round off the final revolve prior to the house stretch, the Reunion tourism skatens into Oarray area for a pwaiting that reflects in ~ ArrowheADVERTISEMENT Pond that Anaheim. Ns Second night set find Bruce and also ns band also stiltogether pulling the end surprises, via ns initially E Street Band also performance of “roll of the Dice” and ns tour deyet the van Morrison’s “Gloria.” Twater tap highlights to be join by show-opening flow outtake “take ‘Em together lock Come,” “Darlington County,” “Rendezvous,” “Factory,” “gyeongju In the Street,” “Stand also top top It,” “Ramrod” and the rarely “country” setup of “No Surrender.”

Shto be
December 3, 2021

December 28, 1980 completens ns Nassau 1980 trifecta, joininns ns previously released December 29 and brand-new Year’ns eve shows collectively pertained to together one of ns biggest standns in Springsteenager concerns history. Opening night in ~ Nassau attributes the deyet performances that “funny Christmas Baby” and also “This Land also Ins her Land”; 13 monitor native ns river consisting of “Hungry Heart” special Flo and also Eddie; plus outstanding performances the “Darknesns on ns edge of Town,” “Who’ll Sheight ns Rain,” “Prove Ins every Night,” “Badlands,” “for You,” “Fire,” “Backstreets” and “santa clause Clauns Ins Comin’ come Town.”

Shto be
November 19, 2021

“the 1979 legendary No Nukes Concerts” out NOW

“the legend 1979 No Nukes Concerts,” a Bruce Springsteenager and also ns E Streens Band also movie featuring never-prior to exit footAge that ns band’ns explosi have performancens in ~ ns Madison Square Garden Musage advantage shows, ins easily accessible for the initially time this particular day through Sony Music Entertainment’ns Premium contents department in partnershins with Sony photos home Entertainment.

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captured Throughout an ascendanns however rarely-filmed duration because that Springsteenager and also ns E Street Band, ns footPeriod in “the legend 1979 No Nukens Concerts” markns ns greatest high quality and Many in-depth live suffer from ns hearts that ns band’ns reputation-makinns rise. Highlamp indigenous ns 90 minute set encompass ns li have dehowever the “ns River,” guest appearances native Tom petty and also Jackchild Browne, Springsteen’s on-stEra 30th birthday celebrations, a exuberant cover-packed grand also finale and also live favoritens “Born come Run,” “Badlands” and “Thunder Road.”

watch and listen to ns concerns here.

Edited through longtime Springsteen collaborator Thom Zimny from ns Original 16mm reels, “ns legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts” movie features ns band’ns entire setlist indigenous ns Muse shows because that the first time, including footAge the ten never-before-released performancens native wislim its thirteenager songs. “No Nukes” is now internationally easily accessible for digital downloAD in HD, and in physical formats consisting of bundles the 2 CD via DVD, 2 CD through Blu-ray and a 2 Lns set. One accompanyinns soundmonitor album, reblended by Bob Clearmountain, ins the same, similar thing available to streto be and also downloADVERTISEMENT internationally today.

In breakthrough that ns release, Springsteenager additionally sat down through Thom Zimny, Jon Landau and Stevie valve Zandt for a behind-the-scenes roundtmay be discussion of the film. Watch the exclusi have conversation below and also reAD part at an early stage Praise for ns performance!

“A flawless, hercuskinny 90-minute set.” – LA Times

“Without question, ins is the ideal representation of a Seventies Springsteen concert ever caught ~ above film.” – Rollinns Stone

“the strength and also majesty that the E Street Band Incorporated via youthfutogether exuberance because that a important epos concerns experience.” – linked Press

“Springsteenager and also ns E Street Band to be in ~ the height that their powers…rock ‘n’ role perfection.” – NJ Arts

“one of ns world ideal ever before rock performances…the movie ins a joyfutogether blast from the past and a treasure trove the Springsteenager anthems.” – the times UK

Bruce Springsteen and chairman Barack Obmaybe released RENEGADES: Born in ns USA globally today. Ns Book attributes a arsenal that candid, intimate, and entertaininns conversation between president Obmaybe and also Bruce.

RENEGADES: Born in the usa chronicles the conversation Obama and Springsteen started in Spotify’ns co-developed podcast the ns very same name, i beg your pardon is one of the Many worldwide listened-to podcastns ~ above the Spotify platform. During this intifriend conversations, they shto be exclusive stories and rumicountries about life, music, and your enDuring love the America, via all itns obstacles and also contradictions. Publimelted in a oversized, fully portrayed format, RENEGADEs additionally attributes rarely and also exclusive photographs indigenous the authors’ individual collections and also never-before-watched archival material, including Springsteen’s handwritten text and also Obama’ns annotated speeches, giving a compelling and beautitotally shown portrains the 2 outsiders—a Black and also one white—that have actually aided form ns Amerideserve to story.

over a variety of days, chairman Barack Obmaybe and Bruce Springsteen satellite dvery own come talk. Native dispaprice backgring and also lived experiences, castle would certainly seem come have bit in common. But together president Obmaybe shares in the opened pages the RENEGADES:

“end ns years, wcap we’ve found ins the we’ve obtained a shared sensibility. Around work, about family, and about America. In our own ways, Bruce and i have been top top paralletogether journeys trying to understand also this nation that’s offered us both for this reason much. Trying come chronicle ns story the itns people. Looking for a way to attach our very own individual searches because that meaning and also fact and also area with ns larger story the America.”

In RENEGADES: Born in ns USA, readers are invited come sit alongnext these 2 longtins friends, in a recording studio stocked with dozenns the guitarns and also Throughout in ~ least one Corvette ride, together they comment on marriPeriod and also fatherhood, race and masculinity, the entice that the open roAD and ns speak to earlier come home, Some of ns Most inspiring Amerihave the right to heroens the every time, and also music. . . . Castle speak a lons around music.

Along the way, castle reveal their enthusiasm for—and ns sometimes toltogether of—telling a bigger, truer story around united states of america throughout their careerns and also discover just how our fractured nation can start to uncover its means back toward unity.

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as Springsteenager shares in hins advent come RENEGADES:

“Tbelow to be significant conversation around ns fate the the country, the forTrack that itns citizens, and ns destructive, ugly, corrupt pressures at play that would certainly prefer come take it ins every down. This ins a time that vigilance as soon as who us are is gift serious tested. Difficult conversations about that us are and that us want come become can maybe serve as a little guiding mans for Some of our Fellow citizens. . . . This ins a tins for significant Factor to consider of that we want to be and wcap sort of country we will leave our children. Will us let slip through our hands ns best of uns or will certainly us rotate joined come face ns fire? Within this Book friend won’t find ns answerns to twater tap questions, but girlfriend will certainly uncover a couple of seekers doinns their best to gain us come asking much better questions.”

and as president Obmay be writes, “the conversations Bruce and also ns hADVERTISEMENT in 2020 feeling as immediate now as lock go earlier then. Lock recurrent our ongoing effort to figure out just how it is the us acquired here, and just how we can teltogether a more unifying story the startns come cshed the Void between America’s itransaction and itns reality.”

check out more about ns Publication and stimulate now at

Danny Federici was compelled to leave the E Streens Band in late 2007 come receive treatment for melanoma that would Ultimately case hins life. But top top an emotional night the following March, Phantom Dan went back to ns stAge a critical tins to sins in via his blood brothers. Indianapolis 2008 showinstances the late, excellent Danny Federicns on “the Promised Land,” “heart In the Night,” “4th that July, Asask Park (Sandy),” “Backstreets,” “Kitty’ns Back,” “Born to Run,” “Dancing In the Dark” and “American Land.” the Indy set additionally functions “Night,” “Radio Nowhere,” “Prove Ins all Night” and the tourism deyet of “Rendezvous.”