There to be 45.02 mile indigenous Winston-Salem to Burlington in eastern directi~ above and also 49 miles (78.86 kilometers) by car, adhering to ns I-40 route.

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Winston-Salem and Burlingt~ above are 52 minutes much apart, if girlfriend drive non-stop.

Thins is the fastest route from Winston-Salem, NC to Burlington, NC. The halfmethod allude is Amf Greensboro, NC.

Winston-Salem, NC and Burlington, NC to be in ns exact same time zone (EDT). Existing tins in both places is 10:21 am.

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Gas consumption and Emissions

A car with a fuel performance that MPg will require 1.96 gallonns that gas to cover the course in between Winston-Salem, NC and Burlington, NC.

the approximated cost of gas to walk native Winston-Salem to Burlingttop top is $6.22.

During the route, one averAge auto will certainly release 38.44 pounds the CO2 come ns atmosphere. Ns carbtop top footPublish would certainly it is in 0.79 pounds of CO2 per mile.

AverEra united states of america gtogether price cream offered because that calculate is $3.17 every galltop top of consistent gas. Price cream critical updated top top September 19, 2021.

finest many hotels In or close to Burlington, NC

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Halfmeans point in between Winston-Salem, NC and also Burlington, NC

If friend want come meet halfmethod between Winston-Salem, NC and also Burlington, NC or just make a stop in the Center of your trip, ns precise coordinates that the halfmethod allude the thins route to be 36.041588 and also -79.840218, or 36º 2" 29.7168" N, 79º 50" 24.7848" W. This area ins 24.43 miles away from Winston-Salem, NC and Burlington, NC and ins would take it around 26 minutes to reach the halfmeans point from both locations.

Closesns City or Town to Halfway Point

the closesns town come ns halfway point ins Amf Greensboro, NC, situated 25 miles indigenous Winston-Salem, NC and 26 miles native Burlington, NC. Ins would certainly take it 27 minutes to go native Winston-Salem to Amf Greensboro and 29 minutes come walk native Burlington come Amf Greensboro.

major City Closesns to Halfmeans Point

the significant city closesns to ns halfmeans suggest in between Winston-Salem, NC and Burlington, NC ins Greensboro, NC, located 29 miles from Winston-Salem, NC and 22 miles native Burlington, NC. It would certainly take it 32 minutes come walk native Winston-Salem come and 26 minutes to walk from Burlingt~ above to Greensboro.

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Weatshe in Winston-Salem and Burlington

to compare ns weather today and also the following 4 days in Winston-Salem, NC and Burlington, NC:


Rain on Tuesjob and also Wednesday.

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