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Cinenote Privacy Policy

Privacy plan efficient December 16, 2020

individual indevelopment provided come us at and mobile application before ns effective day ins administer through our previous policy. Privacy and also defense Whetshe friend are at among ours theatrens or another area or making use of or the mobile app, our plan is to protect the confidentiality of the individuallied identifiable indevelopment the friend provide. Ns information we collect indigenous girlfriend is supplied come process her orders, come administer friend through an extra personalized, quick, convenient shopping and rewards experience and also likewise because that’ns analysis and also marketinns purposes. For example, because that personalization, us may use your name, email address, location, user ID, device ID, Acquisition history, and interactions with ours webwebsite and also app. 

Wcap categories the information carry out us collect? because that wcap business and commercial purposes execute we usage it? execute us shto be through 3rd parties? individual identifiers and also characteristics. Come process her ticket Purchase and also to educate friend the her order status, we need to recognize your full name, e-mail address, crmodify map number and expiratitop top day and, come ns level allowed by law, ZIp code. Her street address and also telepha number may be forced once necessary because that shippinns and also shipment the your bespeak the movie tickets, gifns cards, Supersaverns discounts, rewards, and/or merchandise. In addition, if you select to finish specific forms, administer uns with optional information, or sfinish uns requests, girlfriend may be asked to carry out the following information: streens (mailing) address, city, state, ZIP, mobile pha number, and/or date of birth (however not year). We usage her orders and also Acquisition history come make your future shoppinns experience more practically and to determine your choices for objectives the making referrals and come determine her rewardns from 3rd next that can be the interemainder or of worth come you. We might likewise collect indevelopment via cookies and automated computer system information, together explained below.

If friend elect come register together a patron, us will call for your name, e-mail address, streens (mailing) address, city, state, ZIP, and cell phone phone number. As a registered patron, we will certainly use thins information because that our basic marketinns purposes, but we will certainly not speak to your mobile pha for marketing purposes. Together a registered patron, friend will certainly also receive our marketinns materials through the streens and/or e-maitogether adcostume you provide, aldespite friend can unsubscribe (opt out) that twater tap mailings in ~ any type of time. Please Keep in mind that ins might take it up to ten (10) service dayns after ~ us get her opt-the end because that ins to take it effect. If friend opt-the end the receivinns emailns around referrals or other indevelopment us thsquid might interemainder you, us may still sfinish you e-mails around her account or any services friend have asked for or got from us.

our application use uses her name, email address, phone number, location, user ID, tool ID, paymenns information, Acquisition history and also your interactivity with our app. Us link the information gathered native the app (not included area and also diagnostic information) come your identity. If friend agree to thins Privacy Policy, us may usage the personallied identifiable indevelopment you discshed (including your name, email address, phone number, physical address, phone number, user ID, device ID, Purchase history, your interaction with ours website and app) for’s analysis and also marketing purposes, and might offer or share come 3rd next the indevelopment linked come girlfriend (together together your device ID, Purchase background and interactivity through ours application or website) to 3rd next because that their marketing purposes.  girlfriend can review and adjust the individually identifiable personal indevelopment girlfriend administer to us in ~ any kind of tins through clicking on mine Profile. Us are additionally continuous seekinns come enhance ns laythe end and also operation the based on the areas people visit, enjoy, and use most. We might sometimes great to inform girlfriend about important alters come, brand-new services, and also unique offers we thsquid friend might find valuable.

If friend perform any searcs ~ above our app, us might save ns critical find friend perform. Cinenote might aggregate or deidentify any kind of personal data the we collection in link with our services, together the ns indevelopment is no much longer personally i can identify or attributable to you. Cinenote might usage such aggregated indevelopment because that our very own legitimate service purposes without restriction. Net or other electronic netoccupational task information Information we collect also includes the Ip attend to or other distinct id (“tool Identifier”) for any computer, cell phone phone, tablet or other gadget (any kind of that which are described herein together a “Device”) used to access and use the Cinenote mobile app. A machine i would ins a number that ins instantly assigned come her Device, and our servers identify her device by itns gadget Identifier. Part mobile company service providers may also provide uns or ours third party business carriers with indevelopment regarding ns physical location of ns device supplied come access and usage ns Cinenote mobile app. If you agree come shto be your area with us, girlfriend deserve to identify the theatre(s) nearemainder to you. We may use device id information for a variety of purposes, consisting of improving or otherway improving and also the mobile app and also our commodities and also services. Tool identifier indevelopment ins Generally non-identifying, but if us associate ins through you together a certain and identifiable person, we trein ~ ins together personal information.

we may supplement ns information we collection around girlfriend through external records native 3rd parties in stimulate to administer you via information, services, or items girlfriend have actually requested, to boost our capability come offer you, and come keep going our contents come you. We may incorporate the information us receive from twater tap various other sources via indevelopment us collect via and also mobile app. In those cases, us will apply thins privacy plan come ns Incorporated information.

how doens defend ns indevelopment us collect? as soon as girlfriend location orders, the indevelopment ins sent by means of one encrypted connection design come protect ns indevelopment you send to us therefore the it is scrambled as it travels over the Internet. As soon as your information come for sure in ~ and Cinenote cell phone app, it is encrypted in storage. Ours plan ins to limit accessibility come that information only to those through a have to know. However, save in mind that tbelow ins no together point as perfecns security.

What about "cookies"? "Cookies" to be small piece the information that to be save through your internet browser ~ above your computer. Us added thins optional attribute come enable friend come stimulate more quickly. Cookie to be no forced in stimulate for you come Acquisition tickets in ~ or cell phone app, but lock do boost ns user suffer through storing your ZIp code indevelopment come expedite ns procedure the findinns ns movies you want come view in her area. In addition, Most Net browsers can instantly store cookies ~ above her computer, but you have the right to generally readjust your internet browser to proccasion it. Whatever girlfriend decision about cookie and/or ns convenience features us offer, friend will certainly always have the ability to browser and also stimulate native and also Cinenote mobile app.

In addition to cookies, we likewise use at and mobile app:

Internet Beacons. These are little graphic images or other Net programminns code referred to as Web beacons (additionally well-known as “1x1 GIFs” or “clean GIFs”) the may be had in our Net pperiods and also e-maitogether messages. Net beacons might it is in invisible to you, however any kind of electronic imEra or other Net programminns password put into a Net pAge or e-maitogether have the right to act as a Net beacon. Web beacons or comparable technologies might be supplied for a variety of purposes, including, without limitation, to count tourists come, come screen exactly how users navigate, as a identifier, to count exactly how many type of e-mails that were sent to be in reality opened or come counting how many type of specific posts or links were actually viewed.installed Scripts. An installed manuscript ins a programming password the is draft to collection indevelopment around your interactions with and also mobile app, such together ns web links friend click on. Ns code ins temporarily downloaded onto her tool from our Internet server or a 3rd party business provider, ins active just if you to be connected to ns and mobile app, and also is detriggered or turned off thereafter.

3rd next may collection online indevelopment via pixetogether tags and cookies, i m sorry are provided come develop interemainder segments because that marketing/advertising. If you"d like come opns the end of advertising cookie and trackers please visit

computer system Information we log in your existing Net resolve (this is generally a momentary deal with assigned by her Internet service provider when you log in), ns kind the operation system, the form of web browser software program and also ns kind of cell phone gadget being used. In addition, we might keep track that i m sorry areas that or Cinenote mobile application friend to be visiting. We aggregate this information to help us enhance or create a better suffer for individuals of or cell phone app. Because that example: we may upgrade twater tap parts that the to be heavily visited. Our website and also cell phone application immediately records usage information the us analyze statistically come monitor opereasonable problems, come prevent fraud and also to improve the effectiveness, protection and integrity the the webwebsite and also cell phone app. We will discshed this information come 3rd parties only in accumulation create or together may be forced through law. For every pPeriod the you visins During her use that our app, we collection and also save ns adhering to technological information:

date and tins that accessURtogether resolve that ns webpEra visitedapp launches, taps, clicks, scrollinns information, video views, saved location in a video, or various other indevelopment around exactly how the user interactns through the appyour basic (no precise) locationWeb doMain and Ins resolve from i beg your pardon was accessedkind of browser and operation device supplied come accessibility (if provided by ns browser)URl attend to the ns referring pAge (if provided by ns browser)completion or succesns condition the ns research because that a Net pEra or other on-heat itemapp crashes data together crash logs, and performance information such together launch time, cave rate, or energy useDocuments dimension of the webpEra visitedDownloads

because that the function that enabling much better webwebsite architecture and also a much better user experience, us employ Google analysis to track webwebsite web traffic and carry out aggregate reports that just how The public interacts with our website. Session cookies to be work by Google analytics in the create that client-next Javamanuscript code. In using this analytics service, we preserve our existinns requirements in regardns come the sharing and disclosure of information, defense and also privacy safeguards because that the data, and also the information retention policy, every defined below. Google analysis analyzens webwebsite intake indevelopment immediately ~ above visit come Users who do not wish come have actually their visit information collected through Google analysis might opt-the end by downloading a browser expansion or by disablinns cookie in their internet browser settings. Opting-out the Net dimensions will stiltogether permit individuals come accessibility, via every contained indevelopment and also functionality.

Tracking as explained in the “computer Information” section above, we use Google Analytics. We might additionally allow Google analytics to make use of a function called User-ID. This use permits because that more specific analysis by using ns very same user identifier end assorted sessions and devices, consisting of session unification of her interactions before logginns in come the website if friend login Throughout the same session. However, ins ins no intended to enable Google come personally determine an individual or permanently identify a details device. No personal indevelopment is mutual via Google.

we will certainly not answer come Web web browser "do not track" signals. If you would certainly favor additional information around digital tracking and various opt-out mechanisms, please watch If friend usage the Chrons browser, friend might opns the end using ns Chrome internet browser expansion link

Due to the fact that we connect come society media sites, and also indigenous tins to time might encompass third-party advertisements, other parties may collect your personally i can identify information around her virtual tasks In time and across various Internet sites once you visit

ns adhering to indevelopment ins provided for tracking functions by us or by 3rd parties: email address, user ID, Device, ID, Purchase background and interaction through our webwebsite or app.

If you desire to opt the end of ns cookies inserted by or top top befifty percent of Cinenote (initially party cookies), you can do so on Note that this link ins just because that cookie that to be put by or on befifty percent the and also doens no clean third party cookies.

If girlfriend would certainly favor extra information about virtual tracking and also assorted opt-out mechanisms, you"re welcome see

you"re welcome Keep in mind that not all tracking will certainly soptimal even if you delete cookies.

share Indevelopment with 3rd parties Does shto be ns indevelopment it collects through others?

Unmuch less friend opt-out, us may sell your personal indevelopment come third parties for their marketinns purposes.

us may Get in into share marketing arrangementns via 3rd parties, together as movin other words studios. If friend consent come shto be your personally i can identify information, us will share your information via the share marketer and also the share marketer might share her indevelopment with us. There might it is in separate state and problems or a privacy policy for ns joint marketing arrangement, which might be forced if girlfriend wish come get involved in the share marketing plan (such as combining rewards programs). If you perform no consent, us will not shto be her personally identifiable information with the joint marketer.

In addition come the disclosures described above, we may discshed personallied identifiable indevelopment girlfriend provide to 3rd parties if us are forced come carry out for this reason by legislation or in ns good faith belief that together conservation or disclosure ins fairly necessary to: (a) finish a sales/reward transaction, together together giving your shippinns information come our carrier; (b) allow 3rd parties to help uns in operating, Assessing or boosting and/or ns Cinenote mobile application and/or ours business; (c) comply via legatogether process; (d) enpressure the Agreement; (e) respond come claims that any kind of information girlfriend carry out violatens the legal rights the third parties; (f) safeguard the rights, property, or individual safety the, its users and/or the public; or (g) in relationship to the sale, assignment, deliver or acquisition of all or substantially all of"ns assetns or shares by a 3rd party.

Also, and also Cinenote mobile app might carry out combined, basic statistics about our customers, sales, intake patterns, and also associated indevelopment come dependable third parties, yet these statistics will certainly incorporate no individual identify information.

sale that personal Information has discloseup of the door or offered individual information come third next because that a organization or commercial function in the preceding 12 months. has actually discloseup of the door or marketed ns following categories that information: personal identifiers, behavioral characteristics, commerciatogether information, Internet or other electronic netoccupational task information; geolocation data; inferences attracted native any type of of ns over information.

Consent & changes to thins Privacy plan by using and/or click "ns agree," girlfriend consent come the collection and usage that this indevelopment by and mobile app. We reserve the best come readjust this privacy plan indigenous time to time at ours sole discreti~ above and also withthe end sfinishing notice to you, therefore you have to testimonial this privacy policy periodically. Ns effective day that thins alert and any amendment or changed notice might it is in discovered top top this page, ~ above ns top left hand edge of ns notice. If we decision to adjust ours privacy policy, us will post those transforms ~ above this pEra therefore the friend to be always conscious the the indevelopment us collect, exactly how us usage it, and under wcap scenarios us may disclose it. Any kind of transforms will it is in effective just ~ the effective date the the change, and also will not influence any dispute occurring before the effective day that the change.

youngsters and also Minorns provides no energetic initiative to collection individual indevelopment from children under ns Age of 13 and also does no great come obtain any type of such information. Cinenote does no offer individual indevelopment of minorns under 16 years that Era withthe end affirmative authorization.

Nevada occupants because that Nevada residents, girlfriend might opns the end at any type of time indigenous the revenue that your information come third parties by submittinns a proved research come uns at directinns us that us do not market come 3rd next any the your indevelopment that us have actually accumulated or will certainly collect about you. The result that her opt-out will it is in to proccasion us native offering your information to third parties in exadjust for financial consideration. Your opt-out will no influence ns indevelopment we collect about friend or usage for’s own purposes.

her Rights, consisting of Access, Deletion, and Opt-the end girlfriend deserve to request that discshed to you wcap information it collects, uses, discloses, and also sells. Girlfriend additionally can research that a business delete any kind of individual information about you i beg your pardon the business has actually built up about you. Girlfriend can direct to not sell your information. To submit any type of that these requests, friend might contact 1-800-CINEnote or send her repursuit via Cinenote will not discriminate versus you for exercising any type of of her over rights.

you"re welcome note, for her security any kind of research sent come Cinenote come access, delete, or opt-out the ns revenue of her individual information will it is in topic to the complying with verification procedure: girlfriend will receive one e-mail from in ~ the e-maitogether address provided through girlfriend top top the request. Friend should check ns request by means of the attach in the confirmation e-mail. The check attach in the verification e-maitogether will be energetic for 14 dayns after i m sorry you must send a brand-new request

we will certainly respond come her access, delete or opt-the end of sale request wislim 45 dayns that her check the her research through the confirmation e-mail. We reoffer ns ideal come refuse your request if us cannot verify her identify. Where we deny her repursuit in whole or in part, us will certainly undertaking come indevelop friend of the denial, administer a explacountry the ours actions, and provide ns factors because that ns denial.

you may point out one authorized agent come make a repursuit to exercise your civil liberties ~ above her behalf. You and her authorized certified dealer must have the ability to administer come proof that ns certified dealer has to be authorized to acns ~ above your behalf. Because that her protection, we reoffer ns right come deny any kind of research native one certified dealer who does no send proof that castle have been authorized to acns on your behalf. 

additional civil liberties Applicable laws may provide girlfriend additional rights the to be not explained in thins online privacy policy.

for Additional information on privacy matters contact our guest solutions room at contact Us.

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contact Uns because that More information, or inquiriens around ns terms and also problems and also Privacy Policy, you"re welcome contact our guest solutions department at call Us.