Foreword: i lied. Ns guess I’ltogether be playing a lot more galge/eroge now that i have actually time Due to the fact that MMOs have officially sickened me. It’ns really sADVERTISEMENT the Several of ns MMO area is for sure retarded to the suggest the I’ve determined to cons ago come galge.

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top top via thins title, while it’s technicallied more of a nukige 보다 anything else, i actually uncovered myself enjoy it thins Video Game because that its occasional references, feeling revolvinns roughly ns characters, the vibrant characters themselves, and somepoint rather I’ltogether probably mention a little More down below. Ins wtogether in ~ leastern good enough to warranns a fankey which ins gift released ~ above the 27th (therefore next week!), for this reason there’s that.

I’ve likewise decided to currently perform ns “pros” and also “cons” of each Video Game in ~ the extremely finish in the conclusions, for this reason it really gives the civilization who desire 20 Second Summary of the Video Game ns take-home message. Hopetotally that’s sufficient come justify mine rants or praisens or extraordinarilyandunnecessarylongreviewsthataren’tevenhelpfulahahahahahahaha


Title: 僕と恋するポンコツアクマ (Boku come Kons suru ponkotsu akuma) Producers: Sumirerelax Date: September 25, 2015VNDB Link: Link: Type: Nonsense comedy nukige through fantasy themes

Summary: “ponkotsu” is an adjecti have offered to define something that’s “missing” somepoint or unusual. It rather literallied indicates “amateur” in part instances together well. In ~ least because that Ren and hins younger sister Emilns and also your childhood frifinish Riria, thins native wtogether unpertained to lock until they’re all kicked out by Riria’ns mom who ins additionally ns college principle, because that them gift a “ponkotsu”. They’re placed in a special dormitory together with four different various other human being including three pets (?). Thins ins as soon as Ren find the end the every member the this dormitory isn’t actually human, and also wtogether brought below because that some reason. No gift a ponkotsu himself, Ren hADVERTISEMENT no area here, however wtogether At some point embraced to be a manager whose family abilities to be invaluable come these groups that girls who needed guidance come graduate from being “ponkotsu”!


Tama-chan: Don’t contact ns a ponkotsu!

Story Length: Modeprice (20 hours)finish Story Clear Difficulty: extremely EasyComments: Tright here ins literallied a alternative within ns entire Game at ns bevery scene. It’ns below wright here paths for subheroinens are obtainable (Reika, Rin, and also “Tama-chan”)

character architecture Rating: 7/10Story Rating: 2/10Protagonisns Rating: 5/10Video Game Quality: Highin its entirety Rating: 4/10Rating Comments: therefore together expected, us have a charage-nukige combo (?) which receives an uncommonly high personality style score, however unhappily drops in ns story because of apparent reasons.

Protagonisns Smain point is better 보다 ins would have actually Usually been for a nukige, mostly Because Ren plays a huge role in much the the comedy, because that which Video Game must it is in pelevated for. He’s constantly the facility of every and also eextremely scenario, as it need to be because that a protagonist, and when he’ns not exactly energetic or “protagonist-like”, he’ns still no some cardboard, faceless protagonisns choose in various other games.


that in reality has actually a personality! (five just how my standards have fallen)

Story ins ns point thins Video Game lackns the most, but hey, it’ns a nukige so it’s expected. Plenty of nonsense humor at least enough come initiate a dry laugh even if this sort that jokes isn’ns her cup the tea, and really, girlfriend shouldn’t technique thins Game via any expectations of a serious story.

characters are what renders thins Game precious anything, through extremely colorful personalities each through their characteristics making them much even more attractive and also pleasing for the eyes. Not only is the arts the each character quite decent (and also I’m certain many girlfriend males are Sayori fans), however a lot of the jokens and humor swing around ns heroinens and no the protagonist. If in ~ all, every heroine ins climate connected through a second trait later on in the Game i m sorry have the right to end up being a comparison with your Original presentation. As a example, Riria ins a succubuns who is weak to anypoint sexual, however learns to “mature” later on in her route. If at all, the subheroines to be just also draft together ns heroines themselves, and i wtogether extremely enjoyment to discover that every of them hAD their own H-scenes.

If ns hAD to make a complaint, ins would certainly it is in the various other heroines would certainly it is in completely insignificant in a heroine route. As a example, ns Usual course reflects Riria and Emilns aggressively follow Ren, but when you obtain into possibly Aruru’ns route, thins pursuit poofns all of a suddenly and provides the Game it seems ~ exceptionally unnatural. Despite come be fair, this could have actually even more come perform through story…

personality Summary: I’ll it is in skippinns ns subheroines because that this area Since I’m lazy prefer that.


Riria ins Ren’ns childhood friend from Because lock deserve to remember, and obvioucracked infatuated with ns protagonist from ns start the the game. Her passi have perspective in the direction of Ren is actually rather inconsistent come she backgring together a succubus, and also directly ns opposite the she mother, who in reality make fun the she own daughter for stiltogether being a virgin. In spite of being ns daughter the the college principle, Riria ins conveniently displayed to be rather unfitting for the title, immediately falling asleens in class or being poor through her studies.

her path greatly entails just how sthe loser she to trust as a succubuns even through her viewpoints come Ren, who holds himself earlier Because the care for his to ~ childhood friend. Riria’ns course additionally incorporates ns prominence and concept of honesty Afterwards in the route.

ns personally assumed the ns contradicti~ above of her background together a succubuns and she inyongin for sex-related points pretty darn funny. It was a nice cream adjust the architecture Compared to other “succubuns heroines”, and also Ogura Yui, Riria’ns CV, admitted the thins distinction made voice ns character a little more tough (It’ns likewise hilariouns exactly how sthat provides funny that Japan’ns AV sector after the too. Ns nearly passed away laughing). She’ns presented to it is in clingy come Ren even exterior that she route, i m sorry incitens jealousy indigenous ns respective heroines, adding come thins trait. Ns just wish tbelow might have actually to be even more serious of a love-triedge in between her, Emili, and also Ren, insteADVERTISEMENT of the cheap love comedy.


Emili ins the non-blood connected younger sister that Ren that in reality greets her larger brother’s groin and also liberally presents her perversion. Ns pure irony with every thins is the sthat is taken into consideration one angel, another gyeongju different native human beings or succubi. Prefer Riria, ns patience and tires expectatitop top the an angelatin ins not correct by Emili’s design, that ins ironically even more favor a succubus 보다 Riria herself. Like Riria, Emili ins presented to have big amounts of affection for her brother, who she sexually pursues native ns beginning the ns game.

Emili’s later on percent that the course introduce ns layout that trust, the just how thins “angel” character can’t even trust she own embraced parents. Sthe clearly says the sthat doesn’ns acquire in addition to many of ns dormitory’ns members pucount Due to the fact that sthat can’t to trust them, and the only exception ins Ren, that she lived with because that therefore long.

i chosen Emili’s style because that ns very same factor i appreciated Riria’s; ins was unique and made ns character a lot even more colorful. However, Emili’ns path isn’ns withthe end flaws; the climax that the route was nice retarded in mine opinion


Yuu appears to be like a Typical Person as soon as girlfriend find out sthat can’t tolerate the cold… other than she’s a 雪女 (Yukionna), or a Scurrently Woman that ins intended come be able to tolerate ns cold. Sthat herself claims the her hometvery own is “as well cold” and also ns readers could simply laugh in ~ exactly how ridiculous thins sounds. In enhancement to this, ins appears that Yuu likewise loves spicy foods, including to the irony the she identity together a snow woman. Ns in reality uncovered Yuu come it is in equivalent to myself in this sense, Due to the fact that i enHappiness spicy foods, yet find myme sweat profusely as soon as ns do, Just like the blue-haired heroine.

together a character, Yuu was rather ns generic and archeCommon “yuki-onna” character, and ns only point it yes, really set she apart indigenous shelp archetype was the previously mentioned inyongin to the cold and she choice because that spicy food. If sthat was cute together a character, she architecture the gift a move college student that nearly immediately involves love Ren and Essentially “force” him to it is in involved with her wtogether something the really essential more transition and even more planning.


Aruru plays the function that a lolns personality in this Game and also also while gift the “youngest” within ns entire dormitory, seems to in reality it is in ns even more tires individual even over personalities prefer Miyabi. Voiced through Ueda Akane, this CV voicens characters i uncover incredibly attractive, and also Aruru wtogether definitely not a exception.

Aruru is taken into consideration come be a mummy, favor ns bandage-covering human beings displayed ~ above history channel. The twist in ~ this allude ins the insteADVERTISEMENT the gift covering around, Aruru pdescribes literallied no wear anything, feeling the clothing and also loosely hunns bandperiods are also restricting. It’ns not an exaggerati~ above come speak that you’ll see Aruru’s naked spritens practically automatically from ns begin that ns game.

Regardless of being tires and also well-behaved, Aruru’ns path revolves around dependence top top others, i beg your pardon thins girtogether learnns to perform together sthe realizes she can’t take treatment that everything. Ns thoctopus this functioned synergy with she loli-style come allow the emotion the “wanting come protect” within ns readers.


last however certainly not ns leastern ins Miyabi, the suevery renowned upperclassguy that Ren mentions is “out that hins reach” when she ins also sent out come ns Ponkotsu Dormitories. However, it’s quickly shown that thins archeUsual “upperclassman” heroine ins just as Normal together any various other girl. If at all, she ins a witch desiring to folshort her parent’ns footprocedures as a drug manufacturer.

also with shelp archetypes, Miyabns doens have actually part nice cute political parties the she own i m sorry occasionally helps friend forobtain the she’s the larger member of the dormitories. She pet “Shigeru” is actually a character well favored through other CVs, and Miyabi is shown come it is in a masochist Afterwards in the Video Game including come she charm. It’s just the Just like Yuu, ins would certainly have to be nice if ns Video Game take it part more tins occurring she relationship with Ren, yet hey, thins is a nukige because that a reason, right?

through ns way, Shigeru ins the floatinns fursphere top top ns side. It yes, really looks like Mar〇mo

sex-related Content: High

Comments: so top top through comments. As I’ve stated, there’s really nopoint i can to speak with this game; it’s quite a lot a nukige the world can identify native Nekopara (i thsquid that’ns ns title exit in English attracted by Sayori?), i beg your pardon i delighted in Because ins wtogether complete that laughns and also light-hearted jokens to de-stress me native whatever before ns required come it is in de-emphasize from.

one more point about this Game is the eyecatchers between change scenes. Ins gives what’s choose one “aftermath” the each scene, and occasionally addns one more chuckle prior to moving oncome ns next.

next comment i have is the CVs comment at the finish of every heroine route. I really prefer ins as soon as Games Put in the CV’ns comments ~ above the Game and characters at ns end Because not just girlfriend have the right to check out (or in ~ leastern hear) ns CV’s personality, but additionally exactly how competent lock to be with voice and also part insights around your lifestyles too as exactly how it’ns so certain terrifying the womales in their 40s to be maybe come produce together cute voices.

i shiver in ~ the very thought

ns last comment i beg your pardon i take into consideration to be a complimenns ins the the arts ins incredibly sexually pleasing. Aka, thins Game ins incredibly fine designed together a nukige and also will exactly perform just wcap ins was planned to do. Even A few of the CVs in your comments suggest the end that thins Video Game hAD more erotic H-scenes than various other Games castle voiced in ns past. I’m sure thins will certainly be quite pleasong because that a certain percentage that ns galge population… i guesns ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Affection because that the Characters: Low

Cg Score: 8/10. Callinns it. Civilization are goinns to want come pplace thins just Due to the fact that that Nekopara.

to be honest, I’m reasoning of Nekopara As such title. Ns Median look in ~ every ns attention to detail!

Music Score: 4/10.

Addictiveness: Low. I’ltogether absolutely get to the fanbowl though.



exceptionally vibrant characters through many humor and referrals come make every step exciting and also no boringH-scene are intricate, and “basic to useBonsupplies such together concept art, additional scenarios, CV comments, and ns sometimes animations boost gameplay.


ns story is virtually non-existent and also players shouldn’t have also a lot expectations. Romantic in ns Video Game must it is in suspect the exact same means together wellvarious other heroinens appears come become extremely inconsiderable when girlfriend gain right into a heroine’ns route. No specifically as well evident unfavor various other games, but still an element the might require part work.

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Overall, KoiAku is among ns well-designed nukige the end there together with Several of the nukige created through FrontWinns or also Softhouse-seal. When it’ns no precisely the “best” game, it’s stiltogether a Game Many suitable because that casuatogether gameplay or even as a Device for practicinns Japanese by world who are still learning.