalk x2, 5-star Ichigo x2, 4-star Ichiwalk x2*

Raid characters needed in Total

5totally Hollowfied Ichigo Kurosaki8
5Ichiwalk Kurosaki6
4Ichigo Kurosaki7

Jewetogether Costs



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perform girlfriend very own thins character?

just how exciting is thins character to play?

Overall, in every areas the the Video Game in general, what would girlfriend to speak is ns Many best build in general?

offer any kind of last thoughts friend would prefer come offer around this character.

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would girlfriend recommfinish utilizing thins character in PvP?

i beg your pardon build(s) would girlfriend indicate for thins personality in PvP?

as soon as would girlfriend strongly recommend somea come use ns character in PvP?

when would friend strong protest someone using the personality in PvP?

PvE and also Co-Op

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i beg your pardon build(s) would girlfriend suggest for thins character in this gameplay modes?

when would certainly you strong recommend someone to usage the character in these gameplay modes?

when would certainly girlfriend strongly protest somea using the personality in this gameplay modes?

should thins character be built in different ways for PvE vns Co-op?

to be tright here any downside or uppolitical parties using and building this personality the very same for PvE and also Co-Op?

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