check the end some defensive techniques because that eight Beach. Which layout need to friend choose? Wright here carry out you location her protective Buildings?

protect your Headquarters

come Success the battle, the attacker has to damage her Headquarters. When the Headsoldier is destroyed, whatever else blows uns and also the attacker is bonus with sources steal from youno Therefore, you must defend your Headsoldier at every costs. A big percent of her defensive structures need to overlans thins crucial building.

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Protect her n~ above defensive Buildings

ns Sawmill, yellow storage, etc. Every one of these buildings are worthless come you when it involves defending her base. Yet thins doesn’t Mean friend have the right to simply ignore these structure and also place castle all over girlfriend want. Because that every structure the attacker destroys, lock obtain 3 power because that your Gunboat. Thins renders them crucial to ns attacker, and also Therefore lock are vital to you! to prevent this, place these structures wislim array that her defenses, and also in spots wbelow the attacker won’t conveniently damage them.

Void between buildings

If ns corners of two, 3 or 4 structures to be poignant every other, a pho Covering can damages all of them in ~ once by shootinns in ~ ns spons where the structures touch each at ns photo below, if your defensens to be put choose top top the left, the attacker deserve to shoot a artillery Shell best in ns middle. If ns structures are inserted choose ~ above ns right, then this ins no longer possible.


additionally thoctopus that spanalysis the end your defensive Buildings. Even through some Void between them, not fill them all together. At Headquarters levetogether 7, Shock Bombns are unlocked. These to be fired indigenous ns Gunboat, and also they dismay be defenses within a 3.5 unit radius. If girlfriend location your defensive structures close together, a large group of them deserve to be disabled at once. Therefore by spreading her defensive buildings girlfriend have the right to prevent this.

location During upgrades

when a protective building is gift upgraded, ins will come to be inactive, and doesn’t defend your Base. If girlfriend to be upgrading a protective structure top top a crucial spot (cshed to your Headquarters) try an swap it with one more protective structure to compensate because that it.

popular kinds that basic Layouts

below to be A few of ns Many renowned forms the basic Layouts.

ns corner Layout

Pros: Its location provides ns adversary only one angle come strike from, allowing friend to focus ~ above defending only a next the the Headquarters.Cons: Defenses are placed cshed together. They can conveniently be Shock-Bombed, Barraged, and also destroyed.


the Frontal layout

Pros: instantly strikes ns Troops native the first ns minute castle step turn off the ns Landing Crafts. The attacker has actually incredibly little tins to react.Cons: the Headsoldier ins put very cshed to the sand, making ins a simple strike for warriors and exhilaration Screens.


ns Middle Layout

Pros: defensive structures to be spreAD out on every 4 sides of the Headquartes, and troopns need to execute most walkinns to damage them.Cons: the attacker deserve to strike native many angles, therefore you need to have actually strong defensive buildings top top all sides.

Optimize your Layout

clock the replaysthe replays will certainly show ns weakness of her Layout. Try and also Find Out indigenous it.

view various other baseswhen scouting, constantly keep one eye out to check out what sort the layouts other civilization in ~ her levetogether are using? girlfriend can to compare your very own basic with them, or perhaps girlfriend will certainly spot one perfect Laythe end because that yourself.

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assault your very own Basethe food this ins no really possible, yet try and also imagine the you’re attack yourself. Exactly how would certainly friend assault her own base? do adjustmentns come her Layout out based on twater tap thoughts.