If you’re trying to find thethe finest TH9 HYBRID/TROPHY base 2021!! | Tvery own room 9 (TH9) Hybrid basic design with copy link in Clash of Clans, climate you have pertained to ns ideal place. This basic is one of the best base because that coc Town room 9 obtainable on YouTube. This Tvery own room 9 coc basic layout can be offered because that Trophy pushing. Come recognize more around this TH9 best coc base, continue analysis this post.

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Hey guys I’m dark barbarian, welinvolved another basic structure video, today to be makinns a new Tvery own hall 9 hybrid base, I’ve done one recently yet ns desire you males to have even more choices come select from, therefore that girlfriend deserve to quickly move come other if one doesn’t occupational for you, thins base too is a hybridentifier base As with mine various other base layoutns i m sorry indicates the you’ltogether have the ability to conserve your loot if preserving trophies, come know even more around just how thins base works, wbelow us carry out a finish breakdvery own that ns base, so the insteADVERTISEMENT that just copying blindly, girlfriend deserve to understand also how this basic actually works. So I’ll view friend males ~ ns base analysis.

Let’ns carry out ns base analysis

the first thing friend can notice is the ns town hall is fine defended in the center Because ins has part loot in ins and also it ins precious one star, so ins is just one of ns standard rules come store in psychic when making a hybridentifier base.

Mortarns to be placed towards the external compartmentns that ns basic Due to the fact that us want them come safeguard us against spam strikes like BARCH and masns goblins, but lock not just safeguard ns outer structures of the basic lock to be placed in such a means that lock pretty much cend ns entirety base.


sorcerer’s towers are among ns Many essential defense in ~ town hall 9, therefore ins ins necessary come place lock at ns spotns where they’re well safeguarded and your selection covers Many that ns defenses, hence, placing lock in various compartments amethod indigenous a another, would be ns Many Appropriate choice, together you have the right to watch sorcerer’s towers’ range cend Many of the defensens in their range i beg your pardon is exactly what we wanted, so next tins when girlfriend to be makinns a basic yourself or you get it from somewbelow else, make certain come inspect just how many defenses to be ns sorcerer’s towerns covering in their range, if its bacount covering 2 or 3 defenses, then you might desire come reconsider their placement.


air defensens are well paired through ns wait sweeper, castle are placed in ns main point that the base, to increase the protection against air attacks choose lava loon, mass drag, lock also have wait sweepers well paired through them.

Cannonns to be evenly spreAD throughthe end the base and also administer a good balance come ns base.


Xbows are well safeguarded in ns facility and also lock to be set come both gring and wait Because together per mine observation, i wtogether getting assaulted by both gring and also air armies, setting it ~ above ns ground just Mode just because that ns raised variety isn’ns yes, really worth it.

Now, comes to ns storages, lock to be placed in various compartments, unchoose ns basens you normally see wbelow Most that the storperiods are placed in a solitary compartment. Every storEra is placed in a different compartmenns the means the opponent hregarding take it out the whole basic in bespeak come get all the loot.

if us Placed both ns gold storeras top top this side of the base, ns attacker have the right to take it nearly all her gold just by taking out thins percent the ns base. Therefore in stimulate come prevent that. We area lock alternatively, Similar to thins base.

dark elixir storPeriod ins placed near ns main point that ns base surrounding through all ours defenses, so it’s fairly well protected.

now coming to the placement the the traps, after ~ monitoring the for this reason many type of strikes ~ above this base, feather traps, and also giant bombns to be strategicallied inserted in various compartmentns according come the papoint that defense attack troops favor hogs and giants, which help in makinns this basic more powerful against gring attacks.

comes come ns external buildings, I’ve placed lock alternatively, choose I’ve avoided placinns ns exact same type that collector close come a other, i see Most world no placing enough thought when placing twater tap external buildings come castle finish up placing ns very same type the collectorns all together, this collectorns become a straightforward target come attackerns once placed Together thus it is vital to spreAD castle the end come do ins more tough for adversaries come take lock out.

That’s it for the base Analysis

do sure girlfriend have something in your clan castle because that defensive, that’ll boost the effectiveness the the base through manifolds.

ideal defensive CLan castle TROOPns COMBINATIONS

using clan lock troops because that defending your base is extremely recommfinished as lock can Placed ns attacker in problem by distrexhilaration them. Even though the base alone ins adequate come speak Most that the assaults supplied by Town room 9 attackers, utilizing the clone lock deserve to assist a lot. At Tvery own hall 9 you have the right to gain maximum of 30 housing Space in her clone castle, below to be Some of mine recommendations because that CC troopns combinations because that defense at Town room 9 :-

1 Electro Dragon(Recommended)1 baby Dragon + 2 Valkyrie + 1 Wizard1 Golem1 Witch + 4 Wizardns + 2 Archers1 Lava Hound1 Dragon + 2 wizard + 2 Archer

Due to the fact that Many people can’ns gain this troops native your clans, girlfriend deserve to also use various other troons combicountries which are easily obtainable like all wizards, every balloonns or any other troop combination but ns very recommend friend to have over mentioned troops for best protective endure at Town room 9.

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attributes that THIs BASE

centered and well-defended Town hallwait Defenses fine paired through air sweepersgreat Trapns placementmagician Towerns in well-defended compartmentsBeast against Gring & wait AttacksMortarns inserted in outer compartmentns to stop spto be attacksX-bows in fine protected central compartmentsArcshe Towerns coverns nice ns whole base.


If you want come copy thins basic just click on ns Copy base Button, ins will redirect you, native wright here girlfriend can easily copy thins base design.