i just acquired ns skelet~ above key and I"m wonder if ns should rerevolve ins or host ~ above to it.

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What are ns benefits of keeping it? Is tbelow a lucky bonus?

What will certainly ns acquire if i rerotate it?

as raven Dreamer notes in the comments, ns Skelet~ above vital ins one unbreakable lockpick: that"ns nice much its just function (and also a well function that is!).

However, if friend want come proceed top top via the quest chain, friend must rerotate the key come finish ns quest. However it is in certain come take the end as many type of lockns as girlfriend have before you do!

yet however, wcap friend deserve to carry out ins store ns Skelettop top essential until girlfriend obtain Lockchoose come 100 and also acquired the perk Unbreakable. This will enable lockpicks come not break when you"re attempting come pick ns lock. After ~ you gain the perk, rerotate ns Skelettop top key come Twiirradiate Spechuler.

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Unless I'm missing somthing, Ins seems there's nearly no point in proceeding the thieves guild storyline beyond this point. You already have actually ns armor, the sword, ns bow, and now one unbreakmaybe lock pick. Girlfriend don'ns gain any kind of impressive rewards for perfect ns questline, and also not much, if anything, transforms wislim ns thieves guild.
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There"ns no penalty for maintaining ns key, other than the friend can"t continue ns guild questline.

friend don"t gain kicked out - rather, favor Most missions in Skyrim, girlfriend have essentially Limitless tins to complete a quest. Nobody reaction to the truth that you"re in possession the the key.

ns things friend finish up absent if girlfriend save ins permanently are the rewards because that ns quest line. Perfect the guild search heat provides girlfriend one of the three powers that Nocturnal, and allows girlfriend to complete ns requirements to end up being ns guild master. Getting a power have the right to be useful, and also being the guild understand suggests girlfriend get accessibility to the tribute chesns and also the guild grasp armor, if that"ns vital to you.

Both of these additionally have success tied come them, if you"re came to around such things.

keeping the Skeleton essential just gives you one unbreakmay be lockpick. Friend deserve to gain the exact same benefit from the "Unbreakable" perk in the Lockpicking ability tree at 100 skill.

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girlfriend have the right to always make a conserve before restorinns the vital to its rightful place, and pput through the end of ns guild questheat to check out if the rewards to be "precious it" to girlfriend or not.