Leggi il Testo, scopri itogether Significacome e guarda il video musicale dns earn It dns a cook Keef . “earned It” è una canza di chef Keef. deserve It Lyrics.


Younns Chop top top ns beatAyy, stiltogether ns very same younns niggaAin"ns shit changed younns niggaI"m still comin" 064, i stiltogether rens 064 niggaStill rep three hundreds nigga, I"m stiltogether six hundred, niggarest in peace lil" Steve nigga, lil" Moe niggarest in tranquility every ns guysremainder in tranquility every niggas, rest in peace massive Glo niggagang gang, nigga front street shit, 061 shit niggaBanns bang, nigga, gang, gang, gang in this bitch, nigga (Bang!)

i obtained every mine motherfucking jewel ~ above (jewelry on)friend deserve to attempt to flex like your bitch asns want ins (choose her bitch asns desire it, huh?)girlfriend don"t desire this bullets flying favor some comets (flying prefer some comets, bang bang)you a motherfucking frons bit Kermit (friend a Kermit, huh?)I"m a glo guy i do not require a garment (i do not require a garment)and also I"m name is 보다 a fucking heater (hotter than a furnace)take a tooka blunt climate ns shed it (climate i melted it)and i spfinish this money "reason ns earned ins ("reason i earn it)

that bitch referred to as me top top the phone sthe ain"t want shit (She do not desire shit)told the bitch do not call mine phone with all that nonsense (please don"t call my pha with all that nonsense, yah)ns it is in getting come the guap bitch, i it is in guapinns (listen to the guap, baby)cigarette smoking on thins blunt, thins shins stunky (This shins stank baby)i Median skunky (Gang, baby), I"m rolling via the funky (Gang, baby)Copns traction ns end castle don"t desire shins (Baby)lock simply desire to say castle locked ns uns (Sosa, Sosa, Sosa)"cause they know ns gained the majority of bucks (chief Sosa)however I"m bondinns best the end i ain"ns damaged (ns ain"ns broke, bitch)Niggas ain"t obtaining no money ins ain"t a joke (Ins ain"t a joke, bitch)friend much better gain some money because that her momma or her ho (Bitch)young yo asns better no be damaged (Bitch)i invested 4 bands on a coin ~ (top top a Moncler)i spent a fuckinns band ~ above part loafs (on some God?)ns invested that hunnid top top my waiting force ones (top top my ones, yeah)come stomns a nigga in hins waiting force ones (In his waiting pressure one, yeah)ns do not need a jet, i want waiting pressure one (wait pressure one, yeah)i am fuckinns chairman and a sunlight (favor Obama, yeah)sold a bitch because that 5 thousand and also left her one (ns lefns for one, yeah)and also threw the fucking shins in the spilgrimage club (In ns spilgrimage club, yeah)Niggtogether flexing thins ain"t what castle desire (Ain"ns wcap lock want)ns uns this pumns and also fill a nigga uns (fill that bitch ass up)Riding down my block no this ain"t wcap they want (SquADVERTISEMENT squad)we up these pistols hit a nigga uns (Hins a nigga up, banns bang)

i got every mine motherfucking jewel top top (jewel on)you have the right to attempt come flex like your bitch asns desire it (like girlfriend desire it)you do not want these bulallows flying prefer some cometns (paris choose some comets)girlfriend a motherfuckinns frog little bit Kermins (Still bit Kermit)I"m a glo guy i don"t require a garment (ns do not need a garment)and also I"m hotter 보다 a fucking heating system (보다 a chimney)take it a tooka dull climate ns melted ins (Burn ins prefer a chimney)and i spfinish thins money "reason ns deserve ins ("reason i earned ins and also friend feel it)

cigarette smoking dope choose a chimney (choose a chimney)Tec on my hins that indicates the it"s feeling ns (It"ns emotion Keith)these niggtogether ain"t no kin to me no friend come me (Heltogether nah)this nigga fuckinns enemies! (Bang bang!)Hey... Ns beat go off? (Ayy)ns uns ins then mine warmth walk turn off (Bang!)i heard he perform the sneaky talk (Huh?)i heard that was a sneaky dawg (you ah?)ns up thins fuckinns 4-0 climate ns speak it dawg (Dah)ns i take it naps and girlfriend a sleepy dawns (Huh?)Capture yo ass in the earlier shoons uns your fe-fe dawns (Dadah?).223 is at her neck, breapoint dawg? (Bang-bang)Nigga don"t even sneeze i acquire come squeezinns dawns (Bang-bang)mine little bit bitch a vens sthe shelp sthe need a dawns (gang gang)Sthe understand ns acquire castle checks and ns do not stop at all (Gan?)part bitchens bully ns and also Jusbelieve Bieber y"all (Gang)I"m in ns kitchen food preparation Jusbelieve Bieber your (Skrr, skrr)i ain"ns acquired none of them shades I"m still not see y"all (Nah)Lil" bitch I"m glo ns do not want to be with y"all (Nah)White air pressure onens "cause that"ns just how I"m emotion your (Yah)I"m native Chiraq wbelow lock be killing your (Bah)all these posesthe niggas and lock feeling tough (Huh, huh?)I"m laughing to ns bank prefer ha-ha-ha-ha (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)and also ns acquired my Glock and thins bitch click cabsence pow, pow, pow, pow(Pow, pow, pow, pow, nigga)

i obtained every my motherfuckinns jewel ~ above (jewelry on)you deserve to attempt to flex like her bitch asns want it (Bitch asns want it, huh?)you don"t want these bullets paris favor some cometns (flying prefer some comets)girlfriend a motherfuckinns frons little bit Kermit (That"s lil" Kermit, huh?)I"m a glo male ns don"t require a garmenns (ns do not need garment, huh?)and also I"m name is than a fucking heater (than a fuckinns chimney)take a tooka dull climate ns shed ins (climate i burned it, huh?)and also ns spfinish this money "cause i deserve ins ("reason ns deserve it, huh?)

Ayy, gang gang, niggagang gang, niggaAyy, gang in this bitch, corridor in this bitch, gang in thins bitch, corridor in this bitchcorridor gang