the Booz Allen Hamilttop top consultanns salary ins most likely among the Most vital aspects in her decision come use because that a place at the firm. Well, your Booz Allen Hamilton consultanns salary will certainly it is in mostly dependent top top her education level (pre- or post-MBA), and your occupational location. If girlfriend to be a lateratogether hire, her work-related suffer will matter. However, all candidates comes right out that a education routine to be passist ns very same regardless that background.

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the consulting market is see increased compete through ns proliferatitop top of boutique firms and also huge corporations expanding your in-house strategy teams. Couple these patterns with the boosting alentice that industries prefer tech, and girlfriend have actually a perfect storm for rising consultinns salaries.

BAH Consultant value Overview

outside that McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, consultinns Salaries do tfinish to differ by location. Still, we’ve compiled Usual salary numbers indigenous Booz Allen Hamilton offers. If you lookinns to make your money go farther, choose an office in a reduced price the living city, together any COLA girlfriend receive will certainly almost absolutely not fill the gap.

immediately the end of one undergraduate or specialty master’ns program, you deserve to expect to make a basic that $75,000 in her initially year. No bad, unless friend are functioning in and roughly DC, where $75,000 every year doesn’t yes, really walk also far. In total, girlfriend deserve to intend come consist of come $79,000 in full cash in Year 1.

for those the girlfriend looking come break into Booz Allen Hamilt~ above indigenous a MBA or various other progressed level program, Salaries to be competitive with various other boutique firms, yet total comns ins fairly a little reduced than the top-tier firms. In the U.S., you deserve to mean a basic the approximately $140,000, with performance bonprovides pushing her potential complete compensation come ns ~$175K range.


Booz Allen Hamilt~ above Consultanns value by Role

ns actual value expansion comes when you progression past a initial post-MBA role.

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Booz Allen Hamilt~ above internshins salary: $24/hr. For 10 weeks. ~$9,600 based upon a 40-hour workmainly (as soon as staffed ~ above a public sector project, it’s feasible you just job-related from 9-5 if you have to be at ns clienns site).Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant salary: $75,000Booz Allen Hamilttop top senior Consultant salary: $90,000 – $120,000Booz Allen Hamilt~ above associate salary: ~$140,000Booz Allen Hamilton senior combine salary: ~$165,000-$220,000Booz Allen Hamilttop top primary salary: $300K+Booz Allen Hamilttop top Officer salary: $500K+ (potential because that a lot more based upon separation, personal, instance salens and benefit sharing)

Booz Allen Hamilt~ above career Path

If friend reKey via Booz Allen Hamilttop top and also percreate well, friend have the right to mean to it is in advocated eextremely 2-3 years. Tbelow is frequently a commensurate pay bumns of 15-20% at every promotion step. Ns complying with ins the Usual tins it will certainly take because that you come development ~ above her job path:

Sr. Combine (2-3 years out of MBA/PhD) programprimary (4-5 years out of MBA/PhD) programOfficer (6-8 year the end the MBA/PhD) program

for this reason if girlfriend began with the preferably senior Consultant salary that $120,000, and got a promotion eextremely 2 years, ~ 6 years, friend might potentially it is in makinns end $300,000 via a BAH principal salary!

Booz Allen salary Summary

Tbelow to be no indications that slfan expansion for consulting salaries, consisting of at Booz Allen Hamilton. Together consultinns firms proceed to complete with tech, banking, and also each other, BAH entry levetogether Salaries will proceed come rise. While at ns lower end the the spectrum, Booz Allen consultant Earnings reKey competitive in an ever-evolvinns marketplace.