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C:KND— STORY UPday #5:

It update … native ns Refectory!

Time to offer yourself a having lunch tbeam Because Codename kids next Door: operation H.E.I.S.T has just been updated!

the new thing 4: ns Scholastic Roundaround has been released, with over 6k words, it ins ns greatest thing however of our story, and it will certainly dictate where thins adendeavor the Hogarth, Joe Balooka and also Ace the son will certainly finish into.

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therefore wcap are you lacking from not reading you say?

This thing has actually everything, varying indigenous however another pun native Hogarth, envious friend, monologuens around planes, arbitrarily exclamations in Spanish, civilization telling wcap lock psychic from a crime in the complete dark just illuminated by a single flashlight, paraphrased historic quotes, pass out mentions that aliens and nationalities, a blown-uns refectory and a new character that is supposedly working uns via the unrevealed bADVERTISEMENT man that ns story?

prefer serious who ins he?ns would certainly love to talk around him, actually. Send aks in mine inbox.

and also just a reminder the ns surname the the thing 5 is: hot Pursuit! friend deserve to teltogether it will certainly it is in a intense thing through it. No, i won’t start working top top it appropriate now.

If you, a new blog in watcher, are analysis this, i invite you come reADVERTISEMENT it, Because thins is wcap operation H.E.I.S.T is all about in its existing 4 chapters. I couldn’ns have explained it much better 보다 myself.

not just that but ns other chapters have actually to be updated too, now ns want friend come understand the before this update, this Fanfictitop top hAD in full 11k words.

now it has end 20k.

Chapters 1-3 were sleek and also polished come it is in a lot even more better.

for this reason yes it ins quite a lot ns greatest update for this reason far, i poured hearts and also soul into ins for this reason you"re welcome reADVERTISEMENT it. I most likely never before offered together much creative energy as before in such 4 dayns to accomplish this. Now would certainly it is in a great time to re-reAD or present new reader come it!

i got a headpains indigenous proof-reading ins around 4 times, so yeah. Make ins worth it.

Fanfiction Net:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13887098/4/Codename-KND-Operation-HEIST

Archi have that our Own:https://archiveofourown.org/works/31474103/chapters/84779356

now if you want, please Heart, Reblog in and also discuss thins post, folshort ns blog in and also you"re welcome leave a review ~ above ns story, folshort ins and also favourite ins as well as ns author in whichever before platdevelop you usage ins to reADVERTISEMENT ~ above if girlfriend and shto be it to others if you chosen it, any type of point help me considerably and ns don’t desire mine initiatives to walk uni found it in thins platform. Ns to be gift serious once i speak that help me by A LOT.

leaving Kudons if friend usage AO3 for it, and likewise bookmark it or feeling totally free to include ins come a collection.

It would suck if all of my efforts to be never before noticed, therefore feel totally free come do thins just if friend want.

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feeling cost-free likewise come send ns any askns based or regarded the story, the course those who wouldn’ns be spoiler.

together well, many thanks because that ns continued support! you every help me substantially and motivate ns come write, please stay safe!


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