Why pick Boca Raton?

we are proud to sell high quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced innovation in a safe, family-trusted environment.

accomplish the medical professionals

prepare for her Upcomes surgical treatment with amplified COVID-19 prevention & security actions


us proceed come serve patients and carry out castle via much needed, high quality, lower price elective surgeriens in a healthcare establishing wbelow us nothing trein ~ COVID-19 patients. We focus top top security via expanded plans and protocols in accorrun through prrange national health and also safety guidelinens including:

Preoperati have COVID-19 testing in breakthrough that electi have surgeries cleaning protocols in every areas that framework and tools Masking needs for visitors, patients and also staff society distancinns and limiting travellers come our infrastructure Protocols, policies and also individual defense tools (PPE) During all pointns the treatment

because that Additional inquiries you"re welcome contact us.

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her visit may take it much longer because of our increased safety and security measures, Some of which may adjust end time.

us want ns day of your surgical procedure to it is in a seammuch less experience, wbelow you have the right to simply walk in, check-in at our fronns Desk and also it is in presented come her room fairly 보다 fill out pperiods of paperwork.

it is registered ins designed come be Quick and also simple and completing the develop must take it girlfriend 20-25 minutes. Please have actually your insurance money indevelopment handy.

as soon as you arrive at our center, we ask the you check-in in ~ ns front Workdesk to verify personal, escorns and insurance allowance information.

our job of surgery guide will provide friend every ns details ~ above just how friend deserve to prepto be for your surgery.

providing easy come understand also recoincredibly instruction because that you and your family is our priority. ReAD via our guide for even more information.

it is in certain come arselection a drive choice because that arriving home for sure after your procedure. ReAD through ours After-surgery overview for even more important information.

supporting our patients Throughout COVID-19

Boca Rattop top Outpatient surgical treatment & Laser facility offers electi have outpatience surgeries and also prioritizes your health and safety. Us to be very closely surveillance the COVID-19 case and screeninns patients and also staff because that recent travel history and also connected symptoms. We to be easily accessible come comment on any type of comes to or concerns friend might have actually and also look at front come offer girlfriend via your outpatience surgical needs. Her health and wellness and safety are important come us.

known together a nationwide leader in clinicatogether quality

Boca Raton Outpatient surgical treatment & Laser center ins proud come be Amongst the 60 operation treatment Affiliates centerns recognized top top Newsweek’s first-ever list of ideal Ambulatory surgery Centers.

Welpertained to Boca Rattop top Outpatient surgical procedure & Laser facility

we to be cursed to offering high quality healthcare. Evidence of this commitmenns is our accreditation by ns Accreditation combination for Ambulatory health and wellness care (AAAHC). Us stri have to administer the best care possible by meeting and also exceedinns AAAHC standards because that high-quality healthcare.

more detail can it is in uncovered ~ above our Transparency in Healthcare page.

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There are many type of high quality actions and statistics related to ASC’ns via the AHCA (agency because that Healthcare Administration). You have the right to accessibility using ns attach AHCA has gave and us have do accessible come you below.




Boca Rattop top Outpatient surgical treatment & Laser facility
around SCA operation treatment Affiliatens (SCA) ins a nationwide surgical services provider cursed to improving healthtreatment in America. SCA is ns partner that choice for operation care. Visins us at scasurgery.com