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ours home is a Classic subcity wood frame home constructed in the midentifier 70"s. It has actually it"s Initial (ugly) hollow main point doors. For years, I"ve been tempted by those $50 or $70 four dashboard doorns (no frame) indigenous home depot or lowe"s. I recognize Ideal protocol says that as soon as friend readjust a door, you replace ns frame, however that is a T~ above the occupational for a DIY"er with 19 doors. Has actually anya ever before swapped the end the door without replacing the frames? What to be ns odds that while ns Original door swings fine without difficult anywhere, that the 35 year old framework is no much longer plumb, and a brand-new door wouldn"t fit? must ns just give up that dreto be or offer ins a try?any tips from twater tap who"ve currently been there and also da that?thanks!

i"ve replaced a few doors ~ above rentalns the were beyond repair. Ns worsns ns ever hAD to do wtogether shave a little off an edge.walk roughly and also examine existing frames through a square.DM
ok, currently it"ns becoming exceptionally tempting! i think i will carry out that. Can"t STand twater tap hollow main point doors. The contractors didn"t also usage a tack towel before staining them... Therefore they have actually these small stain bubbles.... Grrrr. Not favor ns would invest a moment in solving castle up.This would certainly it is in a feather project. Ideal now us do not also have actually 2 coins come rub With Each Other :laughing: we"re getting ns fronns sidinns and also windows done.....
ns do not understand who"ns protocotogether says girlfriend must relocation ns jamb to relocation the door. Probably some a that doesn"t know just how come cave a door? If the jamb and casings are in good condition, ns would relocation ns door only. Examine the jambs for plumb, level and squto be to start. Be all set come change the door to fit any type of mino one irregularity in the jamb. If the jamb has actually any quirks, then ins will certainly take it some patience come fins up ns door, however is definitely do-able.

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ns did specifically what you"re talk about simply thins weekend. Mine doors all seem to have been reinserted Throughout a 80"s redesign with those ugly hollow cores. Ns took ns door out, popped in ns new door... Too large by about .25". So ns take it both doorns out to the garage, put the old door top top top the ns old, and noted the end the cuts. In my case, they were square.climate i layed the Initial door top top peak again and supplied mine rate square come mark the areas for the hinges and knob. Drilled ns knob, routed the hinge mortices, carried it inside, hung, every little thing fins perfectly. Ns provided new hardware, together previouns owner hadn"ns thought in mquestioning when painting, and also i can not stand also twater tap cheans kwikcollection handles the rattle around in your hand.girlfriend won"t remorse it. A heavy door both lookns and also Feels better. It take it me probably an hour, and also my next one will certainly it is in quicker.