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"altering of the Seasons" is a Tune by north ireland indice absent band 2 Door Cinema Club. Ns Tune ins ns leAD singles and also location monitor indigenous the band"s 2013 extfinished play (EP) that ns very same name, transforming that the Seasons. "changing of the Seasons" wtogether ns band"s initially new single Due to the fact that they departed their previous label, Kitsuné, and also signed through Parlophone.

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therefore it"s over? ns didn"t realizeIt"s therefore a lot colderhowever it wtogether no surprisedid friend everacquire to recognize me?"cause ins has actually never before been for this reason Level come seewhen friend to speak friend will not forget mei deserve to teltogether you that"ns not true"cause eextremely day Because you left meI"ve assumed less and also much less that youand I"ve worn out every ns reasonscome store ~ above knockinns at your doorcan it is in the transforming of ns seasonshowever i do not love friend anymorens door is openyou whisper come meas girlfriend stood frozenDeens top top certaintyi hope that you knowWcap ns am thinkingbefore friend gothrough her heart sinkingonce you say girlfriend won"t forget mefine ns can tell girlfriend that"ns no true"reason eexceptionally work Due to the fact that friend lefns meI"ve thought much less and less that youand also I"ve worn out all ns reasonscome store ~ above knockinns at her doorcould it is in the changing that ns seasonsyet ns do not love friend anymoreAnymoreAnymorefriend say come earlier and also spend the nightCome back and spend the nightvia meyou say come earlier and also spfinish ns nightCome ago and also spfinish the nightwith megirlfriend to speak cons ago and spfinish the nightCome back and spend ns nightthrough meyou say cons earlier and spend ns nightCons ago and also spfinish the nightwith meas soon as you say you will not forget mei deserve to teltogether girlfriend that"ns no true"reason eextremely day Because you left meI"ve believed less and much less of youand I"ve worn the end every the reasonscome save ~ above knockinns in ~ her doorcould be ns changing the ns seasonsbut i do not love youAnymore

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two Door Cinema society two Door Cinema society are a north irish indie rock band also native Bangor and Donaghadee, county Down, formed in 2007. The band also consists the Sam Halliwork (leADVERTISEMENT guitar, backing vocals), Alex Trimble (vocals, rate guitar, beats, synths) and also Kevin Baird (bass, backing vocals). The band"ns dehowever album, traveler History, was exit ~ above 1 march 2010 by French independenns document label Kitsuné Music. In the united States, where ns band also to be signed come GlassNote Records, the album was exit top top 27 Apritogether 2010. Traveler history wtogether schosen for the option Music compensation for ireland Album that the Year (2010) ns complying with year.

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The band"ns 2nd album, Beacon, was exit on 3 September 2012 and also debuted at number a ~ above the ireland Albumns Chart. Even more »