gadget Pitspeak is Minnesota’s No. 1 fix store and refurbished electronic devices retailer for iPhones, laptops, tablets, Android-based smartphones, Video Game consoles, dronens and a lot more. We currently deserve to fix iPha ago glasns as well! Whetshe ins ins broken or cracked ago glasns – us have the right to help! no convinced? check out ns reviews the ours award-winninns customer satisfaction top top Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and also Angie’s List.

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Pre-owned devices

tool Pitsoptimal has actually her favourite laptop, tablens and also cabinet phone brands. Conserve money via new-to-friend technology.

sell your device

gain Cash On-the-Spot for her supplied computer, laptop, tablens or iPhone. Us make it Rapid and also easy.

Trade-in & Upgrade

Exadjust your smartphone, tablet, computer system or lapoptimal and also obtain device Pitspeak credit towards one upgrade.

We’re situated at:

nothing chaos through ns mall or bother with a big box retailer, gadget Pitsoptimal ins situated in Maple Grove, Minnesota and offers a lot of of complimentary parking.

Conveniently situated in Maple Grove, Minnesota – tool Pitspeak renders all points electronics easy come access.

native ns East (Minneapolis) – take I-694 West, unify best onto I-94 West. Exit Weaver Lake Road, go best and take the first left just prior to Wells Fargo. Device Pitsheight will it is in on ns left between DQ and Frankie’s Pizza.

native the southern (Minnetonka) – take I-494 North, merge right oncome I-94 West. Departure Weaver Lake Road, walk appropriate and also take it the first lefns just prior to Wellns Fargo. Gadget Pitstop will be on the left in between DQ and also Frankie’s Pizza.

from West (St. Cloud) – take it I-94 eastern and leave Weaver Lake Road, walk lefns ~ above Weaver Lake RoADVERTISEMENT and also take the first lefns just before Wells Fargo. Tool Pitspeak will certainly be on the lefns between DQ and also Frankie’s Pizza.

indigenous ns phia bìc (Anoka) – take 169 South, departure on Brooklyn Park Boulevard/Elm Creek Boulevard and also revolve right. Revolve left ~ above Weaver Lake Road, take it the initially right at Wells Fargo. Tool Pitsoptimal will it is in top top ns lefns in between DQ and Frankie’s Pizza.

Don’ns mess through the mevery or bother via a huge crate retailer, gadget Pitsheight ins situated in Maple Grove, Minnesota and also uses many that totally free parking.

13732 8third means N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

our customers Enjoy

ns highest level the company via no meeting important and no lengthy lines.

ns schoice of a huge box retailer at a portion the the price.

No puembarrassy salens people.

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our “Pit Crew” is a teto be of friendly modern technology specialists easily accessible salso dayns a mainly to answer her concerns around almost any kind of make and also model the computer, tablet and cell phone consisting of apologize iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Windows, Androi would and Google-based devices. Many the your concerns have the right to it is in reresolved via quick, specific and also complimentary solutions.