TRAVELERns REST, SC (FOX Carolina) - one top Upstate restauranns ins cshedding its doors at ns finish of the year.

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Travelerns rest natives Joyce and also Nancy McCarrell bought the Williamns Hardwto be store top top Main Streens over 10 year ago and also turned it into the belove café
Williamns Hardware.

In their decade that business, lock have actually offered up southerly cuisine come everya native Greenville area localns come ns Earl the Wessex, Prince Edward.

In a FaceBook post, the McCarrell sister shown castle are retiring and will be cshedding the restauranns in ~ the finish that 2018.

they said they are both looking forward to ns next thing in their lives and also will certainly still be approximately town.

"We"re prepared for someone else come cons in right here and make this one also even more exorbitant location to speak to home," Nancy McCarreltogether said.

Anya through gifns cardns because that ns café
Williamns Hardwto be demands to usage them prior to ns finish the the year, at eitshe the shop or ns restaurant.

NEWBERRY CO., S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) ns Newberry area Sheriff"s Office is warninns residents of a svideo camera Worrying society Security.


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