There to be 17.47 mile from Takoma Park to Columbia in northeast directitop top and 20 mile (32.19 kilometers) by car, complying with the US-29 route.

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Takoma Park and Columbia are 27 minutes much apart, if friend drive non-stop.

Thins ins the fastest course indigenous Takoma Park, MD come Columbia, MD. The halfmeans suggest ins Burtonsville, MD.

Takoma Park, MD and also Columbia, MD are in ns exact same time zone (EDT). Current time in both places ins 2:07 pm.

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Gas usage and also Emissions

A car with a fuel performance that MPns will certainly require 0.81 gallons the gregarding cend ns route in between Takoma Park, MD and Columbia, MD.

the estimated cost of gas to walk indigenous Takoma Park to Columbia ins $2.78.

Throughout ns route, one averPeriod auto will release 15.96 poundns the CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbtop top footPrint would certainly it is in 0.79 pounds of CO2 per mile.

AverEra united states of america gas price offered because that calculation is $3.41 per galltop top of constant gas. Price cream last updated on November 22, 2021.

ideal many hotels In or near Columbia, MD

perform you have where come continue to be once friend arri have to Columbia, MD? check the end our hotel recommendations:

Halfway point in between Takoma Park, MD and also Columbia, MD

If friend desire to satisfy halfmeans between Takoma Park, MD and Columbia, MD or just do a stop in ns Middle the her trip, the precise coordinates that the halfmeans allude the this route are 39.089745 and also -76.942261, or 39º 5" 23.082" N, 76º 56" 32.1396" W. Thins area is 10.14 miles ameans from Takoma Park, MD and Columbia, MD and also it would certainly take it approximately 13 minutes come revery ns halfway point native both locations.

Closest City or Tvery own come Halfway Point

ns closest tvery own to the halfmeans allude ins Burtonsville, MD, located 12 miles native Takoma Park, MD and 9 miles from Columbia, MD. Ins would take it 17 minutes come walk from Takoma Park come Burtonsville and 12 minutes to go native Columbia come Burtonsville.

major cities Along ns Route

the just significant city alengthy the route ins Washington, DC.

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Weather in Takoma Park and Columbia

compare the weather today and also ns next four dayns in Takoma Park, MD and Columbia, MD:

Takoma Park

irradiate rain this particular day and also Friday.

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