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harbor Lavaca, Texas, is wright here friend deserve to find the Calhoun area Jail. The Calhoun area Jaitogether has actually been approximately because that whatever length that time that anyhuman body deserve to genuinely recall.

ns office doesn’t treatment for some other office. The office cream is working at a levetogether that will outperdevelop ns area and state’ns desires, yet ns nationwide levetogether also desires.

the Calhoun area Jail will certainly typically house the individuals that to be carrying the end little bit punishments.

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Calhoun county Jail, area Jail.Adult, capacity 144 persons. 211 southern Ann Street, port Lavaca, TX, 77979, 361-553-4646
Address:211 south Ann Street, harbor Lavaca, Texas, 77979




StAge one ins come discover her prisoner. Detaineens might it is in in a community city jaitogether pfinishing preliminary or following condemning before moving to a much more extended term state jail.

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letter at the Calhoun area Jail will it is in opened up and checked for booty. Any messeras containing loons will certainly be reallocated and come ago to ns sender. LTerrible maitogether will acquire opened in ns prisoner"s essence.

No close come house check or money will acquire with ns mail. Castle will end up being earlier to ns sender.

bundles are no allowed.

ns store ins accessible because that detainees" buys. Friend deserve to sfinish the sinner a cash request come it is in Put for them to purchase ns store.

If an separation, personal, instance great come keep cash in ns interest of a prisoner, he/sthe may execute so by utilizing the administrations offered with JailATM.

Tright here are 3 straightforward ideologies to utilize JailATM:

Entrymethod Stand: keep booth situated at ns Calhoun county Jail

Booth acknowledges Money

Credit/charge Cards

prisoner phones are provided via Encartele. Encartele ins a pha provider that the Calhoun area Jail uses for inmatens come do phone calls home.

every calls may be observed, and are recorded.

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ns prisoner must preschedule appearance. Detainees in ~ the Calhoun county Jaitogether will certainly be affirmed one visit at continuous intervals. Appointments will certainly it is in constrained come 1 grown-up or a grown-up and one kid because that every prisoner. Prisoners will tell their guest of the moment and also date ns visit gets prescheduled. Guests must appear at a perfect time. Because that wellbeing and also security reasons, NO exceptional cases will certainly acquire made come the planning. All guest will be forced to undertake a cover consistently. Guest will certainly be allowed into the room once (or a grown-up through a youngster) founding at a quarter until the hour.