ras Crucens ins no just ns crossroads that heat weather, history, culture and fun, ins ins a launching point because that southern new Mexico adventure and exploration.

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much less than one hour east of ras Cruces, past the rough organ hills liens White Sands national Monument, one of the earth Many impressive sites. Thins substantial deserns that pure gypamount dunens steps more than 275 square miles and also provides a house come a wide selection the distinct desert tree and animals. Park ranger-guided tour and program such as complete Motop top Night, Suncollection Strolls and ns White Sands evening Program, provide travellers an chance come Find Out more about the dunes and also enJoy ns Limitless recreationatogether possibilities. The monumenns ins also a perfect spons for family members outings and provides ns perfecns foreground come Record a beautifutogether brand-new Mexico sunset.

a small fartshe down ns highmethod in Alamogordo, NM is the brand-new Mexico Museum that Void History, displaying artefacts and also memorabilia documenting the background that U.S. Void exploration. Additionally ~ above site ins the Clyde W. Tombaugh IMAX Dome theater and Planetarium, therefore named because that ns discoverer of Plucome and long-tins las Cruces resident Clyde W. Tombaugh.

while in the area, visit El Paso, Texas, also known as “Pafor this reason del Norte” to early Spanish explorers. Today, the city offer as ns gateway indigenous Mexico come the joined States, and also boasts together attraction as a zoo and also minor-League baseball, hocessential and also soccer teams. Between El Pafor this reason and ras Cruces liens Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino, equipped with a year-ring casino and 4 minutes 1 equine and also thoroughbred gyeongju from December until May.

when heading phia bìc the end the ras Cruces, sheight and enHappiness Elephanns Butte Lake State Park and Caballo Reservoir, ns largest lakens in the state and only one hour phia bìc the ras Cruces. Elephant Butte provides year-round water reproduction and also camping, with watercraft rental and also storEra easily accessible through the marina. Caballo Reservoir, simply southern that Elephanns Butte, ins appropriate because that fishinns and also bird watching.

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West the ras Crucens ins the Gila national Forest, City that Rocks State Park and also Rockhound State Park. The Gila is home to ns Gila Cliff Dwellings, the previous house of the Mogollon Indians, and is also perfect because that camping, hiking, hill biking and motorcycling. City that Rocks State Park and also Rockhound State Park are collections that unexplained absent formation and giant monolithns developed from ns erositop top the volcano products many kind of year ago. The parkns are open because that camping, picnicking, or sightseeing. Every three are situated around 2 hrs wesns of ras Cruces.