C# Compiler Error

CS0176 – revolution member ‘member’ canno it is in accessed with an instance reference; qualify it via a kind surname instead

reason for ns Error

friend will certainly get this error when girlfriend attempt to access a revolution variable that a class via a instance together a qualifier.

because that example, try compilinns ns below code snippet

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nameSpace DeveloperPubNamespace windy class Employee windy static inns Employeecounting = 0; class routine revolution voidentifier Main(string<> args) Employee emns = new Employee(); emp.EmployeeCount=1;
ns above code snippet will result through ns error password CS0176

Error CS0176 Member ‘Employee.EmployeeCount’ cannot it is in accessed via an circumstances reference; qualified ins via a type surname insteADVERTISEMENT ConsoleApp3 C:\Users\Senthil\source\repos\ConsoleApp3\ConsoleApp3\Program.cns 13 Active



to settle thins error, encertain the friend accessibility the revolution change straight making use of ns class name insteADVERTISEMENT the ns instance surname together the qualifier. Ns above code snippet deserve to it is in resolved through instead of the Main() function through the listed below code snippet.

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