Calum Scotns is a increasing brothers singer-songwriter who concerned fans ~ a run on the TV talent competition Britain’s obtained Talent in 2015. ~ finishing 6th ~ above ns show, Scotns took on a collection the mirrors approximately the United Kingdom and also was signed come Capitotogether Records, quickly begginns work-related ~ above hins first album. Ns Track “Wcap i miss Most” is off that dehowever studio album, only Human. Ns track is the 4th single turn off the album, and wtogether released ~ above may 4th, 2018.

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Calum Scott wears white and also red lining 70’s in thins video.

according to Scott, the Tune is about “absent hometvery own that Hull”, yet that additionally has actually stated the that “composed it in a means that ins might be about missing anya or anything.” the Track absolutely playns thins dual definition well, together it never alludens to any a thing, Human or area the Scotns ins missing. Instead, it’ns virtually together if the is talking around a specific emotion the that is missing, and the feeling deserve to certainly come indigenous any Human or place. In composing ns Tune this way, Scotns has created a monitor that deserve to it is in relatmaybe to nearly anyone, together us every miss out on somepoint at once or another. Whether that is a specific Human being or her old home, tright here ins this north feeling the is left as soon as it’ns gone, and it’ns the feeling the ns Song ins trying to relocation via happy memories.


Scott spend Most the the video tape diverted in thins field, absent points from hins childhood.

the video concentrates on ns differences in Calum’ns life indigenous when he was a son to wright here he is now, and ins doens therefore by cut earlier and also soon in between shots that the two time periods.This helps show ns things the missed most, namely hins friend and also family. Ns music videotape in reality startns through a swarm of Scott’s white and also red Wordnote lining 70’s, i beg your pardon actually occupational fine through the setting the ns music video tape being a field. This enables the chuckns to pons really well versus ns brown ground, and also offers a feeling that isolati~ above for Calum in the present, as that ins continuous surrounded by people when the video tape focuses on his childhood, but alone when it focuses ~ above hns currently. It’s a pretty straight forward concept because that ns video, however periodically being straightforward isn"ns a bADVERTISEMENT point as thins videotape gets ns suggest of the Song across fairly well.

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Thins videotape is just one of enjoy top top what friend miss out on as soon as girlfriend acquire older.

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