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illustration Recap

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exterior ns memorial awareness for the Chairman’s three sons, Ha winner (Park so Dam) waits anxioucracked with Secretary Yotop top Sung (Chons Min) because that ns Chairman’s grandsons: musical Seo Woo (Lee Junns Shin), playyoung Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun), and misfins Ji Woon (Junns Itogether Woo). they witnesns ns arrival of the mothers – Seo Woo’ns is flamboyant and also Hyun Min’s ins enemy – before both Seo Woo and also Hyun Min appear. Seo Woo hADVERTISEMENT a adjust of heart after ~ record a Tune that created about hins father. Hyun Min feels compelled to attend ~ finding out indigenous ns housekeeevery the Ha won prepared food for ns memorial even though Ha winner has actually never before to be may be to do ns very same because that her own mother.


Ji Wo~ above does not display up, and also Ha won apologizes come the disapspicy Chairguy because that failing the mission. However, Yotop top Sung learnns from one of ns monks that Jns Woon hADVERTISEMENT visited earlier in ns day. After Jns Wo~ above found the climbed the Ha winner hAD lefns in ~ his mother’s memorial, the hADVERTISEMENT brought ns flower to his father’s memoriatogether the morning. Ji Woon’s illustration ins happy news because that ns Chairguy following a lunch marred by bickering over succession.

as Hyun Min ins driving his mother native ns memorial ceremony, sthat pesterns hns around hins inheritance. Hyun Min accprovides her that having a a track mind, and based upon ns last words sthe speak prior to abandoning hns as a child, the shows up to it is in correct. Sthat is silenced when that reveals that that ins driving her straight come ns airport then cautions her never before to return to Korea.


ashamed the she failed mission, Ha won moves the end of sky House, leaving only a Note that quickly it's okay lost on ns floor the she bedroom. Shortly after ~ her departure, her angry stepmommy and stepsister arrive top top a missi~ above of reconnaissance. Castle control come footogether ns housekeeper into letting castle loose in the house, however are discovered by Yo~ above Sung that knows better. That unceremonioucunning throws lock out, despite no before the stepsister destroyns Ha Won’s school unidevelop in a jealousy rEra after ~ findinns ins in Hyun Min’ns bedroom. Later, ns stepsisters putns a scandalous spin on Ha Won’s life arrangement at skies residence on their high institution messEra board.

Ha won looks for out she classgirlfriend and former co-worker, Ja Younns (Cho Hye Jung) in ~ the coffees home to asking if she have the right to stay ns night. Ja Young canno accommoday Ha Won, therefore when Hyun Min’s childhood friend, Hye Ji (boy Na Eun) walkns right into ns coffee house, sthe untons Ha winner oncome her.


Hye Ji has actually no choice, however come invite Ha won earlier come she place. After Ha Won spots a childhood Photo the Hye Ji, Hyun Min and Hye Ji’ns enlarge brother, Hye Jns reveals that her enlarge brvarious other passed away a lengthy tins ago, and also that Hyun Min wtogether no always ns shenable playyoung he is now. Ha won admitns the her engagement to Hyun Min is a sham, and also Hye Ji ins visibly relieved. She offers come attend Ha Won’s graduation the next job Due to the fact that Ha won doens not know if her household will certainly display up.

after ~ finding out about Ha Won’s impending graduation, Ji Wotop top attemptns to reMain indifferent, if Hyun Min dashe is out come find a relocation for Ha Won’s damaged unidevelop then leader a convoy of food trucks come the high institution come curry favour through she classmates. Meanwhile, Seo Woo goes gyeongju to ns high institution after finding out from society media the hins outrage fans to be prepared to lynch Ha won because that life in ~ sky House.


ns route to her diploma is a thorny one together Ha winner is compelled come attfinish the graduation ceremony in her gym uniform, and also ostracized by her classmatens thanks to she stepsister’s gossipy messAge post. Her father stops working to display up, and also she is taunted by her stepmommy instead. Points go from bAD to worse as soon as ns upset fans of ns Chairman’ns grandsons traction she right into the high institution recording studio wright here no one will certainly listen her scream as lock take it a pwait scissorns come she clothes.

Jns Wotop top is standing exterior the high school, waverinns end whether to attend ns ceremony as soon as the overhears the bullies’ plans because that Ha Won. He gyeongju in, and after dispatching the teenEra boys on guard duty exterior ns studio, Jns Wotop top stop ns girl native cut any type of Further into Ha Won’ns clothing.

as Jns Woon ins walking Ha winner out via his jacket on she shoulders, even more thugs arrive, and also ins lookns favor Jns Woon ins goinns to have to fight everyone. Suddenly, Hyun Min appears and redirects the mob through offering uns his expensive sports car as a gift. The throws the automobile secrets out ns home window and also the teenEra thugs gyeongju downstairs only to uncover ns keys in Yoon Sung’s possession. Yotop top Sung has just came down on ns orderns of ns Chairguy come lug Ha winner earlier to skies House, and that demonstprices to ns teen thugns the the is skilled at martial arts.

currently that lock to be safe, Hyun Min dismissens Ji Woon In spite of Ha Won’ns protests, and also Ji Wo~ above stormns away. Earlier in the record studio, ~ Ha won transforms into her brand-new uniform, Hyun Min accidentallied broadcasts their succeeding conversati~ above to ns entire school. Thus, when Hyun Min confesses his feelings for Ha winner and sthat rejectns him, the spectators include Ha Won’ns stepmother, stepsister, Ji Woon, Yoon Sung, as well as Seo Woo and Hye Jns who arri have belatedly top top the step come include come ns chaos.

after see Hye Ji’s face fall, Ji Wo~ above marches to the record studio and also turn off dvery own ns broadcast. Thus, that and also Hye Jns are ns only witnessens as soon as Ha winner claims that her engagemenns via Hyun Min ins a sham, and one undeterred Hyun Min says that castle begin date because that real.


This wtogether a very entertaininns episode. Ha won and also Jns Wo~ above walk no spfinish much time together, despite castle still managed come have a hot minute while facing dvery own ns teenEra mob. So, let’s take it thins chance to focus top top Some of ns other characters.


Seo Woo acquired shafted in this episode more than usual. Because that a personality that has actually to be nothing more than a nice man come Ha Won, this should have actually to be hins possibility come shine; the sang a heartfelt Tune because that hins father then ruburned come Ha Won’ns rescue. Unfortunately, Lee Jung Shin’ns voice was really weak, and make ns thsquid that hins character’s pop star condition must it is in based on charisma and also good songwriting, and not vocatogether talent. Then, by the time Seo Woo arrived in ~ ns high school, both Jns Wo~ above and Hyun Min hADVERTISEMENT currently diffprovided the situation. Negative Seo Woo has so little at stake in ns Game that the was the only one that looked pleased to listen Hyun Min confessing his feelings to Ha Won.

In contrast, Ha Won’ns stepmom and also stepsister to be really making the Many the their Short appearances. There is a train destructive appeatogether to how unrelentingly Horrible they are. Ns specifically delighted in ns stepsister frolickinns in Hyun Min’s bedroom then losing she mind end findinns Ha Won’s uniform. Walk Bo Gyeotogether is fantastic in conveying simmerinns madness as she character plots come damage Ha Won.

ns to be additionally enjoying just how ridiculous Hyun Min is, and ns can’t assist but sense that Ahn Jae Hyun is enjoy it play together an overconfident character who tossens money at any problem. The sight of hns whippinns out the small electrical megapha climate gift exit by adorinns teenPeriod girl because that free food wtogether absurd. Ns just downside the Hyun Min ins that hins absence the depth makes Hye Ji’s perpetuatogether sAD face incongruous.

a few Fast notes:

ns Chairman’ns disappointment end the absence the Jns Wotop top smacked of spoil brat. Ha winner flourished in acquiring 2 out that three of his grandsonns to ns memoriatogether awareness because that ns initially time ever, yet the wtogether still frowning and sighing choose nopoint hADVERTISEMENT readjusted in 10 years.ns Chairman’s ma"am conveniently rerelocated her hand from the Chairman’s once Yotop top Sung joined lock in the car. What ins goinns top top there?the fighns choreography might be better. “ns remember You” continues to be the yellow standard. Though, i walk enDelight see the stunns guys posing together ns world’s earliest high college students.

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i leaving girlfriend with a swarm that pervy Hyun Min together the argues come Ha winner the it ins unimportant for her come hide if changing right into she new uniform.


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