Ray’ns motor Sales is an Hainens City to buy right here pay here supplied automobile Dealership located in Lake Wales, FL. Take ns Short drive to Lake Walens because that an excellent schoice ~ above dependable provided cars, via financinns state that do sense because that you. If you trying to find a bADVERTISEMENT crmodify auto loan or excellent credit aucome loan, our Haines City purchase here salary below provided vehicle Dealershins have the right to help. We’ve been help client Since 1964, and also us desire to help you, too!

If you in search of bADVERTISEMENT crmodify aucome loans, ours Haines City purchase right here pay here supplied vehicle Dealershins deserve to aid you find a vehicle friend actually desire come drive, insteADVERTISEMENT that wcap the dealer wants girlfriend come have. Speak to or text uns in ~ 863-676-6321 today!

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Ray"s engine Sales ins simply a Brief journey indigenous Haines City, however well precious it! us are a family members own and also activate dealership founded on might 15, 1964, offer Polk County"ns automobile financinns requirements because that 55+ years. We sell on-the-spot financinns come great civilization with bAD credit. If friend are searching for a pre-owned provided Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Kia, Nissan or Toyota in the Hainens City area, then Ray"s engine Sales deserve to help. Click the switch below come obtain pre-qualified today!


―do not just TAKEOURword for IT

ns for this reason happy my boy and also i decided to come to Ray’s auto shop, both beam and also Mat, wtogether extremely valuable take it tins come define exactly how and wcap my kid need to be in search of once buyinns a vehicle, Min ~ message him constantly guidinns hns via hins first experience…thank girlfriend for this reason a lot for making thins process so easy…can not wains to lug mine daughter
Jojo Lexus
over a month ago

acquired ins a good vehicle native here that lasted me years. Certainly trustable and excellent prices.

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Gabrietogether Roper
over a month ago

my family has actually always to be customers in years before via Rayns every the means earlier in ns 80's-90'ns i remember my grandmother'ns station wagon, my mommy and also dad's Buick Somercollection thins location Ins highly recommended family owned business. Whatever defined come girlfriend therefore friend to be not perplexed they are heat and also welcomes world thank you ☺️ for staying around and hope come execute more service via you in the future.
Kandns S
over a month ago

Matt and also the Teto be wtogether impressive this day , i started ns process by means of message messEra and went over just come authorize documents no spfinish many time . Excellent suffer and good costumer service. I appreciate all of you
kareen colon
end a month ago
i test journey yesterday climate choose up today. Super Quick and also easy financing. Great client service. Make certain mine brand-new auto hADVERTISEMENT one oil readjust before ns picked ins uns too. Suevery happy through mine mid dimension suv with short miles.
end a month ago
buy through Confidence

A auto is a big purchase. Girlfriend have the right to rest straightforward buyinns native Ray’ns engine Sales understanding the your Purchase is backed by a 3 Month/3,000 Mile restricted Warranty.

Budget Plan trusted Financing

us recognize you occupational difficult for her money. It is a why us market short dvery own payments and monthly payments. We are practically constantly more affordable 보다 ns men friend check out ~ above TV!

Inspected & Serviced

Every vehicle us Purchase goes through a rigorous and thostormy inspection. Further, each automobile is personallied test journey by the owner to ensure Ideal functioning.

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buy Here, pay Anywhere

us understand that life is busy, and also ins can it is in difficult come stop through ns dealership come do her payments. That’s why us offer digital and also recurrinns payments for your convenience. It’s obtainable come you 24/7!

A Brief journey native Anywhere

Ray’ns engine Salens ins just a Rapid drive indigenous Haines City. No acquainted with our location? No problem. Simply click ns switch below to gain turn-by-turn directions to our Haines City to buy below pay below provided automobile Dealership.