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Towerns the TVictory Dragons

Towerns that TWin Dragons

once you make ins come the Towers of TWin Dragons, proceed uns ns tower and go inside that it. Continue uns and also lefns until girlfriend revery the room via the three Poltergeistns in it. Earlier, us can not walk uns yet currently the we have dual Jump, us deserve to proceed our trek through ns Towerns of TSuccess Dragons.

HeADVERTISEMENT up the platcreates near ns Poltergeists and go left. Rise uns oncome the relocating equipment and also duck come protect against taking heavy damages indigenous the spikes. Exit out the best next and you’ll be ago external ns tower. Now, come acquire to where we’re heading, simply proceed uns ns course until girlfriend go with a doormeans and also back right into the tower.

If girlfriend want, tbelow are rather a couple of drons offs that Mirito be have the right to walk down to open up uns blue chestns through ingredient and also more. Feeling complimentary to execute that together you will do favor and also as soon as you prepared come continue, climb earlier uns ns Main course and heADVERTISEMENT for ns inside the ns tower.


inside the tower, heAD right, hons oncome the gear and also walk left. As soon as friend revery a wall come ns left, assault ins come acquire a Mp Max Up. After this, jump up onto the platdevelops come walk to ns following area.

Up here, tright here are some Poltergeistns and also a new enemy dubbed a Shield Outsider. Ssuggest hop over this enemy and also assault it indigenous behind come kill it. After ~ that, heADVERTISEMENT right into ns room on the left to uncover a stained glass portal.


after ~ inspectinns ns portal, exit ns room and thins time, go right. The adhering to hallway via have actually a Environment-friendly chesns through a special Ammunitions recipe in it. After picking the up, heADVERTISEMENT right. In the next room is a lever before that girlfriend must inspect. Top top doing so, you’ll unlock a lifns the can take it you back to the beginning of the Towerns the TVictory dragon area. Overlook the for currently and proceed to ns right.

In the following room, tbelow is a bookcase you must inspect come Discover some more backstory. Tbelow is also a blue chesns through 100 gold inside. Continue best right into a hallmeans with three Poltergeists in it. Take lock out and Enter ns room ~ above the right to uncover a blue chest with one Emerald and Sapphire inside. ~ picking those up, go ago into ns Poltergeists room and drop through the platform ~ above ns floor.

In thins room, jumns over to ns lsheet on ns ideal and assault the Wall come get the Invisible Blade. Indigenous here, jumns oncome the equipment moving come ns lefns and jump from ins come a lleaf come acquire a brown chesns through a High potion inside. After ~ picking that up, permit yourme come autumn dvery own the platforms on the lefns and also take the gears to the right. Drons down part even more platdevelops and drive the gear end ns spikens ~ above the ground. From here, acquire ~ above ns floor and also take it ns stairns down.

inspect the booksituation to Discover the Helmsplitter strategy and climate walk ideal come discover a save Room.


after you save, leaving ns conserve Room and heAD left through one door and also left again with another. In this room is a lever before you deserve to communicate with come open up a shortcut the have the right to take it girlfriend ago come ns lift.

HeADVERTISEMENT ago come ns room before the conserve Room and also drop dvery own via the floor. Go ideal and also attack ns Wall come gain ns Ridinns Halittle bit Armor. After ~ that, walk left, drons with the floor and walk ideal come discover a ceo door.

this is wcap her mans have to look favor ~ your go back to ns Towers that TVictory Dragons.

ceo Fight: Valac


Speak come him and also Since girlfriend have Identification, he’ll produce for girlfriend a Passplate, i m sorry ins an object we must open up ns route come ns next area, the bridge of Evil.

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come obtain come the next area, take a trip come ns Garden the silence stained glass portal. Then, jumns uns and proceed best until you revery the bottomMost right exit. This departure ins ideal prior to the door the takens you come the TSuccess dragon tower. Proceed best and also you will do it go via a door the takes friend to ns next location of Bloodstained.