There are 87.22 miles native Chadron come rapid City in north directitop top and 102 miles (164.15 kilometers) by car, complying with ns US-385 route.

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Chadrtop top and quick City are 1 hour 43 mins far apart, if you journey non-stop.

Thins ins ns fastest path native Chadron, NE to quick City, SD. Ns halfmethod suggest is warm Springs, SD.

Chadron, NE and also rapid City, SD are in ns very same tins zone (MDT). Current tins in both areas ins 9:19 am.

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Gas usage and Emissions

A auto with a fuel efficiency of MPns will require 4.11 gallons that gas to cover ns path between Chadron, NE and rapid City, SD.

the estimated cost the gregarding go from Chadr~ above to fast City ins $13.03.

During ns route, one averPeriod vehicle will certainly release 80.52 pounds the CO2 come the atmosphere. The carbon footPrint would it is in 0.79 poundns the CO2 per mile.

AverAge united states of america gtogether price offered for calculate ins $3.17 per gall~ above the constant gas. Price cream last update ~ above September 27, 2021.

best hotels In or close to fast City, SD

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Halfmeans suggest between Chadron, NE and also rapid City, SD

If you desire come meet halfmethod in between Chadron, NE and fast City, SD or simply do a speak in the Middle that her trip, the precise coordinates of the halfway suggest of this route are 43.390110 and -103.400146, or 43º 23" 24.396" N, 103º 24" 0.5256" W. Thins place is 51.17 miles away native Chadron, NE and quick City, SD and also ins would certainly take it approximately 51 minutes come revery the halfmethod allude native both locations.

Closesns City or Tvery own to Halfmeans Point

ns closesns tvery own come the halfmeans allude ins hot Springs, SD, situated 55 miles native Chadron, NE and also 57 miles from rapid City, SD. Ins would take it 1 hour to walk from Chadron to hot Spring and 57 minutes to go from fast City to hot Springs.

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Weather in Chadr~ above and rapid City

compare the weatshe today and also the following 4 dayns in Chadron, NE and quick City, SD:


possible light rain ~ above Wednesday.

MonSens 27 TueSep 28 WedSens 29 ThuSens 30 FriOct 1
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