Weaptop top Overview:

Type:assault Rifle
Drons Rate:10%
miscellaneous Parts:Yes
Splash Damage:Yes

Weapon Stats:

ReloAD Time:2.2s
Fire Rate:10.48/s
magazine Size:24

about the Breath the the Dying:

the Breath the the dying is a legend Weapon in Borderlands 3. Thins Dahl attack Rifle has nice great overall stats. As ins has actually a huge newspaper size, high fire rate, Quick reloAD speed, and good accuracy. The Breath of ns dying always has ns corrosive facet and also is Because of this incredibly effective versus Armored enemies. The cool feature of this gun is that once killing one opponent via it, the foe will certainly explode and corrosi have balls will certainly paris in all directions. Ns to explode transaction considerable damage and also ins good for damaging adjacent enemies. Extremely useful once handling larger mobns the might also bring armor.

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distinct Weapon Effect:


always corrosi have via 0% elemental chance.killing an adversary through thins weapon will certainly trigger a to explode which will certainly shoot out 13 corrosi have balls in all directions.



how execute friend obtain ns Breath that ns dying in Borderlands 3?

the Breath the the dying have the right to be derived indigenous any kind of loot resource as a “world Drop” however has a high chance that droppinns from Blinding Banshee that friend can farm in Desolation’ns sheet on Nekrotafeyo.


Hotsettle – Sepns 3, 2020enhanced Weapon damage by 128%boosted Orb damages native (death Blow)x6 to (killing Blow)x12boosted Orb Collisitop top Radiuns to boost ns chance of ins hitting.


Swap in between full automatically and 5 swarm burst.Shootinns Wotan’ns Brain deserve to rest ns glass. Thins likewise triggerns the Breath the the dying one-of-a-kind effect and also transaction massive damage versus Wotan.

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