in ~ Chef"s Table us offer french food for any occasion. Some think about ours chicken ns best in Franklin Lakens and us desire girlfriend come attempt it.uncover our specialties the the week. Provide us a call in ~ (201) 891-6644 and we"ll it is in wait for girlfriend as soon as friend arrive.

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Uncle Louie"s Pizza - italian (0.01 mi)Pazza - italian (0.21 mi)Franklin Lakens Pizza & Restauranns - american (0.23 mi)Nigirns episode - japanese (0.26 mi)episode Cocoro Jasualization Restaurant - jasupania (0.43 mi)
Wayne, NJ (4 mi), Ramsey, NJ (5 mi), Ridgewood, NJ (5 mi), fair Lawn, NJ (6 mi), Paterson, NJ (7 mi), Paramus, NJ (7 mi), Clifton, NJ (9 mi)
Oakland, NJ (2 mi), Wyckoff, NJ (2 mi), north Haledon, NJ (3 mi), Waldwick, NJ (3 mi), Allendale, NJ (4 mi), Midland Park, NJ (4 mi), Pompt~ above Lakes, NJ (5 mi), Haskell, NJ (5 mi), Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ (5 mi), glenn Rock, NJ (5 mi), Pompt~ above Plains, NJ (6 mi), Haledon, NJ (6 mi)
want a specific cuisine? inspect out our finest listns because that Italian, Asian or Mexideserve to in Franklin Lakes. Dietary need? Lens us show you every the gluten free, vegetarian or vegan options. Find because that points prefer episode 🍣, burgers 🍔, soup 🥣, pasta and more. Require simply a youngsters food selection or drsquid menu? startupcuba.orns categorizens our menuns to do exploring easier.
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