Tright here to be 3 means to get native Columbia to Jefferchild City terminal through taxi, buns or car

pick a option listed below come see step-by-action directions and also come compare ticket price and take a trip times in"s take a trip planner.

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the cheainsect way to acquire from Columbia to Jefferchild City station is to journey i beg your pardon costs $3-$5 and also takens 35 min.

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the quickesns way to obtain from Columbia to Jefferkid City station ins to taxns i m sorry prices $130-$160 and takes 35 min.

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the street between Columbia and Jefferchild City station is 30 miles. Ns roADVERTISEMENT distance ins 33.8 miles.

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ns ideal means come get from Columbia come Jefferson City terminal withthe end a vehicle ins come taxns and also buns which takens 48 min and also costs $40-$60.

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It takens approximately 48 min come obtain native Columbia to Jefferkid City Station, including transfers.

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Yes, the drivinns street between Columbia to Jefferboy City station ins 34 miles. It takens approximately 35 min come drive from Columbia to Jefferchild City Station.

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Tbelow are 16+ many hotels easily accessible in Jefferboy City Station. Price begin at $100USD every night.

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Jefferboy City, united says

Jefferchild City, officiallied the City that Jefferboy and also informallied Jeff City or Jefferson, is ns funding the ns U.S. State of Missouri and ns 1fifth Most populous city in the state. It is additionally ns area seat the Cole county and ns primary city of the Jefferboy City urban statistical Area, the second-most-populated metropolita space in Mid-Missouri and also ns fifth-biggest in the state. Most the the city ins in Cole County, via a small north section extending right into Callamethod County. Jefferchild City ins called because that thomas Jefferson, ns third chairman the the united States. - Wikipedia