I've viewed conflicting indevelopment ~ above this ~ above ns internet. Would appreciate if ns sort users ~ above thins sugstartupcuba.org could enlighten me. Thanks


Yes. Except because that the increased part. Also if girlfriend conserve she it'ns still implie she died in Publication 3 and also sthat never before appears aacquire ~ Publication 1.

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correctly! ns conserved Tevan in Publication 1 and the was tright here in Book 2. (i hadn’ns saved him previously and also that wtogether not there in my first playthrough).

ns conserved hns also but Idk why ns couldn'ns uncover one option to sync Book 2 to Publication 3. Ns was surprised to watch Tevan's sister together queen and the that wtogether deAD favor wtf PB

Due to the fact that this ins the Most recent object ~ above ns issue ns might find, ns believed I'd add my bit here.

same issue, and it taken place twice now. Ns finished Publication 1, and also began Publication 2, however none of mine choices (Tevan, golden mountain Fangns and also such) go no appear.

Thins is super frustrating, and also the just reason i haven'ns been able come go through the entire series.

ns don't mean there'ns a way to manuallied port save papers over choose in the case the PC games. Sigh.

ns thoctopus it'ns just a bug the Pixelberry didn't bother come fix. I was choose "huh?" when Tevyan was deADVERTISEMENT in Book 3 lol. Publication 2 information carries top top to Book 3 just fine, however. I encourAge you come continue through Book 2 and end up Publication 3, Because the cast that characters native Publication 2 more than comprise because that ns lack the saving native Publication 1, esns if friend do alliens out of them.

If a collection has a lot of books, data can always be lugged over together lengthy together you've played the previouns book. You have ns alternative not come carry data over, so friend deserve to just walk with the default choices if you desire too. Although ns recommend constantly moving data over together your choices host even more weight, particularly in thins series.

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Tbelow to be part problems through the income feature Due to the fact that thins was one of the 3 dehowever seriens and ns importing function didn'ns exist back then. Yet data somejust how still appeared come carry end for me, I'm simply not sure how. I never even passist fist come thins until recently. Type of odd. Ns wonder if it's resolved or not...


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