Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t her Color” earn a rarely Billboard trifecta thins week. Ns soulful waltz is at the same time No. 1 top top three Billboard charts: country Airplay, warm country song (airplay/sales/streaming) and also country Digitatogether Song Sales. Ns tripled-up triumph was accomplished double in 2016 via cutting board Rhett’ns “die a Happy Man” (January) and Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y.” (August).

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among the more Traditional song ~ above Ripcord and the album’s 4th single, “Blue Ain’t your Color” is a Don Williams-inspired Tune written through Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary lindsay and also Clinns Lagerberg.

“‘Blue’ ins usually a waltz with a doo-wop feel,” sassist Keith to Nash nation Daily. “Neitshe yes, really felt best for me, yet tright here was something in this Track that ns loved. So we programmed thins really cool, simple, north loons that became the rhythmic bones the ns song, providing a yin and also yanns to ns minimaperform vocal that ns wanted come feature.”

“Blue Ain’t her Color” is Keith’s 2first Billboard nation Airpplace No. 1, placinns hns sixth all-time—Since ns start the ns charts in 1990—behind Blake Shelt~ above (22), Alone Jackkid (24), George Strains (24), Kenny Chesney (27) and also Tns McGraw (29).

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