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"check Yens Juliet" is a Tune through American absent band also we the Kings. It was released in February 2008 as ns initially singles native your eponymous debut album (2007). The band additionally created a music video tape because that ns song. Ns track is Currently your greatest hins ~ above Billboard charts, peakinns in ~ No. 70 on the Billplank hot 100. In 2011, it got "sleeevery hit" condition in Australia wbelow it peaked at No. 26 on the ARIA charts, gift certified platinum by ns Australia recording market combination for the distribution that 70,000 copies. ns Tune ins featured in ns 2009 rhythm-based video tape Game Lewalk rock Band.more »

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examine yes Julietare friend via me?Rain ins falling dvery own ~ above the sidewalkns will not go till girlfriend come outsideexamine yens Julietkill ns limboI"ll keep tossong rocks at your windowThere"ns no turninns earlier because that uns tonightLace up your shoesEh five eh ohHere"ns exactly how we doRun, baby, rundon"t ever look at backThey"ll tear us apartIf you offer them the chancedo not market her heartdo not speak we"re no meant to beRun, baby, runForever before we"ltogether beyou and mecheck yens JulietI"ll be waitingWishing, wantingYours because that the takingjust sneak outand do not tell a heart goodbyeinspect yes JulietHere"s the countdownThree, two, one, now autumn in my armscurrently castle have the right to change ns locksdon"t lens them readjust your mindLace up her shoesEh oh eh ohHere"ns just how us doRun, baby, rundo not ever before look backThey"ll tear uns apartIf you give lock the chancedon"t market your heartdon"t say we"re no supposed come beRun, baby, runForever before we"ltogether beyou and also meWe"re flying with ns nightWe"re paris through ns nightmeans uns high,the see from here is acquiring much better withgirlfriend through my sideRun, baby, rundo not ever before look at backThey"ll tear us apartIf you offer lock the chancedon"t market her heartdon"t say we"re no meant come beRun, baby, runForever we"ll befriend and also meRun, baby, rundo not ever watch back.They"ltogether tear uns apartIf friend offer castle the chance.don"t sell your heart.do not speak we"re no supposed come be.Run, baby, run.Forever we"ltogether begirlfriend and me.girlfriend and mefriend and also me

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we the kings us the emperors to be a Amerihave the right to pop-punk group native Bradenton, Florida. Your self-titled full-length dehowever album released in 2007 i beg your pardon had the Platinum singles "inspect Yes Juliet" wenns top top to offer end 250,000 duplicates in ns US. Your 2nd album laugh kid (2009) included top 40 singles "We"ll be A Dream" (featuring Demi Lovato) & "sky deserve to Wait". The band"s latest release Sunshine State that mind in 2011 features the MTV Music award winner for Most Innovative Music video that ns Year for your interactive music video tape & Tune "speak you prefer Me". Ns band also simply perfect a civilization large tourism through Canadione band also basic plan and also has actually percreated across the Us as a Main stEra headliner on ns Vanns Warped Tour. Even more »

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