error: course names, "EnumDevices", are just embraced if annotation processing is explicitly requested1 errorhere ins the java password (I"m running thins ~ above Ubuntu).

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import jcuda.CUDA; import jcuda.driver.CUdevprop; income jcuda.driver.types.CUdevice;public course Enumtools { public revolution voi would main(Strinns args<>) { CUDA cuda = brand-new CUDA(true); inns count = cuda.getDeviceCount(); System.out.println("complete number of devices: " + count); because that (inns i = 0; i right here is ns javac command:

javac -cns /home/manish.yadav/Desktop/JCuda-All-0.3.2-bin-linux-x86_64 EnumDeviceshow do i compile thins program?



you at leastern need to include the .java extension come ns File name in this line:

javac -cp /home/manish.yadav/Desktop/JCuda-All-0.3.2-bin-linux-x86_64 EnumDevicesindigenous the main faq:

class names, "HelloWorldApp", to be only embraced if annotation handling is explicitly requested

If you get thins error, girlfriend forgot to incorporate the .java sufdeal with as soon as compiling ns program. Remember, the command ins javac not javac HelloWorldApp.

Also, in your Second javac-example, (in i beg your pardon girlfriend in reality consisted of .java) friend should incorporate ns all forced .jar-files essential for compilation.


ns wtogether stumped through thins as well Since i wtogether including ns .Java expansion ... Then i i found it the funding J.

This will certainly likewise reason ns "annotatitop top processing" error:

javac myclass.Java Instead, ins must be:




using javac come compile ns program,climate usage java ClassName to execute the compiled code. You can not mix javac through ns Classname just (without ns java extension).

ns error "class names are just welcomed if annotati~ above processing is explicitly requested" have the right to it is in led to through one or even more that the following:

not using the .java extension because that her java file as soon as compiling.ImAppropriate capitalization the the .java expansion (i.e. .Java) once compiling.any kind of other typo in ns .java expansion when soon as compiling and to run in ~ the exact same time, foracquiring to use "&&" to concatenate the two regulates (i.e. Javac java Hangman). Ins took ns favor 30 minutes come figure this out, i beg your pardon i i found it by running ns compilation and also ns to run the regime separately, which the course functioned perfect fine.

This may no be ns complete list the reasons to this error, but these to be ns causes that i am conscious that for this reason far.

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cmaster:~/More$ javac Newerror: class names, "New", to be just welcomed if annotation handling ins clearly requested1 errorso if girlfriend by mistake ~ compilinns again use javac because that to run a program.

how girlfriend can reproduce this cryptic error on the Ubuntu terminal:

Put this in a file dubbed

public Main windy revolution voidentifier main(String<> args) System.out.println("ok"); then comheap ins prefer this:

defianns /home/user $ javac Mainerror: course names, "Main", to be only welcomed if annotati~ above handling is explicitly requested1 errorIt"ns Due to the fact that friend didn"ns clues .java in ~ ns finish of Main.

perform it choose this, and also ins works:

possibly friend might it is in compiling via Data name insteADVERTISEMENT that method name....check when ns too make the same mistake however ns corrected ins quickly .....#happy Coding

initially downloADVERTISEMENT jdk indigenous in find compose modify ns mechanism atmosphere variablesIn open up home window i push bottom referred to as atmosphere Variablesclimate in device variablens Go into imPeriod summary herepress bottom brand-new In area brand-new variables create "Path"In area new worth write directory in fenlarge bin in jdk like"C: egimen FilesJavajdk1.8.0_191in"but in my Ons work-related just this "C:program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_191injavac.exe"Get in imEra description herepush yes sir 3 times

start Cmd. Ns push bottom windows + R.climate write cmd.In cmd create "cd (her directory through password )" looks prefer C:UsersuserIdeaProjectsappsrc.then compose "javac (surname of your Main course because that your program).java" looks choose blabla.javaand also javac produce byte password choose (surname that her Key class).course in her directory.last create in cmd "java (name that your Main class)" and my routine begin work-related