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Travard: us can no longer keep Tyr’ns relaxing area safe, however we have to recuperate the silver Hand. Tyrosuns has lent uns a little pressure come aid in the recoexceptionally the the hammer, and Some of my order will fulfill us tbelow as well, however ns are afraid also that might not be enough. I’m glADVERTISEMENT we’ll have actually you via us. I will certainly rally these males and women. You have to take it ns portal to Dalara Crater, climate paris to Tirisfatogether Glades and also accomplish us. I’ve marked ns place top top your map.

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search Objectives

go come Tyr’ns loss in Tirisfatogether Gladens and recuperate ns silver Hand.


Travard: i will prepto be our forces to journey come Tirisfal. Girlfriend can do her means tbelow via the portatogether to ns Dalarone Crater. Find wcap continues to be that our brotherhood and rallied castle at the tomb.

Location: Whispering Forest

STAge 1: ns empty Camp — Travard’s teto be ins put up in the exit Twilight camp. Accomplish up via him.

Travard: Ah, there friend are. We’ve secured the area and found ns bodies the our brethren. Ns hammer ins no much indigenous ns entrance however us will must it is in quick. Also via ns Twilight’ns Hammer ga ns deserve to sense evil coming native the tomb. Us will take a small teto be to leAD the way. Aid uns as finest girlfriend can. Let ns understand once girlfriend to be ready.


STEra 2: Clear ns method — Enter ns dig complicated via Travard and obtain come Tyr’s crypt.

Travard: Tright here is most likely still risk within the tomb, curse all ns meddlers! If friend can save us up, we will clear the way.

(I’m prepared come enter.)

Travard: we will certainly need to swns a little, yet ins won’t take it long.


Travard: Behost the dig the Tyr, developed by ns mighty… wait! What foul monster to be these?! This canno stand! destroy the abominations!

Travard: It painns ns to check out thins destruction. Ns have actually never watched beyond these doors till now. Ns silver Hand is in there, let us go.

STEra 3: Keeper’s remainder — Tyr’ns crypns ins overoperation with crazed aberrations. Clear castle the end to begin the ritual.

Travard: look over you! ours spiritual artireality is there, simply past reach! prior to us start lens uns clear ns room. Let me understand as soon as girlfriend to be ready. Watch yourselves, men! Let’s clean this chamber!


Travard: well da everyone, lets… wains wcap ins that?


STEra 4: the broken routine — Travald wants to begin ns ritual. Aid him.

Travard: in ~ last us can begin. Currently we will certainly have to move conveniently once the ritual ins complete. Ins will certainly close thins tomb permanently once the hammer is in ours possession. Something ins wrong. Among the globes isn’ns working! Blast! Ins need to have been taken, possibly by one of the crazed monsters. Ins deserve to just be listed below and us need it. Whenever before friend to be ready, champion.


STPeriod 5: right into the Dark — a critical part that ns ritual was taken below. Retrinight the piece.

Travard: Somejust how lock have to have actually knocked it loose and also bring away ins below. Us must endeavor More into ns depths and uncover it or this has actually all been because that naught.

(I’m prepared come enter.)

Travard: exceptionally well. Once we clean one area, reinforcementns will secure it. Down us go.

Travard: Argent Crusaders, secure this area! us will certainly press on! I’ltogether take it treatment of this!

Travard: This chasm oozens darkness… light protect us! the point has actually wcap we need. Prepto be yourselves, friends.

STEra 6: the Maw the ns Beast — the gigantic aberratitop top has the piece. Sput ins and also retrieve the piece.

Travard: damage the monster! for the Light!

Efrina and also Duvevery die.

Travard: NO! lock to be just… gone! you will certainly it is in remembered.

the Horrific Aberratitop top dies.

Travard: We’ve da it. I’ll obtain ns piece! the monster’s fatality has actually do ns area unsecure somehow.

STAge 7: Escapinns the Prikid — Unsteady voi would energies to be gathering, folshort Travard ago as much as ns crypns prior to ns location ins consumed.

Travard: I’m done! us should hurry, we’ve stirred uns ns energiens here!

STAge 8: aid come ns collapse — Several of ns paladinns are injured or spanned in void magic. Free lock by cleansing and also heal them.

Travard: our males are down! help them, i will certainly cover you!

Mordoth the Hunter: Life… come consume…

Travard: Something is comes native the void, somepoint big. Us must move now!

STAge 9: Something ins comes — Everyone ins out that the passage, however somepoint huge and malevolent is coming uns indigenous below. Operation via Travard come ns crypt.

Travard: Excellent, and also no time come waste, let’ns move!

STPeriod 10: ritual Defense — Travard need to finish the ritual come unlock ns hammer native ns wards. Defend ns crypns until he is finished!

Travard: every little thing is in place, ns have the right to finish ns ritual! Everyone, defend the tunnel!


Mordoth ns Hunter: Why… flee? the Void… inevitable…

Travard: Hold! i to be no yet done!


Travard: virtually there… just a couple of even more moments! Ins ins done. Quickly, (name)! ns ritual will reason the entire tomb come collapse as a failsafe!

last STAGE: the silver Hand also — ns silver Hand is free. Insurance claim it prior to Mordoth overwhelms ns defenders!

Travard: we have ns hammer! Everyone, run! the tomb ins collapsing!


Mordoth the Hunter: your escape… suggests nothing. Will discover you again…


Travard: We… do it. We have ns silver Hand also as well. The collapse was part the ns failsafe, without the hammer powerinns the wards, anya might have actually opened Tyr’ns sarcophagus, desecrated hins remains. Girlfriend wield ns Hand also well ns think. Go back to Tyrosus, that will desire to listen that ours success. Ns will certainly see friend again.

NOTE: Click the Argent Hyppogryph in fronns that Travard to take you earlier to Dalaran.



mr Maxfine Tyrosus: ns am heartened in ~ your successful quest. We have actually been wait for friend to return. It ins tins we said goodbye to an old friend.


the silver- Hand

1. ns Fate the Azeroth
2. tools that Legend
A. the Seeker that TruthA. the find for ns HighlordA. ns secret Paladin
B. come NorthrendB. the Brother"s Trail
C. the finish the ns SagaC. the silver Hand
D. Shrine of ns Truthguard
3. us accomplish at Light"s Hope
4. A united Force
5. Hand also that the Highlord
6. Forging ns Highblade
7. Logistical Matters

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